38" Champagne Bottle Balloon & Wine Glass Balloon Champagne Flute Birthday Party Bachelorette Party Wedding Reception Bridal Engagement by MyTeachersCupboard

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2.99 USD

38" Champagne Bottle Balloon & Wine Glass Balloon Champagne Flute Birthday Party Bachelorette Party Wedding Reception Bridal Engagement Whiskey Bottle Beer Mug Balloon Retirement Gift Bar Decorations Graduation Balloons.

Get your party on with our newest glam decor, giant celebration balloons! These balloons are HUGE and make a wonderful and fun addition to your next event.

This listing is for a mylar foil balloon:

Four choices are included for purchase. 1. champagne bottle, 2. cheers, wine glass, 3. whiskey bottle, or 4. beer mug balloon.

Balloon dimensions:

Champagne Bottle measures: 38.5 x 19 inches/98 x 48 cm

Cheers Wine Glass measures:
37.5 x 15 inches/95 x 38 cm

Whiskey Bottle measures: 35.43 x 17.71 inches/90 x 45cm

Beer Mug measures: 23.62 x 17.71 inches/60 x 45cm

Balloons can be air or helium filled. You can fill at your local party store for a small fee or you can purchase a helium tank at your local discount store.

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Please use caution and supervise children under three years of age!

FREE gift with purchase!

Balloons can not be returned.

Ultra Glamorous and Sophisticated Home

Natuzzi sofa and Minotti chairs

Apartment in the residential complex “Dom u Ratushi”the awarded international design and architecture studio studia-54.

Creating a design project for a spacious apartment in St. Petersburg, we sought to make its interior refined, bright and seasoned. In the living room we placed a cozy seating area with a soft group of elegant Minotti armchairs and a Natuzzi sofa, Meridiani coffee tables and elegant decor.

Luxurious black marble fireplace portal

The space is filled with exquisite decorative elements and a contrasting accent – an abstract suspended composition, made to order. The room is harmoniously complemented by high chairs with a brass base, a bright bar counter, a sleek Gallotti bar and a luxurious fireplace made of natural marble.

Behind the bed is a spacious wardrobe

The bedroom continues the low-profile aesthetics of the apartment: the monochrome foundation of the interior is saturated with dark green and crimson elements. The majestic accent headboard of velvet bed brings a feeling of comfort to the atmosphere and organically stands out against the light wall with a plaster composition.

Natural marble fireplace and stylish floor painting

The aristocratic cosiness of the bedroom is complemented by a light marble fireplace, decor with brass elements and an atmospheric poster in neutral colors that blend in perfectly with monochrome walls and strict molding in a classic style.

A composition of birds “flies” over an elegant dressing table and pouf on a brass base


Handmade wallpaper in the bath

Original black and white checkerboard

The apartment has two excellent bathrooms, continuing the theme of lightness and flight, expressed through the image of birds. A light-colored lavatory in pink shades completes the airy plaster composition, while a darker and monumental bathroom is refreshed by hand-painted designer de Gournay wallpaper.