51 Cool Half Bathroom Ideas and Designs

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Despite being a small space, a half bathroom leaves immense room for improvement (sounds a bit contradictory, doesn’t it?). Either you can just leave it be and not add a personal touch (ahem, boring!) or you could employ some pretty cool ideas and convert it into a stylish, functional little part of your house that will definitely cater to your guests in the best way possible.

Also, if you’re looking to put your house on the market at some point in time, a modified half bath will increase its resale value.

To help you out, we have collected for you some of the best ideas to give your half bathroom an elegant and useful makeover, so read on!

51 Cool Half Bathroom Ideas and Designs

1. Minimalist Style

Via Houzz

This simple, rustic-themed elegant looking powder room proves that less is more. Making use of baskets to store only the needed items is one of the best ways to go about giving your powder room a simple aesthetic appeal. The white walls go well with the wooden elements and make the area look spacious enough.

2. Get Sum Bling

Via Eyefordetail

Take a look at this subtly blingy sconce. Size and form always matter when we don’t have much space to work with. The sconce in the above picture is equipped with some crystal, and its structure ensures that it just adds the right amount of elegance without taking up extra space.

3. Bronze Finishes

Via Veneer Designs

Adding small, but vital elements that have a shiny bronze finish, like the mirror frame, sink faucet, toiletry dish, etc. will all contribute to the look of your powder room. The decors are simple but they give off a royal feel.

4. Black Wood Paneling

Via Blacklacquerdesign

Thinking of getting rid of that paneling to give your powder room a makeover? Let’s leave it on! Paint it black, and pair it with a similar colored tiny, vertical standing shelf along with other silver metal features. Boom! Upscaled, modern half bathroom in a few steps.

5. Country Feels

Via David A. Land

A floral wallpaper (any kind you like), a vintage brass mirror, and rustic vanity are all it takes to give your half bathroom a country theme. Add some small industrial pipe shelving or a towel rack to finish this super simple and quick makeover.

6. Funky Wallpaper

Via Apartmenttherapy

The wallpaper of your powder room is perhaps the one element you have the most control over, so don’t let it be boring. Choose a fun, creative, and chirpy wallpaper to put up—don’t be afraid to experiment!

7. The Large Tiles Trick


If you want your half bathroom to appear bigger, switch to large-sized tiles for the floor and walls. They will make it more spacious and add to its aesthetic appeal.

8. Mirrored Wall

Via Randyhellerdesign

Instead of placing a single mirror above the vanity, mirror the whole wall. Apart from adding some style, it’ll reflect light and make your space appear bigger and brighter!

9. Marbelous Wall

Ditch your boring old wall and turn it into a full marble wall to give a Scandinavian-style look. It sure will add class to your powder room, and hence enhance the appeal.

10. Statement Lighting Piece

Add a statement lighting piece

If you are looking to give your powder room a makeover, the easiest option without having to change the whole interior is to buy a statement lighting piece—that by itself is enough to give the space a whole new kind of mood.

11. Penny Tiles

Via Houzz

Add penny tiles to your powder room to give it a refreshing look. These trendy, penny-sized tiles can be arranged in whatever way you like—you can even put up a small message using different colored tiles!

12. Navy Blue

Via Livelaughdecorate

Give your wooden walls a navy blue finish and enjoy the soothing atmosphere it creates in your powder room. It will become your favorite part of the house to unwind.

13. Spruce Up the Walls

Since a half bathroom is a small space, you don’t need to invest a lot—sprucing up just one wall with a surprising, eye-catching design will do the job just fine and give it a bold look. You can choose from a variety of funky, loud wallpapers that go with your interiors.

14. Position the Toilet Away from the Door

Make it a point to position the toilet away from the door, that is, in such a manner that it’s not facing the door. This will make the bathroom appear more spacious—the toilet won’t be right in front of you when you walk in. Keep in mind this clever design tip and thank us later!

15. Multiple Mirrors

If mirroring an entire wall just doesn’t cut it for you, you can hang up two or more mirrors instead. They will add a nice aesthetic appeal to your wall, and give your bathroom a modern touch!

16. Upscale It All!

If you are ready to spend enough on converting your half bathroom, you might as well do it generously and turn it into a deluxe one! Sure, it will call for more than average investment, but the luxurious end result will be worth it.

Get a new mirror, washbasin, light fixtures, the works!

17. Brick Wall

Strip one wall in the half bathroom and go back to the roots—cover it completely with bricks (the color depends on your preference). It will give your powder room an industrial look, and you can do this yourself without spending a lot!

18. 3D Wallpaper

Via Pinterest

So what if your half bathroom is small? Buy a 3D wallpaper that’ll do the job of fooling your brain! Look at this one, who wouldn’t want to sit on a toilet seat on a pier in their bathroom?

19. Stoned

Add stone walls to your half bathroom to give it a natural, rustic look. They will make your little space look stunning. You can give all your walls a makeover or restrict the stones to just one wall to make it stand out.

20. Lighted Mirror

Install a backlit mirror! It will brighten up the small space, and apart from looking cool, it will let you see your face better—like those highly glamorous makeup rooms!

21. Patterened Wall Tiles

You can switch to patterned wall tiles with intricate details for your powder room, just to add the right amount of character. Adding design in the form of tiles is a great option when you don’t have much space to experiment with.

22. Statement Floor

Statement lights or walls are not the only cool things that are in right now, you can invest in a statement floor too. Keep the walls and other elements neutral as you make a switch to a patterned floor—it’s going to stand out.

23. Neutral Washroom

Use neutral colors like gray paint shades for your half bathroom and keep all the decor elements neutral too. Gray and white are the top choices when it comes to having a serene and elegant powder room.

24. Go For a High Design Faucet

Pick up a modern, designer faucet that looks sleek and classy. You will be surprised by how much this simple change is going to impact your powder room—it can go a long way!

25. Install a Glass Shower Door

If you decide to install a shower in your powder room, use glass doors for the partition. Scrapping off the curtain entirely is a good idea because it makes a small space look clumsy. A glass partition will keep it elegant and minimal.

26. Wall Basin

Invest in a small wall basin to keep the floor looking clean and spacious. This is a very functional and space-saving option for your powder room.

27. Increase the Counter Space

Don’t shy away from investing in a big counter space for your small powder room. It will facilitate storage without you having to install shelves or use baskets.

28. Driftwood Mirror & Wood Wall Paneling

Via Hgtv

Give your powder room fresh beachy feels by using wood paneling for the walls and adding a driftwood mirror. Won’t it be nice to get some coastal vibes at your own home?

29.  Open Shelf Storage Unit

To avoid congestion, you can go for an open shelving storage unit, which will not only increase storage space but also be accessible from all sides in your small bathroom.

30. Antique Vanity

Invest in an antique vanity piece that has vintage feels to it, obviously with some intricate detailing. This designer piece can alone add style to your powder room.

31. Vintage and Green

Paint your powder room green or add a green-colored wallpaper and pair it with vintage paintings and pieces. Colors like white and brown will go with green and give the room a simple but elegant look.

32. Wall Molding

It’s established at this point that a small space gives you enough liberty to design it as you please. So why not try wall molding? It will carry the look of your powder room on its back alone.

33. Small Sized Tiles

Another option to cover your walls with is small-sized square tiles. They really add character to space and look amazing! Use any color combination your want and give your powder room a cute makeover.

34. Au Naturel

Via Decoist

How about covering your powder room walls with wallpaper that makes you feel like you’re doing your business in the middle of the woods? You can even pair it with some indoor plants and industrial elements. Nature calls have never been so close to nature.

35. Monochrome

Via Stevensclaroff

You can also go with a classic black and white theme for your half bathroom. Paint the walls in thin black and white stripes, and add a disco ball light for just the right amount of retro feels.

36. Floating Shelves

To enhance storage, use floating shelves—they make efficient use of ignored wall space, and can easily hold a lot of items. Installing them is pretty easy too!

37. Terrazzo Magic

Via Sarahshermansamuel

This traditional Italian composite material is a great choice for the floor or even the walls. Consisting of a variety of materials like chips of marble, quartz, glass, granite, etc., terrazzo will surely make a statement.

38. Soda Cooler Sink

Via Countryliving

If you are a true vintage lover at heart, you can repurpose an old soda cooler cart for a sink by adding plumbing and a wall faucet. Pair it with some metal bar plaques for the perfect 90s summer vibe.

39. Double Duty Furnishing

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Modern Round Arc Iron Hanging Wall Mirror With Shelf, 30 Inch Height, Dark Bronze

The best way to save space and increase storage is by using double-duty furnishing in your powder room. Invest in a mirror with a small shelf to keep hand soap, brushes, incense sticks, and even small succulents.

Buy it on Amazon.

40. Lift the Curtain

If you have a shower and hence a curtain in your powder room, consider shifting it upwards, that is, towards the roof to make the walls look taller. This way, the curtain won’t get that dirty, and will also make the space look neat.

41. Turn Coat Closet into Your Half Bathroom

Via Pinterest

Remember how the poor Harry Potter lived in a small cupboard below the staircase? Well, apparently we all know that it wasn’t the right place to be used as a bedroom, but it definitely can be converted into a powder room.

42. Add Plants

Have some shade-loving plants? Well, put them to good use! Place them in the powder room, and pair them with an all-white interior to give the space a fresh, slightly green look. They will keep the air fresh and act as natural decor at the same time.

43. Urn it

Via Don Freeman | Housebeautiful

This is one of the most innovative ideas so far. Have an old garden urn lying around eating dust? Well, use it as a sink! Add plumbing and enjoy the vintage look it adds to your powder room. Pair it with flower paintings and voila, perfection!

44. Corner Sink

If your powder room has free corner space dying to be used, ditch the old sink and invest in a small corner wall sink. It will use up the ignored and wasted space and make it functional in no time.

45. Ladder for Storage

If you want to store numerous but don’t have a lot of wall space to install multiple shelves, grab a ladder, place it next to the wall, and keep everything over here! You can store things in a vertical manner this way without taking up much space. The ladder will also act as a clever decor option.

46. Glossy Paint

Via Donna Dotan | Houzz

If you decide to give your powder room a makeover by repainting it, choose paint with a glossy finish. It will make the room appear airy by reflecting the light. Also, the gloss will add some glam!

47. Moroccan Lighting

Give the powder room a Middle-Eastern touch by going for Moroccan lighting. Hang it up on the ceiling—the patterns created when it’s lit will make the walls look beautiful!

48. Tankless Toilet

If you want to save some more space, invest in a tankless toilet—this will save some wall space and will make the bathroom appear more spacious. It’s an impressive design indeed!

49. Recessed Shelf

Recessed shelves are ideal for small bathrooms and can be used to store the essentials. Since these shelves don’t protrude out, your half bathroom won’t look that cramped.

50. Re-position the Towel Bar

Taozun Towel Bar Self Adhesive 27.55-Inch Bathroom Brushed SUS 304 Stainless Steel Bath Wall Shelf Rack Hanging Towel Stick On Sticky Hanger Contemporary Style

If you don’t have enough space on the wall, move your towel rod to the side of your sink, which is a space that’s usually ignored. This will help free up wall space and reduce overcrowding.

The self-adhesive towel bar shown above can be stuck to the side of your vanity or cabinet sink.

Buy it on Amazon.

51. Wall Mounted Faucet

Go for a wall-mounted faucet to increase space—the plumbing needed will all be inside the wall, hence freeing up space below the sink. These faucets will ensure that your sink will remain cleaner for a much longer time and you’ll have a bigger range of motion.

All the listed ideas have one thing in common—they show us that half bathrooms have a lot of potential in terms of modification and decoration. Keep all these tricks in mind and give yours a beautiful makeover right away!

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