6 Incredible Steam Showers to Improve Bathing Time and Health

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To enjoy the benefits of a steam shower, you need the right steam shower room. But how do you determine which unit is appropriate for you given the wide variety of steam showers in the market? It can be tricky, and that's what we're here for. We'll help you find the best steam shower for your home, one that fully complements your lifestyle.

This far, we have reviewed 21 products and have used the same rigorous tests to identify the most appealing steam shower all around and our Editors Choice, in this case the CONSTAR Steam Shower Room. This is a steam shower room that shines because of its well-thought-out design, sturdy construction, and the ton load of features it has. Read more about this and other showers in our Product Descriptions segment.

Top 6 Steam Showers Review 2020

To come up with our findings, we had to compare some key features in the showers we tested. We looked at things like shower dimensions, jets used and their positioning, generator size and power, seating, user comfort, and guarantees. All these affect how good and usable the shower is. In the Buying Guide, well explain in more detail why each of these features is important and what role it plays in determining the effectiveness of a steam shower. We have broken down all this information in an easy-to-read format that includes a table, in-detail reviews of each product, a buying guide, maintenance tips, and FAQs about steam showers.

Image and Rating
Name and Features
1. CONSTAR Steam Shower Room
Editors Choice
Editors Choice

High-quality steam shower with Bluetooth connection for control, it can be use for aromatherapy and a foot massage

2. Lusso Bath 2020 Madison
Premium Pick
Premium Pick

Luxurious steam shower with 20 whirlpool and 18 massage jets, it has a convenient walk-in tub and LCD control panel

3. ARIEL 300A
Best Value
Best Value

One-seat moderately priced steam shower with digital control panel, automatic heat limit and water-loss protection


Rather compact steam shower with ozone sterilization, rainfall shower head, foot massager and LED lighting


Steam shower with aromatherapy function, it has 6000W steam generator and overheat protection


Excellent steam shower with bathtub, it has 6 whirlpool and 6 massage jets, head rest and remote-control option


CONSTAR Steam Shower Room Editors Choice

  • Dimensions: 53 x 31.5 x 85 in
  • Jets: 6
  • Guarantee: 6-year limited
  • Bluetooth
  • Aromatherapy

More features: LED background light, whirlpool bath, telephone answer function, towel bar, built-in FM-radio, foot massage, remote control, 2800 W steam generator, 1hp whirlpool pump, water-loss protection


CONSTAR Steam Shower Room is one of the best steam shower units on the market. It comes with a 220V, 3000-watt steam generator that produces steam in under 2 minutes. Both the control panel and pump are 110V connections, while the whirlpool pump is a 1 HP unit.

Its constructed from glass and aluminum alloy, and given a sleek chrome finish. The tub and roof are made from composite acrylic board, with an ABS base. A combination of steel and 3-layer fiberglass provides added support, thus boosting the durability of the steam room.

It has a sliding glass door with 2 handles for ease in opening and closing. A magnetic seal keeps the door fully closed, ensuring that steam does not escape to the outside environment. In this way, it maintains the high temperature inside the steam room.

There is a shower wand that you can customize to function as a regular shower head or handheld shower. An LCD control panel helps you adjust settings like temperature and session duration. Overheat and no-water mechanisms initiate automatic shutdown when the temperature is too high and when there is no water in the steam generator.

It comes with an ozone sterilization system. To activate the system, press the sterilization button on the control panel. Do this after every use to prevent accumulation of bacteria in the tub.

Other impressive features include blue LED background lighting, ceiling light, built-in seat and pillow, built-in FM radio, phone answer function, towel bar, and shampoo shelf.

  • Overheat protection
  • No water protection
  • Ozone sterilization system
  • Magnetic door seal
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in seat
  • Built-in FM radio
  • 6-year limited warranty
  • Seats only one person at a time

Lusso Bath 2020 Madison Premium Pick

  • Dimensions: 59 x 59 x 90 in
  • Jets: 20 whirlpool, 18 massage
  • Guarantee: full 10 years
  • Walk-in bathtub
  • Aromatherapy

More features: 4500 W steam generator, LCD control panel, ventilation fan, rainfall ceiling shower, FM radio, vitamin shower


The Lusso Bath 2020 Madison comes in a unique walk-in design that allows you to step through the shower room door and right into the bathtub, a departure from the conventional bathtub design where you have to lift your legs to step into and access the tub. This is a modern design that adds a stylish, contemporary look to the bathroom.

This shower features a 4500-watt steam generator that heats up quickly. It is made from tempered glass and 100% acrylic, with a stainless steel frame and fixtures for enhanced durability. It has a computerized LCD control panel through which you can adjust your steam shower settings. Also available is a wireless media center that is connected to the built-in FM radio and speaker, providing a centralized entertainment center where you can play music and other audio as you relax in the shower.

It has 38 whirlpool and body massage jets, overhead LED rainfall shower with aromatherapy lighting, and a vitamin shower for dispensing wellness-enhancing vitamins. A handheld shower allows you to customize your shower session as you want.

This steam shower has a self-cleaning mechanism that keeps the hygiene levels high and discourages growth of bacteria, mold, and other unwanted organisms. It comes with a 10-year full warranty.

Built-in shelving provides ample space for your shower products. A ventilation fan and 3D circulative opposite hydro massage provide a luxurious experience that is at par with the best Kohler steam showers.

  • Large and spacious
  • High capacity steam generator
  • Walk-in bathtub
  • 38 jets
  • Vitamin shower
  • FM radio and speaker
  • Self-cleaning
  • ETL listed
  • 10-year full warranty
  • Complicated installation of a drain

ARIEL 300A Best Value

  • Dimensions: 36 x 48 x 86 in
  • Jets: 6
  • Guarantee: 7-year limited on unit, 1-year limited on parts
  • Seats: one

More features: 3000 W steam generator, heating limiter, tinted glass, rainfall ceiling shower, digital control panel, digital timer, ventilation fan, water-loss protection


ARIEL 300A uses a 3000-watt steam generator to provide a cozy spa experience. It features a steel frame and glass. The blue hue of the glass adds a unique, stylish touch to the steam room and gives it oodles of personality. It is a 3-in-1 steam shower kit with 6 jets providing a steam sauna, rainfall shower, and handheld showerhead.

This shower uses a couple of safety mechanisms: Water-loss protection safeguards against damage and injury in case there is no water in the steam generator, and the built-in heating limiter ensures the temperature doesnt get too high for comfort and safety.

The built-in digital control panel is easy to use and provides a simple way to adjust the temperature, timer, fan, and power on and off. Use the timer settings to set the duration of your steam session. The steam generator will stay on for the duration you choose, after which you may reset the timer if you wish to extend your session.

There is a wall-mounted bench that is big enough for one person where you can sit as you enjoy your steam bath.

While this steam shower looks exquisite when fully set up, it is a pain to install, and even experienced technicians will struggle to fix it into place. This challenge is compounded by the fact that the instructions are scanty.

  • Compact
  • Beautiful design
  • Water-loss protection
  • Heating limiter
  • ETL listed
  • 7-year limited warranty; 1-year warranty on parts
  • Difficult to install
  • Insufficient user instructions

Mesa 803A

  • Dimensions: 54 x 35 x 85 in
  • Jets: 12
  • Guarantee: not specified
  • Ozone sterilization
  • Seating: two

More features: 3000 W steam generator, rainfall shower head, FM radio, foot massager, LED lighting, ventilation fan


The Mesa 803A steam shower tub combo uses a 3000-watt steam generator to deliver a delightful sauna experience. The shower is made in a sleek design with a curved front thats an apt fit for any modern bathroom. It has a durable steel frame and clear glass, with the option for blue glass if you prefer a colored unit. The chrome finish on the control panel matches the glass exterior perfectly. A sliding glass door makes opening and closing easy.

Mesa has given this steam shower room universal appeal by adding both left and right hand configurations. If you get frustrated using appliances that are optimized for right-handed folks when youre left-handed and vice versa, you understand what a relief this seemingly simple solution is.

There is a woodgrain bench seating inside thats big enough for 2. Enjoy a rainfall shower using the rainfall shower head or customize your shower session with the handheld shower head and allow water to hit you where you need it most. There is also a foot massager that will help get rid of tension and knots on your feet, bringing relief to tired and sore feet and boosting circulation.

A ventilation fan creates a luxurious environment in the shower and ensures you are comfortable as you use the steam shower. The shower has a built-in FM radio that you can turn on for some light entertainment as you use the shower.

  • Stylish design
  • Left and right hand configurations
  • Seating for two
  • Foot massager
  • Built-in FM radio
  • ETL certified
  • Guarantee info not included
  • Dimensions: 47 x 35.4 x 89 in
  • Jets: 6
  • Guarantee: 7-year limited on unit, 1-year limited on parts
  • Aromatherapy
  • Seating: one

More features: rainfall ceiling shower, 6000 W steam generator, overheat protection, FM radio, wooden floorboard


The Ariel Platinum DZ956F8 is a 220V installation with a high-powered 6000-watt steam generator that produces steam in less than 2 minutes, meaning there is no wait time, and you can run a steam bath even when you only have a few minutes to spare.

It features tempered glass and black and silver finish on the steel frame. A teak wooden floorboard infuses an earthy feel to the shower without taking away from its classy look.

This Ariel steam shower is configured for left side plumbing and drain. For a professional plumber or seasoned DIY person, installation is easy and pretty straightforward. The enclosed installation instructions are clear, and the accompanying illustrations make the process clear. When installed, the shower drain tray is a few inches above the floor level. This is connected to a pipe, which is connected to the floor-level deck typically used in shower drain. Overheat protection ensures that the temperature in the shower doesnt get dangerously high.

This shower has 6 massage jets, and while the wall jets are strategically placed, they are too high to have any meaningful impact for shorter users. Nonetheless, the rainfall ceiling shower and the handheld showerhead make up for this unintended shortcoming.

It is designed for a single user and comes with one stool. Other cool features include a built-in FM radio, chromatherapy lighting, and an aromatherapy system.

  • High capacity steam generator
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chromatherapy
  • Overheat protection
  • Teak floorboard
  • Includes stool
  • 7-year limited warranty; 1-year warranty on parts
  • Wall jets too high
  • Dimensions: 37.75 x 67.25 x 83.5 in
  • Jets: 6 whirlpool, 6 massage
  • Guarantee: 30-days return
  • Seat: one

More features: 3000 W steam generator, foot massage, head rest, remote control, FM radio, LED lighting, rainfall shower head, extractor fan, touch screen display, telephone answering


The Kokss 1001Now Y9007 is a 110v steam sauna shower with a 3000-watt steam generator. It is designed as a right drain system. However, you can install the drain to the left if you prefer. There is room underneath the tub to allow for this.

It features a glass construction, with copper faucets and bath accessories, and chrome-plated handles. To deliver an exceptional shower experience, it uses 6 hydro massage body jets, 6-jet whirlpool system, a 25cm tropical monsoon top shower, and a multifunction hand shower.

Multicolor underwater lighting, LED backlighting and low voltage ceiling lighting provide sufficient illumination when using the steam shower at night. To deliver a full-on spa experience, the steam sower comes with a foot massage attachment.

A built-in stool for one keeps you comfortable during your steam bath. For added comfort, there is also a headrest for you to lay your head on. And a built-in FM radio with MP3 and CD input keeps you entertained throughout. You can use the remote control to adjust the settings without leaving your steam shower seat.

A 2-tier glass shelf provides ample storage for your shower products. Additionally, the shower has 2 towel grab rails for you to keep your towels. A shampoo dispenser provides convenient access to your shampoo as needed.

  • Remote control
  • Foot massager
  • Head rest
  • Telephone answering function
  • Remote control
  • Extractor fan
  • Shampoo dispenser
  • Two-tier glass shelf
  • 2 towel grab rails
  • Built-in radio with CD/MP3
  • 30-days return policy
  • Installation instructions are scanty

Buying Guide

The above product reviews give you clear descriptions of how each steam shower works and what you can expect from specific steam shower models when you buy them. In this next section, well look deeper at the specific features and factors to consider before buying a steam shower. Well also share installation tips and maintenance advice to keep your steam shower in the best condition at all times.

Why you should get a steam shower

6 Incredible Steam Showers to Improve Bathing Time and Health

The concept behind the steam shower operation is simple. The shower room is a combo unit consisting of a steam generator and a sauna or shower enclosure, and is used for both steam showers and regular showers. Both are installed close to each other (preferably not more than 25 feet apart). The steam generator heats water and converts it to steam, and then channels the steam into the shower, where you can then enjoy a luxurious steam bath.

The relaxing effect of the steam bath is the primary reason why you always want to linger in the steam room at your favorite gym or spa. But that's not all you get from a steam shower. There are numerous health benefits associated with using a steam shower, including:

Improved blood circulation - The high amount of heat in the steam room causes blood vessels to expand, thereby increasing blood flow in the body.

Enhances tissue repair and healing - This is a resultant effect of increased circulation. As blood flow increases, more oxygen and nutrients are transported into cells, accelerating tissue repair, and in turn, healing.

Detoxification - The moist heat of a steam shower opens up the pores of the skin and stimulates the expulsion of toxins and dead skin, therefore cleansing the skin.

The intense heat removes toxins from the body, and is especially effective in removing toxins stored in fat deposits.

Respiratory disorders management - Steam improves symptoms of the common cold, bronchitis, sinusitis, and other allergic reactions affecting the respiratory system.

Steam shower installation tips

Choose a type of waterproofing that is appropriate for the finish material of your shower or steam room.

Use a licensed electrician and plumber for the installation. They'll ensure that the plumb lines, drain, and electrical connections are right, including the installation of a dedicated circuit breaker for the shower.

The steam generator should be installed outside the shower enclosure where it's not exposed to moisture and the temperature is more controlled.

Keep the distance between the steam generator and shower enclosure short to enhance efficiency.

Leave 10-12 inches of space on the top and sides of the shower to boost ventilation. This space also makes it easy to access the back areas for maintenance purposes.

If you have windows in the shower, ensure they are double-paned to prevent heat loss and keep cold air from coming into the enclosure.

6 Incredible Steam Showers to Improve Bathing Time and Health

Price tag

The lowest-priced quality steam showers sell for $1,000-1,500. Most high-end units cost more than $10,000, but there are many quality units in the $1,500-$3,000 range. The more expensive units generally have more features and tend to be of higher quality compared to low-cost units. If you want a big steam shower with plenty of features, look in the mid to high-price range. But if you are after a basic model with solid sauna and shower functions, there is plenty to choose from in the low to mid-price range.

Features to consider while buying the best steam shower

Lets now address the features that matter in a steam shower room and how to evaluate the steam shower based on each feature.


Steam showers are bulky, so make sure you have adequate space for one in your bathroom or sauna room before making the purchase. Some are quite big and more suitable for large bathrooms. A good example is Lusso Bath 2020 Madison which measures 59 x 59 x 90. If your space is small, go for a compact shower, like the ARIEL 300A which measures 36 x 48 x 86 or the Ariel Platinum DZ956F8 which measures 47 x 35.4 x 89. Or choose a corner steam shower which takes up less space than the rectangular ones. This type is designed to fit in corner spaces and is a great choice for homes with limited space.

Total steam shower size is calculated not just by the dimensions of the physical shower room, but also by the material of your sauna room, external walls if present, and ceiling height, all of which determine how much steam the generator should produce. Many manufacturers include a size chart to help you calculate the right generator size based on all these factors.


When choosing a steam shower, ensure that it is ETL Listed for safety. This shows it not only meets ETL safety standards, which is the most widely accepted certification mark in the US and Canada, but also OSHA standards, since ETL testing also covers all OSHA-mandated tests. Moreover, no contractor will do the installation if the shower is not OSHA compliant and ETL certified as this is against the regulations. Most steam showers sold in the US are ETL listed, so this wont be a problem.

Safe and sound

A good steam shower has safety mechanisms to guarantee safe usage. The doors of your shower room should be easy to open and close and jam-free so you won't be accidentally trapped inside the shower room. If possible, choose a steamshower with a magnetic seal on the door like the CONSTAR Steam Shower Room. This traps the steam inside, boosting efficiency in the shower.

6 Incredible Steam Showers to Improve Bathing Time and Health

To prevent steam buildup, steam showers come with a pressure relief valve that is connected to a pipe that leads to the drain, where any excess pressure is discharged. Some, like the Kokss 1001Now Y9007, have a pressure balanced valve for this same reason.

Also, look for additional features like overheat protection and water-loss protection. The CONSTAR Steam Shower Room and ARIEL 300A both come with no-water protection and overheat protection.

Settings and controls

Most steam shower units come with a control panel from where you can adjust all the settings. This includes the temperature, fan, radio, lighting, timer, and radio. The control panel can be located inside or outside the steam shower room. Some models have control panels on the inside and outside.

In most units, the control panel is digital with an LCD display, which makes operating the controls easy. In addition to the digital controls, some showers come with a remote control, allowing you to adjust the settings from afar. Examples of such include CONSTAR Steam Shower Room and Kokss 1001Now Y9007.

Jets location

The best steam showers have jets located overhead and, on the walls, in addition to a handheld showerhead that allows you to focus the water on particular spots of your body. If the steam shower has a whirlpool tub, it will have additional whirlpool jets. The more jets a steam shower has, the more youll be able to customize each shower experience. The Lusso Bath 2020 Madison, for example, has 20 whirlpool jets and 18 massage jets, while the Kokss 1001Now Y9007 has 6 massage jets and 6 whirlpool jets.

Generator power and size

The higher the power rating of the steam generator, the more steam it produces. Confirm what the power rating is before buying your shower so that you don't end up with a steam shower that doesn't produce enough steam, which defeats the purpose of buying the shower.

The generator size should correspond to the size of the shower enclosure. A big enclosure needs an equally big generator. If the generator is small compared to the shower enclosure, it won't produce enough steam to fill the enclosure.

A good steam generator should also heat up quickly so that you won't need to wait for long minutes before the steam is ready.

It should also produce steam evenly so that you have equal access to the steam no matter where you stand or sit in the enclosure.


The best flooring for a steam shower is textured and non-slip. This is because the floor is moist during use and therefore slippery. A non-slip material minimizes the risk of slips and the resultant injuries. You can enhance flooring safety further by adding anti-skid strips on the floor. Other than texture, the flooring material should also be impervious to moisture and vapor, which can damage the floor.

Waterflow rate

6 Incredible Steam Showers to Improve Bathing Time and Health

Waterflow rate in steam showers is limited to 2.5 gpm in line with Department of Energy regulations. But many showers have a flow rate in the 2.2. vicinity, which is much lower than the allowable maximum. Even though steam showers have the same flow rate as regular showers, they have better water efficiency than regular showers. A 15-minute steam session consumes only 1 gallon of water compared to a showerhead, which consumes up to 30 gallons or more in the same duration.

Warranty information

You'll be spending thousands of dollars on a steam shower, so choose a unit with a solid manufacturer's guarantee. Fortunately, most steam shower rooms come with generous warranties. While limited warranties are the most common, some steam showers have limited lifetime warranties, with units like the Lusso Bath 2020 Madison covered by a full warranty (10 years). Other good offers are ARIEL 300A and Ariel Platinum DZ956F8's 7-year warranty on the shower and CONSTAR Steam Shower Rooms 6-year limited warranty.

User comfort

Choose a steam shower with built-in seating where you can sit and be comfortable as you enjoy your shower. Some units have large seats that can seat two people. If you enjoy taking a steam bath with your partner, such a chair is preferable.

Other units don't have built-in seating, but you can place a chair inside. If buying this type of shower, ensure that it is big enough to accommodate a seat.

Your steam shower may also have a headrest for you to rest your head while steam bathing, allowing you to enjoy greater comfort. The Kokss 1001Now Y9007 is one such shower room.

Lights and aromatherapy

Steam shower lighting is similar to the low voltage lighting used for regular showers. The shower comes complete with the lighting system in place, so you won't be buying the light separately. This typically includes LED backlighting and ceiling lights. Showers like Kokss 1001Now Y9007 also have underwater LED lighting.

Some steam showers have chromatherapy lighting, a mood lighting system that uses color therapy to stimulate the body and mind. In this case, the lighting comes in different colors. You can change the colors as needed or choose the single color setting in the control panel.

Steam showers that have an aromatherapy mechanism feature a tiny recess at the top (or other outlet depending on design) where you can put essential oils to infuse the steam with the essential oil aroma. Or they may have an injector pump and a recess for holding the aroma bottle.

6 Incredible Steam Showers to Improve Bathing Time and Health

Installation process

Your steam shower should be easy to install to minimize installation errors that may cause damage or increase the risk of injury. Steam showers are connected to both the plumbing and the electrical wiring in the house and should therefore be installed by a professional contractor. Damage that occurs due to errors during installation will likely not be covered in the warranty, so make sure you use a licensed contractor for the job.

Choose a shower that comes with comprehensive instructions enclosed so that the contractor can follow the recommended installation steps even if they've never installed that particular steam shower model.

Maintenance advice how to clean steam shower

Clean areas that come into contact with the skin after every use. For the seat, spreading a towel on the seat so that it acts as a barrier between your bottom and the seat makes cleaning easier. Do this and wipe the seat thereafter using a water and vinegar mixture.

Rinse your steam shower room after every use using filtered water to prevent mineral buildup.

Do intense cleaning once a week, and clean the shower thoroughly every 4 weeks. Remember to follow the recommended cleaning procedure for your shower room material.

To thorough clean the shower, use a non-bleach household cleaner and scrub the walls and floor, and then carefully rinse from top to bottom.

Run the extractor fan to dry the shower enclosure. Alternatively, leave the door open and turn on the fan to help in drying out the enclosure.

Allow the shower to dry completely and keep it dry when not in use to prevent growth of mold.


Yes. For example, low and high blood pressure, heart problems, epilepsy, and pregnancy. People taking mind-altering drugs shouldn't use steam showers either. Steam showers expose the body to extremely high temperatures, which can have an effect on your body if you have a preexisting condition. If you're managing any medical condition, talk to your doctor and get the clearance from them before using a steam shower.

Yes. Among the benefits of a steam shower is that you can use it to steam bath and use it as a regular shower too. So when you invest in a steam shower, you do not need to buy a separate regular shower.

You can use a steam shower as frequently as every day. Currently, there are no recorded negative effects of steam bathing in healthy adults. The exception would be if you have a medical condition, in which case you should first consult your doctor to know whether it's safe for you to use the steam shower or not, and how frequently to use the shower if they give you the go ahead.

No. Once the steam is released into the shower enclosure where the temperature is lower than in the generator, it condenses back to water and drains away via the shower drain. Additionally, the bathroom vent will safely extract any steam that leaves the enclosure, so no additional venting is required in the steam shower.

You lose water weight. Sitting in a steam shower causes you to sweat profusely, a process in which the body gets rid of excess water, leading to loss of water weight. However, there is no scientific proof that it causes fat loss.

Our Verdict

Our top pick is the CONSTAR Steam Shower Room, which stands out for its solid construction and abundance of features. The ozone sterilization system, overheat and water-loss protection, phone answering function, foot massage, and storage options all put it above the rest in practicality and usability.

Our second pick and premium favorite is Lusso Bath 2020 Madison. We appreciate its high-end design and features, including the sturdy construction and material choice, sleek finishes, and the 38 whirlpool and massage jets. We also like its high-powered steam generator, the self-cleaning mechanism, and the 10-year full warranty.

Our third best steam shower is ARIEL 300A. We like its compact design which makes it a top choice for smaller bathrooms. We also like its sturdy frame, the tinted glass construction, heating limiter, water-loss protection, and its low, attractive price. Other features that stand out are the 7-year warranty on the main unit and the separate 1-year warranty on parts.

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