50 Amazing Pallet Furniture Projects For Your Home And Garden

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Some pallet furniture wood project ideas are extremely simple and require very little effort and almost no prior knowledge of how to work with wood.

pallet wood projects

A few basic tools, a creative mind, and some free time are all you need. The incredible versatility of wood pallets allows you to repurpose them into just about anything.

Are Pallets Safe to Build With?

On the surface, the omnipresent pallet appears to be a great material for repurposing: It’s free wood, and by recycling it, you’re keeping it out of the garbage stream. 

However, it has been shown that pallet wood is frequently polluted with chemicals, sometimes infested with harmful bacteria, and other nasty terrible stuff that you do not want in your house or around your family.

Is Pallet Wood Safe for Indoors?

Is Pallet Wood Safe for Indoors?

If you enjoy do-it-yourself hobbies and home improvements, you’ve probably pondered how to prepare pallet wood for indoor usage. Pallets made of wood are incredibly adaptable. 

After performing their duty as shipping frames, they can be used for a variety of new purposes. Used wood pallets are relatively inexpensive, which is why they’ve become quite common upcycling materials. 

Southern yellow pine and oak are two of the most often utilized wood species for wood pallets. Pine lumber is popular because it is inexpensive, easily accessible, and kiln-dried.

Meanwhile, oak is a popular hardwood species because of its durability. Pallets are made from oak that does not meet the criteria for furniture.

When used for home purposes, the majority of pallet wood is not chemically treated. If it lacks a marking or stamp, it was most likely used only in the United States and is therefore already safe to use indoors.

Are Pallets With No Markings Safe?

Are Pallets With No Markings Safe?

However, what about unlabeled pallets? National pallets are utilized for intra-county transit. Because the majority of domestic pallets are not chemically treated, they should be safe. However, caution is required. 

Many craftsmen utilize these pallets securely, however, it is preferable if they can be traced back to their source. At times, you have to consider how you obtained them. 

The illustration below shows a heavy-duty, large pallet being used to ship a new motorcycle. Consult your local motorcycle dealerships for “come and get them” days for disposing of the stack of pallets and crates. 

Understanding Stamps

To avoid spreading pathogens and invasive pests, the USDA requires pallet treatment on the side of the manufacturer prior to their entry into or transit through the United States.

Pallets are either treated using methyl bromide (a hazardous chemical associated with human health problems and ozone layer depletion) or heat-treated.

Although the use of methyl bromide has been considerably curtailed in recent years due to these health risks,  it’s difficult to determine the age or duration of usage of a pallet.

Determine the treatment method by looking for the IPPC mark on the side of the wood. Pallets labeled “HT” have been heat treated and have not come into touch with any chemicals during the procedure. Avoid pallets that are not identified or ones that are stamped with a “MB” for methyl bromide.

Understanding Stamps

On pallets, the IPPC symbol denotes the International Plant Protection Convention. International shipment requires the use of IPPC-labeled pallets. These pallets must be manufactured of a material that does not facilitate the spread of invasive pest species or plant diseases between countries. 

Pallets manufactured from raw wood must be treated in accordance with IPPC requirements. These pallets are processed in one of the following ways. Pallet treatment procedures are supervised by government-approved authorities. 

Without the IPPC stamp, there are chances the pallet might not be safe. Maintain safety by utilizing pallets with obvious source stamps.

Are Wood Pallets Treated?

Are Wood Pallets Treated

Some of them are, and knowing what the labels mean, is really important, so we’re going to talk about them.


Wooden pallets built in Canada or the United States are subjected to a pest control process called heat treating (abbreviated as HT). What this means is that hardwood pallets have been treated at 60° C and softwood pallets, at 56° C. 

The treatment involved placing them in a kiln for half an hour. This particular procedure makes pallets labeled HT good for your health. 


The goal of kiln-dried timber is to decrease the wood’s moisture content (to 19 percent or less). This coding system is used to regulate warping, fungal development, and other characteristics that could interfere with the quality of the pallets. 

The kilns used to dry the wood may not reach the required temperature of 133 degrees Fahrenheit for heat treatment. Numerous lumber mills can process the wood used to make pallets to meet the treatment regulations. As a result, the wood grade stamp will include “KD-HT.”


Fumigation with methyl bromide is highly toxic because it is an insecticide that has been connected to human health concerns and ozone layer depletion. Fumigation with methyl bromide eradicates invasive species such as pine beetles.

The Montreal Protocol, adopted in 1987, sought to regulate the use of methyl bromide and a number of other compounds believed to deplete ozone. 

This method of treatment is currently prohibited in Canada and a number of other countries due to the health dangers it poses to the personnel who handle the pallets. However, it is still available in some locations. 

If you come across an MB pallet, avoid using it for DIY projects or as firewood. Instead, contact a garbage removal company that can properly dispose of it.

Are Wood Pallets Waterproof?

Are Wood Pallets Waterproof?

Whether you’re building patio furniture, planters, or other things that spark your crafting creativity, you’ll want to ensure the longevity of any item or component you’ve worked so hard to produce by making it waterproof. 

While the majority of wooden pallets are designed for outdoor storage when not in use for commercial transportation, chances are they have not been treated to the levels required for prolonged outdoor exposure. Without extra treatment, they are unlikely to withstand the ravages of weather.

Where Can I Get Free Pallets From?

Where Can I Get Free Pallets From?

Large enterprises may place several orders for supplies, with the majority, if not all, of the shipments arriving on wooden pallets. While this may appear to be an excellent opportunity for you to jump in and acquire a few dozen, it is unlikely to work.

Larger organizations are likely already taking steps to eliminate superfluous pallets. A third-party company collects and disposes of waste on a scheduled basis. It surely won’t hurt to inquire, but avoid getting your hopes up regarding large corporations.

Alternatively, look for tiny enterprises. They probably just throw the pallets away due to a lack of funds for a transportation firm or a lack of time or other resources. They may even place them near dumpsters for waste providers to collect.

Pallets are used by a variety of businesses, including equipment and hardware stores, garden shops, newspaper firms, and grocery shops. Palettes will most certainly be used by any business that maintains inventory.

Negotiating with the managers or workers of a construction site may also be an excellent source of free pallets. It’s as simple as dialing and inquiring.

What Type of Pallet Furniture Can I Mak?

Before you start scouring your local businesses for leftover pallets, you may be wondering what furniture you can make with pallets. Pallets are very formidable, meaning if you can dream it, you can probably make it! Below is a list of some of the most common furniture pieces people choose to make out of pallets.

Furniture pieces you can make out of pallets:

  • Outdoor Lounger
  • Outdoor Couch
  • Bench (indoor or outdoor)
  • Sofa
  • Swing
  • Outdoor Bar
  • Platform Bed
  • Headboard
  • Bedside Table/Nightstand
  • Side Table
  • Coffee Table
  • Bookshelf
  • Desk
  • Planter
  • Towel Rack

How Much Weight Can Pallet Furniture Bear?

Doesn’t a pallet bed or couch sound fun? Of course, it does, and it will save you tons of money over ordering a bed from a furniture store! But, for those looking into making a double bed or large couch, you may be wondering just how much weight you can expect your pallet furniture to hold.

Because pallets are designed for the shipping of large amounts of products, you’ll be glad to know they are meant to hold a lot of weight. The most common type of pallet, the 48×40 Wooden GMA pallet, is designed to hold up to 4,600 pounds—which means you shouldn’t have to worry about having 8-10 people (or more!) on your pallet furniture.

Now there are a couple of other varieties of pallets. These are the 42×42 Wooden Paint pallet and the 48×48 Wooden Drum pallet. These two varieties can support 3,700 pounds without you having to worry. This is still quite a lot of weight and will allow you to have 8-10 people on your pallet furniture.

Not sure which type of pallet you have? Then it is best to assume that your pallet can hold 3,700 pounds before you have to worry about possibly breaking weight restrictions.

How to Make Pallet Furniture

When you are ready to make some awesome pallet furniture to transform your home, the exact steps you follow to do so will vary based on the piece of furniture you are making. Regardless, there are some basic steps you will use no matter what piece you select. These are outlined below.

Step 1: Gather Materials for the pallet furniture

Once you’ve found the pallet furniture piece you would like to make, it’s time to gather the materials you will need. They are as follows:

  • Sandpaper or Grinding Tool
  • Screw Gun
  • Screws
  • Wood Adhesive
  • Wood Stain
  • Pallets (of course!)
  • Wood Sealant (if you want your furniture to last!)
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush/Roller
  • Wheels (for those who want their furniture to move!

Step 2: Measure the Space for your pallet furniture

Before you start chopping apart your pallets, it’s important to measure the space where you will want the furniture to go. This way you can be sure that you are going to make furniture that is the proper size.

Step 3: Prepare Your Pallet

Not all pallets are perfect, and if you’ve picked yours up from a local business, chances are there are a few imperfections that will need corrected before you create your pallet furniture. This next list should help you know which issues you will need to address before beginning your project.

  • Remove any rotten elements
  • Fill any holes or dents
  • Sand any rough surfaces to minimize splinters
  • Brush your pallet free of dust
  • Apply a wood preserver to help your pallet last (optional)

Now that you’ve properly prepared your pallet wood to be made into furniture, it’s time to pick out the design you are going to follow. Keep reading to see some awesome pallet furniture ideas for your home!

Cheap and Free Pallet Furniture Projects to Transform Your Home and Garden

That means you can build furniture, accessories, and a lot of other useful things for close to nothing since you can practically get the pallets for free (or at a very cheap price).

Check out these DIY pallet furniture projects if you don’t believe us.

1. DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box Project

DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box Project

You can use pallets to make all sorts of useful things for your home and garden, things like planters and even furniture. Check out this DIY planter box and let it inspire you. It has a simple and chic design and it can be customized in all sorts of fun ways.

2. A Welcome Sign for Your Garden or Front Yard

A Welcome Sign for Your Garden or Front Yard

Speaking of easy pallet projects, you can use a single board to make a lovely welcome sign which you can display in your garden, front yard, or near the entrance. You can customize it with some nice-looking string art like this cute-looking vase. It’s a perfect project for a sunny Saturday afternoon.

3. A Pallet Furniture Coffee Table

A Pallet Coffee Table

Let’s move on to some more complex projects, such as this pallet coffee table which seems perfect for the patio or the backyard. It’s still a very simple project any beginner DIYer could pull off.

You only need to make minor modifications to the pallet in order to turn it into a table. Don’t forget the wheels.

4. Build a Colorful Garden Bench

Build a Colorful Garden Bench

A pallet can also be turned into a bench. This project is a bit more time-consuming than others but definitely worth the effort.

Just look how cheerful and beautiful this colorful garden bench is. It looks great against the fence and it doesn’t need a backrest.

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5. Wood Pallet Hanging Planter

Wood Pallet Hanging Planter

In a lot of cases, you actually have to take apart the pallet and use the boards to make something completely different. A good example could be this wood pallet hanging planter. You can just as well make one out of leftover wood from other projects but a pallet would work just as well and would actually make things easier.

6. Build a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Build a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

You don’t need an entire pallet to make one of these wall-mounted wine racks. Such a rack would be a nice addition to any home and would save you a lot of money, considering how expensive these things usually are. The project is perfect if you like the rustic look of reclaimed wood.

7. A Pallet Furniture Table with Hairpin Legs for Your Living Room

A Pallet Table with Hairpin Legs for Your Living Room

You can also turn pallets into actual furniture for your home. For example, you could make a pallet table with hairpin legs which would look nice in a casual living room settings or perhaps in your home office, on the balcony, etc. It’s easy to make and easy to personalize with your choice of wood stain or paint color.

8. Pallet Storage Shelving

Pallet Storage Shelving

A pallet (or actually just a section of one) can also be turned into one of these little storage things which you can use to keep all those wrapping paper rolls nice and organized, finally. Making pallet storage shelving is easy and the design doesn’t need to be complicated or perfect. It just needs to be made with love.

9. A Tool and Accessories Organizer for Your Garage or Workshop

A Tool and Accessories Organizer for Your Garage or Workshop

Speaking of pallet storage shelving, check out this great organizer for tools and related accessories. It’s a great wood pallet project for the garage or workshop which you can complete for close to nothing.

You don’t even need to stain or paint the wood. Just let its character take over the design. Find out more about this project on Funky Junk Interiors.

10. A Pallet Furniture TV Stand and Dresser Combo Made from Reclaimed Wood

pallet furniture tv stand

Another super simple pallet project idea shared on Funky Junk Interiors is this TV stand and dresser combo. The stand is made of reclaimed wood which can easily come from a pallet.

You can easily put together something like this in just a few minutes. While you can simply embrace the casual and rustic look, you could also polish up the design in any way you want.

11. A Large Outdoor Dining Table

A Large Outdoor Dining Table

Of course, there’s also the possibility of using more than one pallet to create something more massive, like a big outdoor dining table such as the one featured on Kleinworth Co. Three pallets should be just enough for a table like this one but of course, the number can differ if you prefer a smaller or a larger table. You can also use some pallet wood to make matching benches.

12. Construct a Coffee Bar or Console Table

Construct a Coffee Bar or Console Table

Another cool thing you can do out of a reclaimed pallet is a coffee bar/ console table such as the one featured on nur-noch. For this project, you need two pallets and a piece of wood for the top. Some paint can also come in handy if you want to personalize your design.

13. A Blanket Ladder to Place by Your Bed

A Blanket Ladder to Place by Your Bed

You can even use pallets to make projects you probably never even thought of, like a blanket ladder. In case you’re wondering what that is, it’s a ladder for blankets which you can casually rest against the wall next to your bed, in case you need a cozy extra blanket at night.

Check out making-our-nest to find out everything you need to know about this pallet project.

14. A Potting Bench for Your Garden

A Potting Bench for Your Garden

For the garden, you can turn pallets into cute and also useful things like this lovely potting bench that we found on A Piece of Rainbow. It’s easy to put together and at the end, you can paint the table green so it blends in more easily. The shelf is a nice little feature and you can add more than one if it suits your garden and needs.

15. A Bamboo Holder Made From a Mini Pallet

A Bamboo Holder Made From a Mini Pallet

A mini pallet (yes, there are mini pallets) would be great for a lot of cool projects, including this cute bamboo holder/ decor piece. It’s an idea that we found on Kleinworth Co and which doesn’t involve a lot of supplies and doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part. It’s the perfect pallet project for DIY beginners.

16. A Pallet Furniture Nightstand for Your Bedroom

A Nightstand for Your Bedroom

A bedroom is not complete without a nightstand so if you’re in need of one this just might be the perfect wood pallet project for you. You can find out all the details and a list of required supplies on Instructables but as you can see it’s all pretty simple and straightforward.

17. A Display Unit for Your Favorite Photos and Collectibles

A Display Unit for Your Favorite Photos and Collectibles

A wood pallet can also be turned into a display frame/ shelving unit for things like photos, tiny planters, collectibles, and other items that you might want to put on display on the walls of your home. The transformation from pallet to wall-mounted display piece is actually fairly easy and you can find out all about it on Cathey Withane.

18. Cover an Entire Wall in Pallet Wood

Cover an Entire Wall in Pallet Wood

Speaking of ways to display reclaimed pallets on walls, how about an actual wall covered entirely in pallet wood? A pallet wall can actually look beautiful in spaces like the bedroom, home office, or even the dining room or living area.

You can mix and match boards from different pallets to give the wall a sort of patchwork-inspired look. This awesome idea comes from Project Nursery.

19. An Organizer for Your Garden Tools and Accessories

pallet garden utensil storage

If you have a garden shed or a garage, you could take this opportunity to make a cool organizer for all your tools and accessories. You can make one out of a reclaimed pallet without actually modifying the original structure too much.

Just a few changes here and there and you can have this done in no time. Find out more details about this pallet project on Our Little Acre.

20. Build a Shed Out of Pallets

wood pallet shed

If you can find enough pallets, you might even be able to build an entire shed out of them. Obviously, you’ll need a lot of pallets and this won’t be a very easy project but it’s an awesome idea worth exploring, especially if you want to save some money or if you want your shed to be eco-friendly and made of recycled materials.

You can follow the tutorial shared on Instructables if you want to turn this into your next DIY project.

21. A DIY Pallet Furniture Sofa for Your Patio or Balcony

pallet furniture window bench DIY

Let’s go back to some easier pallet projects, like this cool DIY sofa which you can make for your patio, sunroom, balcony, or maybe your bedroom. It’s designed to fit in front of the window and you can turn it into your favorite reading spot.

Add some comfy pillows, maybe even a blanket, and make the most of this idea. You can find details on Scrap Hacker.

22. A DIY Desk with Built-In Shelves

pallet desk

Are you looking for a new desk? Why don’t you build one yourself? You can even use those built-in shelves as storage spaces for your laptop, cables, notebooks, and other things so you can keep your work surface clean and clutter-free.

In addition to a pallet, you’ll also need four table legs. Make sure you cut them down to size if they’re too tall, so your desk has just the right height. Check out Instructables for more details.

23. An Armchair for Your Patio

wood pallet chair

With enough pallet wood and spare time, you can even make a cool-looking armchair for your patio. Actually, this one might even look nice indoors if you give it some comfy cushions and maybe even a few coats of wood stain to freshen up the look.

You can find out all about what it takes to build a pallet chair from this tutorial on Instructables.

24. A Pallet Swing for Your Garden or Backyard

hanging pallet swing

Similar to a pallet chair but easier to build and more fun to use, a pallet swing would be the perfect project for anyone with a garden or a backyard. Of course, it would be nice to also have a big tree from which to hang the swing but if not you can definitely find other solutions. Check out The Sorry Girls for details.

25. A Stylish and Modern Pallet Furniture Coffee Table

A Stylish and Modern Pallet Coffee Table

This pallet coffee table looks super stylish and modern which proves how much potential all these pallet projects have. You could easily take this table indoors and put it in the living room and it would look just as lovely.

If you’re interested in building your own coffee table out of reclaimed pallets, you can find out more about the project on Southern Revivals.

26. A Vertical Pallet Garden for a Small Home

A Vertical Pallet Garden for a Small Home

Growing plants indoors can be very fun and rewarding but all those pots take up space so a vertical pallet garden makes a lot of sense, especially for small homes. They’re great not just because they let you save space but also because they let you organize and display the plants in a nice way. Check out how easy it is to make a hanging pallet garden.

It’s all described in detail on Jenna Burger. While this photo shows the vertical garden hanging outdoors, you could also add this into a kitchen or hallway.

If you love using fresh herbs when you are cooking, with this pallet idea, you’ll have plants on hand which you can easily garnish your meals with. If you are short on space, use a mini pallet to achieve the same look without taking up so much space on your wall.

27. Build Patio Furniture from Pallets

Build Patio Furniture from Pallets

A few pallets can go a long way, especially if you plan on building some patio furniture. This project can save you a lot of money plus it’s nice that you can customize it however you see fit. The instructions can be found on Wohn-blogger and you can use them as guidelines if you want to change the proportions and even the design a little bit.

We love how big this chair is, and you can sit side-by-side with your family or partner in the summertime. As we use patio furniture for only a few months of the year, it’s an item that’s great to make at home. Store-bought patio furniture can cost a fortune, so we love the look and practicality of this pallet furniture idea instead.

28. A Pallet Furniture Wood Sofa

A Pallet Wood Sofa

Speaking of patio furniture, just look how nice this pallet wood sofa is. It’s a perfect example of DIY outdoor furniture that doesn’t just have the looks, but it also has lots of character.

If you already have a mattress or some cushions that you’d like to use, you can build your sofa around those, adjusting the dimensions mentioned on Funky Junk Interiors.

29. A Ceiling Covered in Pallet Wood

A Ceiling Covered in Pallet Wood

It’s not that vertical planter rack that we want to emphasize here, even though that looks nice too. It’s actually the ceiling that’s the interesting part because it’s made of pallet wood.

It’s one of the many improvements you can make so your entryway or patio can look more welcoming and beautiful. If you like the idea, check out Hazelwood Homes for more details.

30. A Pallet Furniture Console Table for Your Entryway

pallet furniture console table

Looking for a way to make your entryway more welcoming and functional? How about a pallet console table/ narrow shelf so you can display a few things on it like a vase, a small planter, a framed photo or two, or anything else you see fit? It’s easy to make and it costs almost nothing.

The idea comes from Lantliv. If you want to you can stain the pallet or you can paint it, although the worn finish suits it nicely too and gives it lots of character.  Your entryway table can be decorated throughout the year to keep up with the current season.

It’s an easy way to make a great first impression on anyone who visits your home. With this pallet idea, you can get your entryway festive looking by simply adding pumpkins for Halloween and wreaths and Christmas decorations for the holiday season.

31. A Custom Backsplash Made from Reclaimed Pallet Wood

wood pallet backsplash

Reclaimed pallet wood can also be used to make custom backsplashes. This can be a nice way to add warmth to the kitchen and even the bathroom but means you’ll have to be extra careful and to seal the wood to make it resistant to water and moisture in general. Find out more about how you can make a pallet wood backsplash on Circadee.

32. Build Shelves and Storage Units From Pallet Wood

wood pallet bookshelves

We mentioned before that you can use pallet wood to build shelves and storage units but we didn’t actually show you a finished product. Here’s a reclaimed pallet bookshelf that seems to have it all. You can build your own version following the instructions offered on Jen WoodHouse.

33. Build an Entire Bed Frame from Pallets

platform bed made form pallets

The more pallets you have, the bigger the structure you can build with them. If you have enough pallets with the right proportions, you can build an entire bed frame, headboard included.

It’s sort of like building a platform and there’s surprisingly little effort involved. You might not even have to cut odd sections of the pallets. Just make the most of the circumstances. You can find more details about this project on The Wonder Forest.

34. A Cozy Reading Nook for an Empty Room Corner

pallet reading nook

Just look at this adorable reading nook…how cozy it looks. You can have something similar in your home and an empty room corner would be perfect for that.

It wouldn’t be an expensive project since you’ll be using pallet wood and some basic tools. This lovely idea comes from Kojo-Designs.

35. A Pallet Wood Bar for Your Garage or Basement

wood pallet basement bar

A lot of pallet projects have this ruggedness to them which works out well if you wanted a rustic decor anyway or if you plan on building something for the garage or the basement, something like this pallet bar which would be perfect for a man cave.

A rugged look suits it perfectly and gives it a ton of character. Check out Infarrantly Creative for more details.

36. A Rustic Farmhouse Pallet Centerpiece for Your Dining Table

rustic wood pallet farm house centerpiece

Just because you have an entire pallet doesn’t mean you have to use the whole thing. You can find a lot of cool project ideas that only require one or two boards, like this farmhouse centerpiece featured on Robin Happy at Home. It’s a very simple project and it’s also super versatile.

37. A Hanging Pallet Wood Coffee Cup Holder

hanging coffee cup holder pallet

With so many creative pallet projects and ideas, there’s something for every room. For the kitchen, for example, you could make a cup holder like the one featured on One Little Bird Blog.

This is more or less a simplified version of a pallet, with a bunch of hooks on it. It’s cute-looking and very practical plus it also helps you save a lot of space.

38. A Pallet Wood Feature Wall Surrounding Your Fireplace

wood pallet accent wall

Pallet wood is a great resource for all sorts of DIY projects and part of that is because it has character. The worn look is a very desirable detail in a lot of cases. For example, look how beautiful this pallet wood fireplace surround is.

All the different boards with different colors and finishes create a unique pattern and turn this wall section into a wonderful focal point for the entire room. The inspiration for this idea comes from Addison Meadows Lane.

39. A Wood Pallet Bar Cart on Wheels

wood pallet bar cart

A lot of wood pallet projects focus on small things and accept pieces, the kind that we don’t usually want to invest a lot in and that a lot of homes lack. A good example is this bar cart from My Pinteresting Life.

It has wheels so it’s easy to move around the house and the design is also great because it provides plenty of storage space.

40. A Pallet Room Divider

wood pallet room divider

If you think your home could use some space dividers, you can use pallets for that too. Check out this pallet room divider project on My Friend Staci so you can get an idea of how this can turn out.

A nice little detail is that you can hang posters, framed photos, and other decorations on either side of the divider.

41. A Pallet Furniture Lounge Set for the Patio or Backyard

pallet furniture lounge set

A project featured on Freckles and Fluff describes how wooden pallets can be repurposed and turned into a comfortable and stylish-looking lounge set for the patio or backyard. There are a lot of great ways to make this project your own by customizing it with your favorite paint color and even a nice pattern if you’re feeling extra creative.

42. A DIY Vertical Herb Garden

pallet vertical herb garden

Pallet wood is a perfect resource for projects such as planters or vertical herb gardens and other things meant to be kept outside. Of course, you can also use regular, store-bought boards if you really prefer those.

In any case, if you want to build your own herb garden you should check out Ginger Snap Crafts. There’s a nice tutorial there describing the whole project in detail, from start to finish.

43. A DIY Strawberry Pallet Planter for Your Garden

pallet planter for the garden

How great would it be to have fresh delicious strawberries that you grow in your own backyard? You can make that happen right now.

We suggest checking out this DIY strawberry pallet planter from Lovely Greens. It’s easy to put together and practical plus you can easily relocate it if needed.

44. A Cute Pumpkin Decoration for Halloween

wood pallet pumpkin decor

When you’re done with some of your bigger pallet projects, if you still have some leftover wood you could do something small, like this cute pumpkin decoration which you can display on Halloween or simply as a fall ornament.

With a little bit of paint, you can make it stand out even more. Check out Finding Home Farms for details.

45. A Simple Wood Pallet Bike Rack

pallet bike rack

Two wood pallets are enough to make a simple bike rack. It’s not the most space-efficient or stylish solution but it’s one of the simplest and most cost-effective ones, especially if you have a garage or a terrace with some spare room so you can keep all your bikes there.

If you only have a single bike, cut down the pallet to save space. You can find the details of this project on Instructables.

46. Celebrate the 4th of July with a Pallet Wood Flag

Wood pallet American flag

A wood pallet has just the right shape for you to turn it into a flag decoration for your yard, to celebrate the 4th of July in style. Of course, this project is not strictly restricted to any particular flag so feel free to paint yours in any color and pattern you want. Check out the details on The Magic Brush Inc.

47. DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture Table

DIY Outdoor Pallet Table

Another cool pallet project idea for the outdoors in this table is featured on Instructables. It has a hole at the center for the umbrella pole to go through and that’s really a perfect combo.

You can have this in the backyard, the garden, or by the pool and create a cozy, shaded lounge space. Add more than one if you have the space.

48. A Small Tree Shelf Made From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

A Small Tree Shelf Made From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

This chic little tree shelf is also made of reclaimed pallet wood and that actually gives it a lot of character in spite of its small size. This also shows just how versatile pallets are and how you too can make useful things for your home out of them.

If you’re interested in the details of this project, check out Instructables.

49. A Chic Dining Table Made From Pallet Wood

A Chic Dining Table Made From Pallet Wood

You’ve seen coffee tables made of pallet wood, but what about a dining table? Apart from the fact that it’s bigger and taller, there’s actually not much of a difference between these two pieces of furniture.

With that in mind, check out this nice-looking table featured on Instructables. It has wheels which makes it easy to move it around if needed and has a simple but charming look.

50. A Pallet Furniture Side Table

pallet furniture sidetable

If you’re in the mood for something smaller, this pallet side table seems just the right project for you. It has a lovely rustic appearance and a simple design plus it can successfully function as a nightstand or an accent table for a cozy reading nook.

If you want to you can give it more shelves and even change its entire appearance with a few coats of paint. Find out more details about this project on Making Manzanita.

Pallet Furniture FAQs

Is Pallet Wood Good for Furniture?

Yes! Pallet wood is great for making furniture. Not only is it sturdy and durable, but it is also extremely versatile and easy to make any type of piece you desire for any size space.

Is Pallet Furniture Durable?

Pallet furniture is durable. It is important to note, however, that all pallet woods aren’t alike. For maximum durability, you should try to find pallets that are made out of oak wood.

Does Pallet Furniture Wood Rot?

Pallet wood can rot if it is not sealed, and is left in a place where the wood can get wet or moist. Prolong the lifespan of your pallet furniture by sealing it properly and keeping it in a dry place.

Does Pallet Wood Need to be Sealed?

For best results when it comes to pallet furniture, you will want to seal all wood that is used. If you are creating an outside piece, this is especially important and multiple layers of sealant are advised.

Can Pallet Wood Make You Sick?

If you are not careful when it comes to selecting your pallets, it is possible that you could pick one up that contains dangerous chemicals that will make you ill. Avoid this by double checking that all the pallets you use for furniture are not chemically treated.

What Pallets Can You Use for Furniture?

You can use any pallet that is in good condition and free of chemicals to make pallet furniture. For best results, you should try to use pallets that are made out of oak and southern yellow pine as these will give you the most durability and use.

What Screws Can You Use for Pallet Furniture?

You cannot use just any screw on a pallet, because of the unique and thin design of the wood. Before you start putting holes in your project, you will want to pick up pallet nails. They are specifically designed to give you the best results when working with pallet wood.

Ready to Get Started with Your Pallet Furniture Project?

As you can see from this extensive collection of DIY pallet furniture ideas, pallet wood is such a versatile material. We love how inexpensive all of these projects are to complete, and they’ll save you a fortune in comparison to store-bought furniture and accessories.

Pallets come in various shapes and sizes, so if you are short of space in your home, look for mini pallets for your next project. The pallet wood is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, and we love some of the garden furniture you can create for the summer season.

As with any wood, once you’ve built your new pallet furniture, you can stain or paint the item to match your home decor. We hope you enjoy trying out some of these DIY pallet ideas this year and that they’ll transform your home on a budget.

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