16 sustainable swaps for products you use every day

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Creating a better environment for our next generation is always top of mind, but even more so with Earth Day happening this week. We're always on the hunt for products that are safe for our entire family to use and help keep our planet healthy.

When you take some time to consider just how many plastic and paper products your household goes through regularly, it might feel alarming. But don't worry, mama. Fortunately every little change makes a huge difference over time—from cutting back on the amount of plastic bags you use to store food to replacing your makeup wipe removers with a reusable cloth.

Here are some sustainable swaps that are super easy to make. Pick one this week to get started:

Instead of plastic sandwich bags, try Stasher bags

stasher bags

These bags are worth every penny. Made of non-toxic silicone, they have a secure seal (trust me, I've tested with liquids) and are safe for the dishwasher and microwave. Even better, they're safe to use in the freezer, in the oven or in boiling water for sous vide.

Instead of cleaning supplies in plastic bottles, try Blueland

blueland cleaning kit

Your household cleaning supplies equals lots of plastic, and are usually made with toxic ingredients. Enter: Blueland's essentials kit. Fill the beautiful glass bottles (glass + mirrors, multi-surface, and bathroom) with water, then drop the respective tablet in for an effective and safe cleaning spray that replaces all of your supplies. Refills are only $2 for life!

Instead of disposable makeup wipes, try Weezie makeup towel

weezie makeup towel

Made with 100% organic cotton, these towels will replace your makeup remover wipes for good. Simply soak with water and gently wipe away even the toughest makeup, or use with your favorite makeup remover balm. Once used a few times, toss in the wash.

Instead of traditional hair ties, try Terra Ties

These ties work just as well as your standard variety, but they're so much better for the earth. These are plastic free and 100% biodegradable which means that when you're done using them, you can throw them into the compost pile to easily break down.

Instead of plastic straws, try WonderSip

wondersip straw

Swapping from plastic to metal straws was one of the first sustainable swaps I made, but I found that it often left a weird aftertaste or I wasn't sure how to really make sure the inside was clean. WonderSip's innovative design allows you to open the straw completely to easily clean. Even better, the buttons are kid-friendly and keep the straw at the top of your cup.

Instead of traditional shampoo + conditioner, try Lush bar

lush shampoo bar

Say goodbye to your traditional shampoo and conditioner bottles, and hello to Lush's product pucks. I love that they're full of fresh ingredients and essential oils and it's such an easy swap to make in my routine. The bars last about 80 washes. Run your hands under water, scrub the bar across your palm and lather away.

Instead of regular cotton pads, try Zero-waste cotton pads

reusable cotton pads

These beautiful reusable cotton pads will replace all of that extra stuff you use in the bathroom—cotton rounds for face toner, extra toilet paper for micellar water, paper towels for nail polish remover. Once used, toss in the wash to reuse again.

Instead of spices in plastic containers, try a Bloomscape herb collection

bloomscape herb collection

How many individual spices do you have in your pantry right now? If you're like me, it's *a lot.* If you have a green thumb, try growing your own herbs with one of Bloomscape's edible herb collections.

Instead of lotion in plastic bottles, try True Botanicals nourishing lotion

nourishing lotion

True Botanicals is on a mission to make products that are safe for people and the planet. This lotion is free of any toxic ingredients (and no plastic!) and is developed, produced, packaged and shipped in a way that minimizes its environment impact. It has a citrus scent that wakes you up, and nourishes my skin for hours.

Instead of disposable paper coffee cups, try Porter mug

porter mug

This stylish ceramic mug will become the best part of your morning routine. It's easy to clean, can be thrown in the microwave and dishwasher, and has a silicone sleeve to ensure you don't burn your hand.

Instead of disposable diapers, try cloth diapers

alvababy reusable cloth diapers

If there's one item you go through as a parent, it's disposable diapers. If you're open to swapping to cloth, you can save on spending and help the environment. This beautiful set has six diapers, 12 super-absorbent inserts and 1,500 great reviews.

Instead of paper towels, try No-paper washable towels

reusable paper towels

If you're like me, you go through a ton of paper towels each day. These washable linen no-paper towels are pretty enough to keep out in the open, and durable enough to use on tough messes and last through tons of washes.

Instead of saran wrap + foil, try Food Wraps

beeswax food wrap

With tons of pretty patterns, you'll love using these beeswax wraps to wrap around half-eaten food, cover bowls or hold sandwiches. Once used, just wash with cool water and soap and hang to dry.

Instead of traditional bedding, try Boll & Branch sheet set

boll and branch sheet set

Boll & Branch uses sustainable raw materials, recycled packaging and works with Fair Trade farmers to provide living wages (keeping them debt-free) and safer standards. Their sheets are super-soft, hold up well over washes and the perfect blend between cool and cozy.

Instead of disposable razors, try Billie razor with replacement heads

billie razor

If you're using multiple disposable razors each year, this is an easy swap to make to lessen plastic use. It comes with a magnetic holder that keeps your razor in place in the shower—simply replace the razor head instead of the entire razor. Its charcoal shave soap pillow around the blades makes for a super clean shave every time.

Instead of traditional laundry detergent, try Arm & Hammer Clean & Simple

arm and hammer clean

This detergent is made with 100% certified renewable electricity and with only six clean ingredients. Bonus points for its recycle friendly packaging and partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, helping to plant trees for cleaner air and water.

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