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10. Boraam Sonoma Wire-Brush Kitchen Cart
Promising review: “So perfect! The color is spot on, the perfect mix of rustic wood. The stainless steel top is flawless. Of course, it will be easily scratched on the surface, but that’s the nature of the material. The piece itself is extremely sturdy and taller than I expected. The drawers aren’t the best quality, but I didn’t purchase it for the drawer storage so I don’t mind that aspect. I am incredibly pleased with this purchase!” – ksosms
9. Crosley Furniture Roots Rack Industrial Rolling Kitchen Cart
Promising review: “This is a great product for the price. It fits perfectly in my kitchen. There is enough room lengthwise for a cutting board, cookbook stand and mixing bowl without being too broad. The drawers are sturdy and the island is well made. My husband said that it was easy to put together. The directions were precise and easy to understand. All of the parts and hardware were labeled. There was even extra hardware (washers, wooden dowels, and screws) and the tools were included.” – The Utmost
8. VASAGLE 3-Tier Rolling Kitchen Cart with 2 Drawers and 1 Towel Rack
Promising review: “We love this kitchen bar and are using it as our kitchen table. I plan on purchasing another one to use with the first one when I have many guests. I can use it for eating, working, cooking, planning, and the extra storage I gained is wonderful! I matched this with 4 stools I also purchased on Amazon and they worked perfect with the bar!” – LMartin
7. Origami Foldable Kitchen Island Cart
Promising review: “I needed something to fill a space next to my stove that could serve as a small counter as well as some storage for my extra huge instant pot. Everything was either too big or the wrong shape. I found this and not only did it fit perfectly in my space it fits the instant pot, matches my kitchen PERFECTLY, Is durable and the best part, I can fold it up and put it away if needed. The wood is in great shape. It’s real wood not particleboard or plywood. Thus there will be variations in texture, look, quality and tiny bit of extra maintenance because of that. (mineral oil or a few coats of polyurethane). There is no assembly required so do not pay extra for that. The wheels go on very easy.” – E
6. Clevr Rolling Bamboo Wood Kitchen Island Cart Trolley
Promising review: “You cannot beat the price on this rolling cutting board. Plenty of room for your knives and accessories. The shelves are great for storing stock pots (not commercial size). Our retired chef doesn’t want to damage the bamboo so has bought a Boos Cutting board to go over it. You can use this as an island cart, leave it is one spot, or roll it around as you need it.The directions are clear which makes it easy to put together. The best directions I have ever seen.” – CRW
5. Best Choice Products Portable Kitchen Island Cocktail Cart
Promising review: “This island has a clean, simple look that makes me smile when I walk by. I have a small apartment with a generous, eat-in kitchen…that I’ve never been tempted to actually eat in. So I’ve always had a large, unused space in the middle of the room. I wanted something that offered some decent, usable countertop and storage space. This fits the bill nicely. There’s a good amount of storage, but the open shelves keep the unit from looking too heavy. Since this is in the middle of the room, I needed the back to be presentable, and it is. Took me about 2 hours to put together myself, but it wasn’t difficult. I’m very pleased!” – NB
4. Winsome Wood Single Drawer Kitchen Cabinet Storage Cart
Promising review: “I read reviews for many utility carts and decided on this one based on mostly positive reviews. I am helping my niece furnish a small apartment and her kitchen didn’t have enough counter space for a microwave. I am the lady of the house and not helpless when it comes to putting things together, although I was a bit daunted unwrapping all the parts. They give you a checklist to make sure you have everything and that is a good idea to do before you start. The directions are all diagrams but I had no problem putting this cart together. It took me three hours and I did have to switch a glide out top for bottom to make the dowels fit in the right holes, but the trick to putting this together as others have noted is to not tighten anything, leaving a little play as you put the back and sides on. Once you have the back and sides and top together, then tighten those screws up. I found a soft mallet helped get the doweled corners together once I had the back and sides lightly screwed together. All the parts fit nicely and the drawer slides easily and the front cupboard doors are all aligned. I basically have no complaints with this cart and find it very well made, and nice looking too. For the money, I would recommend this cart to anyone looking for a little extra storage.” – Sooze29
3. Linon Kitchen Island Granite Top
Promising review: “It’s really terrific!, not as easy instructions as that Swedish Co., but works. I bought it specifically to slide under the end of my counter- perfect, not only does it fit under, it also fits nicely front to back without taking up any extra room. I removed the basket- now my kitchenaid mixer fits like a charm, clearing off the counter top when I’m not baking- added pics to see the plan. There is no downside to this product if it fits your needs, I live in a small apt, and this snugs up just fine. BTW, I’m just a buyer, although it sounds like a paid tester.” – Joe K
2. Home Styles Liberty Black/White Kitchen Cart with Wood Top
Promising review: “Trust me on this, you gonna save some big bucks while investing in a spacious, good quality island kitchen. I read about of all them, checked prices, went back always to this one and gave it a try. I was beyond impressed with the simplicity and the organization of this product. Everything was labeled with Letters so it was actually fun to build. They even left extra screws just in case you lost one in the process (take note IKEA)” – Eduardo E
1. Hodedah Kitchen Island with Spice Rack, Towel Rack & Drawer
Promising review: “Needed this since I live in an apartment style dorm! I have to share the kitchen with 3 other ppl, my kitchen was really only made to accommodate one person which means the kitchen only comes with only 1 drawer and 1 cabinet per person! So I got this kitchen island because come on! How can 1 drawer accommodate 4 ppl and if you’re an avid chef like me, how r all pots, pans, plates ETC supposed to fit into 1 cabinet? For this reason, I feel that this kitchen island was a great investment. I keep my pots and pans in here! It is very spacious! I love it!” – Tiffany Barrera

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