15 Gifts Our Editors Are Giving This Holiday Season

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If there’s a perfect opportunity to tell someone that you love them and that you’re paying attention, gift-giving during the holiday season is undeniably it. Here at The Everygirl, we’re on a mission to make every single gift to our friends and family something meaningful, something they’ll actually use, and something they’ll remember for years to come. Your people are one of a kind and they deserve one-of-a-kind gifts that absolutely knock their socks off.

This year, our editors are getting a heart start on their holiday shopping in an effort to get their hands on the best gifts in the game, and we’re sharing them here so that you can do the same. From fitness trackers to conversation-starting card games and more, we’ve rounded up the gifts we’re giving this year so that you can get all the gifting inspo that you’re searching for.


Luxe Fitness + Wellness Tracker

For the person who is just starting their wellness journey or further refining it, this Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker from Fitbit is the ultimate wear-everyday gift. Besides being the sleekest-looking tracker I've ever seen, it truly has every essential wellness function one could need.

From tracking steps, distance, and calories to calculating stress management scores to measuring sleep scores and beyond, this tracker will help them tune into their bodies so that they can boost their mind, body, and health. With a five-day battery life and chic design that any fashion-forward person will appreciate, this is something they won't want to take off.

– Ashley, Branded Content Editor

Baby Boxy

Fox Cub Baby Gift Box

The perfect gift for newborns and moms alike exists, and this Fox Cub Baby Gift Box Set is it. With a long-sleeve footed romper, a knit hat, and a plush pacifier, this fox-themed box truly takes the guesswork out of gifting and features items that are as unique as they are cute. Just imagining my newborn nephew in this fox getup is giving me major baby fever, and the fact that I don't have to buy three separate pieces and box them up myself is an obvious plus!

– Ashley, Branded Content Editor


Relieve Luxury Gift Set

Whether your loved one is already on the CBD train or could benefit from CBD's known positive effects (reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep, just to name a few), this Relieve CBD Gift Set from Equilibria is a perfect place to start. This bundle includes a limited edition nourishing body oil and our team-favorite relief balm to help them relax and revive. Give the gift of helping them be their best self yet— they'll thank you for it.

Equilibria is now offering 20% off of Luxury Gift Sets plus a free Mini Mineral Bath Soak and an additional 20% off of your first Equilibria order with code theeverygirl.

– Ashley, Branded Content Editor

Vuori Clothing

Performance Jogger

A certain somebody that I live with could use a sweatpant upgrade, and I’ve heard these from Vuori are super comfortable. We spend a lot of time at home and in sweats, so I think we can elevate our cozy, casual look with some new gear this holiday season.

– Amanda, Senior Manager of Brand Partnerships


Towel Warmer

My siblings and I bought a towel warmer for our Dad basically as a joke gift about five years ago. We were so surprised when he raved about it for months (moment of silence for just how weird dads are).

So imagine our delight (sorry Dad) when he called to inform us that his favorite device had puttered out a few weeks ago. I immediately purchased this new version from Bloomingdale's—it's already wrapped and under the tree, guaranteeing my spot as favorite child.

– Allyson, Editor-in-Chief


Transparent Tumbler

My sister is arguably the scariest demographic to shop for: She's 21, still in college, and impossibly cool. While I always like to get her something nice that I know her student wallet couldn't swing, I also want to get her something that will knock her socks off and show that I know what the youths are into. This cup fit the bill precisely, and I can't wait until she can roll up to class with her iced coffee in it (and to get the coolest big sister award this year).

– Maddie, Fashion Content Manager

Olive & June

The Mani System

When I'm home, getting our nails done together is my mom and I's favorite activity (so much so that I have been known to get her spa gift cards that cover both her and me—a genius gift, I must say). So when I'm not home, she likes to save a little money by doing her nails herself (and it keeps our little ritual even more special). To help make her think of me even when she's doing her own nails, I'm planning to order the full mani system from Olive & June as her holiday gift this year. This comes with truly every single item you could need to do a professional manicure at home, but it makes your manis practically free in the long run. I love that I can personalize the nail polish shade, so I'm obviously choosing my favorite color for when I inevitably borrow it later. Thoughtful, practical, and pretty damn cool—the gift is certain to my make my dad and brother ask last minute if they can sign their name on it too.

– Beth, Beauty Content Manager

We're Not Really Strangers

We're Not Really Strangers Card Game

Nothing says "holiday gathering" quite like playing a card game with friends and family. We’re Not Really Strangers is meant to bring powerful and meaningful conversations to the surface and allow you to create and strengthen relationships with three levels of intimate questions. I always have this on my coffee table, and it has been the driving force behind multiple wine nights and small get-togethers with my closest friends and family. If you have someone in your life who loves to get deep or loves to host, this is the perfect gift for them.

– Andi, Social Media Editor

Etsy | Banana Chip Studio

Personalized Spotify Ornament

I gave this to my boyfriend last year and it was such a huge hit, I’m buying one for everyone on my list. This Spotify code ornament is the perfect way to give a personalized, sentimental gift that isn’t a monogram or a picture (even though I love those too!). Whether it’s your mom’s favorite song, the first dance at your wedding, or a meaningful memory with one of your best friends, this is an easy, affordable gift or stocking stuffer that will make your loved ones cry (from personal experience, it works every time).

– Josie, Wellness Content Manager

Naturally Drenched

Wash Day Ritual Kit

For your curly-haired friends or the people in your life who are starting their natural hair journey, this Wash Day Ritual Kit from Naturally Drenched will be the saving grace for their wash day. This kit comes with the Rebalance Treatment, which smells like a tropical dream and works to restore your curl pattern. It also includes all the tools you need to detangle and care for your curls.

– Andi, Social Media Editor

Etsy | Grace Personalized

Custom Initial Necklace

I already own and love a necklace from Grace Personalized, so it’s my go-to gift this year for friends. They are so dainty and lovely and the quality is really amazing for such an affordable price. It’s personalized, which can sometimes be tricky with gifts, but this is something I know every recipient will be excited to receive.

– Amanda, Senior Manager of Brand Partnerships

Birthdate Co.

Birthdate Candles

If we’re being totally honest, I’m buying one of these birthdate candles for myself too. With 365 unique options (one for every day of the year), you can gift your loved ones (and yourself) a personalized, unique gift that they’ll actually love because they can learn about their personality, astrology, numerology, and tarot through a fascinating piece for their home that they’ll love to show off to company.

– Josie, Wellness Content Manager


Classic Slide

A friend gifted me a pair of Crocs sandals over the summer and I am almost ashamed at how much I love and use them. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to slip on to run outside. And not to sound like a total grandma, but they are so easy to clean. Call me a Crocs-convert. My husband also shares my obsession, so he has been stealing mine and stretching them out—guaranteeing that a pair of his own will be waiting inside his stocking.

– Allyson, Editor-in-Chief

Honest John

Bitters Sampler Set

This is the perfect hostess gift or a gift to give the cocktail enthusiast in your life. This kit is a mix of classic and experimental, so there is something for every palette. The small bottles will also give them the freedom to mix and match without taking up too much valuable space in their bar.

– Allyson, Editor-in-Chief

Branch Basics

Glass Starter Kit

I realize that cleaning supplies aren’t the most glamorous gifts to give, but these sets really do spark joy for me. I recently switched to cleaner products in my own home, so I feel compelled to introduce family members to these products. The glass set is a new offering, and I think this makes for a very useful gift.

– Amanda, Senior Manager of Brand Partnerships



This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Fitbit, Equilibria, and Baby Boxy but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

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