20 great escape gifts for the mom that needs a vacation

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It’s been a long year. Mother’s Day is upon us and all of us Moms could really do with a vacation. While it’s likely you aren’t able to send us on an all-expense paid trip to Bali (alone… we’d like to go alone), there are lots of ideas for gifts that can give Mom just the retreat she craves, even if it’s for just a few minutes a day.

Whether Mom is a bookworm, a sommelier-in-training, or she’s in desperate need of a spa treatment, these little gifts are guaranteed to give her the escape she needs, at a slightly more affordable price point than a tropical vacation.
1. A spa in a box Credit: Knack Shops
This is exactly what self-care should look like.

You might not be able to send her on the tropical getaway she craves, but this getaway box is a good start. Featuring a luxurious and hydrating coconut soak, a natural sea sponge for exfoliation, a hand-poured soy wax candle with reusable vessel by Paddywax, and a faux succulent to set the mood, this thoughtful gift box is like a mini vacation delivered to her doorstep. She may not be able to actually get away for the retreat she needs but this kit will help her imagine herself there.

Get Knack’s Just Breathe Spa Kit for $84
2. A single-serve wine subscription Credit: Getty Images / Alvarez
Sometimes not sharing is still caring.

There is no greater escape than a delicious glass of wine. Nail Mother’s Day this year with a monthly wine subscription to Usual Wines. Each month Mom will receive a selection of 12 single-serve bottles of delicious wines to sample that are styled and suited to her taste. The best part of this service is it’s by-the-glass, so mom can retreat into her wine without needing to finish off the whole bottle—and without being expected to share.

Get Usual Wines starting at $40 per box
3. A hammock, for at home glamping Credit: Vivere store
The most relaxing way to experience the great outdoors.

For the mom who loves to glamp, make the back yard, deck, or patio the retreat she craves with this elegant, solid wood hammock. This one is spacious enough to share, if she’s in the mood, or just she can have it all to herself for some much-needed “me time.”

Get the Viviere double hammock with stand for $228.75 at Amazon
4. Meal kit that she doesn’t have to cook Credit: Freshly
Meals always taste better when you don’t have to prepare them yourself!

Here's the thing: Mom doesn’t want to cook for you. If you’re a dad reading this, she doesn’t want to cook for you either. Give her a break from the question of “what’s for dinner” with a premade meal kit that takes nothing but a press of a microwave button to get dinner on the table.

Our testers tried six different premade meal subscription kits and Freshly won out for its taste, presentation, and ease of getting each meal from box to table. They minimize processed ingredients and added sugars to make a delicious, ready-made meal that’s as tasty as any leftovers—maybe tastier, since she didn’t have to make them herself.

Get Freshly for $15 off your first four boxes
5. An acupressure mat and pillow Credit: DoSensePro
Acupressure, anyone?

Acupressure and acupuncture have long been used to treat stress and the muscle tension associated with it. This acupressure mat and pillow set mimics the ancient art of acupuncture by gently touching pressure points to release endorphins to enhance an overall sense of well-being. Reviewers tout this set for being just the relaxing escape they need, and say it’s helped them reduce stress, minimize muscle aches, and get a better night’s sleep.

Get the DoSensePro acupressure mat at Amazon for $39.77
6. Tea from around the world Credit: Uncommon Goods
Enjoy a trip around the world from the comfort of your home.

Give Mom a tasting trip around the world in a soothing cup of tea. This set of 10 single-estate, loose leaf teas will have her exploring a world of flavor from the comfort of her favorite spot on the couch. The set includes exotic brews like Long Jing green tea and mix of bancha tea and roasted rice found in Genmaicha. It also includes an accompanying book of background information on each of the teas she receives as well as specific brewing tips for the most perfect cup.

Get the Tea from Around the World set from Uncommon Goods for $55
7. A globally-minded book subscription Credit: The Alignist
Now the library can come to you.

The greatest escape is within the pages of a good book. This subscription box is all about connecting readers to faraway places. Every three months a box will arrive that’s themed after a different country from around the world. The box includes a novel centered in the chosen country, accompanied by ethically sourced pieces like chocolates, jewelry, and home goods. She may not be able to take a trip to a far off locale, but this subscription will send her back from her literary escape with all the best souvenirs.

Get the Align Whole Story subscription for $60 for 3 months
8. A candle that lets you know when she needs her alone time Credit: Cancelled Plans
Cancelling plans has never smelled so good.

We're the first to admit it: Sometimes we just don’t get the hint. Try as she may to politely express her need for alone time, we probably need to hone our listening skills. Don’t make Mom shout. This candle is all she needs to do the speaking for her.

Get the Do Not Disturb candle by Cancelled Plans on Etsy for $28.88
9. A rest and renewal kit Credit: Whispering Willow Soap
Rest and relaxation definitely included inside.

A company that calls themselves Whispering Willow already makes us feel relaxed. This kit is filled with the soothing scent of lavender, which is known for helping to promote relaxation and a restful sleep. Each of its component is infused with the scent, including a nourishing bar soap, a revitalizing oil, and a relaxing lavender-scented neck wrap.

Get the Rest and Renewal kit from Whispering Willow Soaps on Etsy for $65
10. A dreamy face mask Credit: Youth To The People
Every mom should glow like this.

Maybe she isn’t able to take the restful retreat she needs, but she'll look like she just returned from a relaxing vacation after she uses this highly-rated and award-winning overnight mask. This mask that’s dubbed by reviewers as “sorcery” promises to hydrate, plump, and brighten with such power ingredients as THD ascorbate (vitamin C), antioxidant-rich superberries, squalane, and hyaluronic acid.

Get the Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask with Vitamin C at Sephora for $48
11. A facial steamer that's a full spa in a portable package Credit: Pure Daily Care
Say hello to clear skin!

Sure, Mom could probably use a pot on the stove with a towel over her head, but will that really give her the ritual of alone time that she wants and requires? This 3 in 1 ionic facial steamer combines traditional steam with an ultra-sonic vapor which propels tiny water droplets into the air to make for an extra-hydrating steam experience. Also, this steamer comes with three settings to give the ultimate, full-on spa experiences. One machine to steam her face and unclog her pores, humidify a room, and warm up small towels for an ultimate home-spa experience? Genius.

Please note that this has a 30-minute steam time, so leave Mom alone for at least an hour when she's using this gift.

Get the 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer by Pure Daily Care for $39.95
12. A relaxing and meditative new hobby Credit: Emma Farrarons / Covacure Store
Who said that coloring was just for kids?

Coloring isn't just for kids anymore—in the past few years it’s emerged as a relaxing pastime that’s perfect to relax and unwind with. This mindfulness-focused coloring book is filled with soothing waves, calming mandalas, and hypnotizing geometric patterns that can give Mom just the meditative moment she needs.
Get the Mindfulness Coloring book at Amazon for $6.49 Get the Covacure 36-piece colored pencil set with travel case at Amazon for $15.99 13. A heated foot massager that feels like real hands Credit: Renpho store
Take a load off with this amazing foot massager.

It’s been a long year. We could all use a massage. This Shiatsu foot massager will give Mom just the relaxing respite she craves with a little bit of extra TLC. While there are lots of foot massagers to choose from, this one has heat, air, and Shiatsu massage functions and garners rave reviews for its adjustable functions that allow for the most personalized foot massage a machine can give. As one reviewer says, “Feels like my toes are being massaged by human hands.”

Get the Renpho Shiatsu and deep-kneeding foot massager at Amazon for $139
14. A beginner’s yoga kit for some solid “me” time Credit: Gaiam Store
Now you can be your own yoga instructor.

Let Mom know that you respect her need for self-care with this yoga starter kit. This kit has all of the essentials needed to get her yoga practice off the ground, including a yoga block for proper positioning and support, a yoga strap to help with lengthening stretches, a guided workout program, and a special mat with guides that help with alignment. Whether she’s looking for a new workout challenge, or just wants to improve her flexibility, this kit is just what she needs to ease into a daily yoga routine.

Get the Gaiam beginners’ yoga starter kit at Amazon for $29.98
15. A weighted blanket Credit: Casaluna
Nobody can resist a cuddly blanket!

A good weighted blanket makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a soothing hug. They can help calm a restless body, reduce feelings of anxiety, and improve sleep after a long stressful day. This blush colored beauty from Target’s in-house wellness brand Casaluna will be a stunner for Mom to unwrap and will give her soothing nights ahead.

Get the Casaluna weighted blanket at Target for $139
16. A calming collection Credit: Osea Malibu
Well-being begins from the inside.

Everyone could do with a night of more restful sleep. This collection is a blend of meditative and stress-regulating lavender, chamomile, and lemon tea tree, designed to stimulate the vagus nerve, letting your body know it’s time to dial it down and relax. The mist is meant to be spritzed on linens right before bed, while the oil is meant to be used in high-anxiety situations to help you re-regulate. It also comes with a helpful book that helps demystify the vagus nerve and gives tips and activities for improving an overall sense of calm.

Get the Vagus Nerve Collection from Osea for $90
17. A journal for a daily dose of introspection Credit: Kaweco Perkeo / Harvest Cruise
A mindful way to unwind.

Studies show that journaling helps reduce stress and can even boost our immunity. Gratitude journaling is a great start and an easy way to give Mom a daily moment of calm-inducing self reflection. This journal pick is filled with gratitude-inspired prompts to help get the pen flowing and assist Mom at looking at the positives of each day. Throw in a pretty fountain pen to make that alone time feel extra special.
Get the Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen at Amazon for $19 Get the Harvest Cruise gratitude journal at Amazon for $16.99 18. A potted plant to create an oasis Credit: The Sill
The good news is you can’t kill these!

Indoor plants are noted for their stress-relieving properties and for helping to purify the air to create an environment of calm. Plus, they are just so darn pretty to look at. The Sill is a plant service that delivers beautifully potted plants right to your door (no more tossing dried up bouquets once Mother’s Day has passed).

If Mom doesn’t have the greenest thumb (but wishes she did) a monthly subscription to The Sill will keep her surrounded in green with attractive, low-maintenance plants and will help her keep them vibrant and healthy for a long-lasting gift that will last years. As the slogan says, Can’t kill it. Just try.

Get one of The Sill’s live plants starting at $5
19. Soothing eye stones from prehistoric Finland Credit: Uncommon Goods
Cucumbers are a thing of the past!

If cucumber slices feel good, imagine how relaxed she’ll feel with these, cooling and weighted eye stones. Made from 2 billion year old Finnish bedrock, the gentle compression brings relief to tired eyes and helps to minimize puffiness. Chill them in the refrigerator and apply on or under eyes for a rock-solid spa experience that Mom can enjoy from home.

Get the Orbits eye stones at Uncommon Goods for $20
20. A calming app with some pretty sexy story times Credit: Calm
What could be better than the gift of peace of mind?

We don’t know about you, but just thinking about hearing a bedtime story read by Harry Styles sounds like the ideal escape from a crazy day. For a moment of guided mindfulness, gift Mom with the app that will have her favorite celebrities taking her through stories and meditations to calm the mind. From the soothing Irish brogue of Cillian Murphy to the southern drawl of Matthew McConaughey, the celebrity story-telling will whisk Mom off to far off places.

Gift a year of Calm for $69.99
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