88 Times People Were So Appalled By “Shrinkflation”, They Just Had To Share The Proof Online (New Pics)

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Have you ever stopped and noticed the product you bought a while ago being smaller now than it was before? Well, perhaps you weren’t dreaming when you thought that. With recent inflation that has touched most countries all around the world, companies now more than ever are trying to hike up the prices for their products, and some of them are smaller than before, be it a roll of toilet paper or even a pack of gummy bears.

A popular subreddit called “Shrinkflation” has consumers posting and discussing all the ways the manufacturers are trying to trick our eyes into thinking that the product is still the same, whether it may be the size, formula, or even subtle changes in the packaging quality.

If you’d love to see more products that were “shrunken” in size, make sure to check out our previous post on Bored Panda by clicking here.

#1 School Meals In 2022

Image credits: thomascr9695

#2 Gatorade Using Same Size Bottle With Bigger Indent

Image credits: realslizzard

#3 They Shrunk My Grilled Fish

Image credits: Le_Vagabond

#4 Chobani Raised Their Prices And Then Cut The Amount Of Toppings By 2/3rds On The Flips. Won't Be Buying These Anymore

Image credits: Interplanetary_Craft

#5 They're Starting To Get More Creative

Image credits: 21111000011112

#6 Coke Machine vs. Product Dispensed

Image credits: Difficult_Dot_8981

#7 Hellofresh 10 Oz Meat Package

Image credits: Ricoli

#8 Thought This Group Was A Joke… I’m Sorry

Image credits: imadeatshirt

#9 The Big Mac Pickle Is Thicker Than The Big Mac Patty!

Image credits: PradoMV96

#10 I Noticed The Cans Were Shaped Differently — Taller But Narrower — Then Found Some Older Chunky Cans Hidden In The Back

Image credits: stoneandritualco

#11 I've Been Lied Too. I Payed $2 For A 20 Oz Water Bottle Not For A 16.9oz

Image credits: Knife_Box7

#12 Almond Breeze Shorting The Weight. I Reported It To My Weight And Measures Agency

Image credits: La_Lanterne_Rouge

#13 Big Mac Has Now More Pickle Than Meat On The Top Bun

Image credits: thedondraco

#14 This Is False Advertising "The Original"

Image credits: killacam1187

#15 Dove Soap Shrinks Again!

Image credits: rosedread0

#16 “500g Ain't 500g These Days“

Image credits: Odd-Constant-4026

#17 Some Trickery From Trader Joe's

Image credits: Mitche420

#18 Klondike Bar Chocolate Thinner? And A Plastic Wrapper Instead Of Foil

Image credits: Mike__O

#19 Well Now They’ve Gone Too Far. [keebler Rainbow Chips Deluxe - Should Have 3 M&m’s Per Cookie]

Image credits: RebeccaDeMornay

#20 Thats It! I'm Done!

Image credits: upvoteshhmupvote

#21 The Bastards Got Me. 14 Oz Ice Cream In The Same 1 Pint Package. Yes That's An Air Gap To Try And Hide It

Image credits: Kerhole

#22 Ichiban Flavour Packs Have Gotten Smaller. Found An Old Pack In My Spice Drawer, Old Has Much More Spice Than New

Image credits: Bloo-Ink

#23 Where'd The Rest Of The Tube Go?

Image credits: stumpyturk

#24 Either The Dish Grew Or Dr. Oetker Is Shrinking Their Frozen Pizzas, They Used To Fit Perfectly

Image credits: Bosse19

#25 Is It Just Me Or Are Digiorno Half The Size It Use To Be?

Image credits: boobsmackerr

#26 Old Stock (64oz) On Sale To Make Room For New Stock (48oz) - Both $7.99

Image credits: DefenderOfSquirrels

#27 Ordered A Bec. 7 Bucks. I Actually Laughed When I Opened It

Image credits: lem0ngr4bs

#28 10% Smaller Yet Same Number Of Advertised Laundry Loads

Image credits: frumpywebkin

#29 It's Real

Image credits: lacks_a_soul

#30 What $25 Gets You In 2022 vs. 2021

Image credits: Alcas

#31 Same Packaging, 37.5% Less Pepperoni. 8 Oz Turns To 5 Oz

Image credits: Sandi315

#32 The Bastards Even Got To The Tofu - It’s Underweight By 50 Grams - Isn’t This Illegal?

Image credits: may_be_indecisive

#33 From 887ml To 665ml

Image credits: Not4Naught

#34 When You Still Have A Stockpile Of Your Old Product That You're Selling Alongside The New Product

Image credits: Psyga315

#35 Oh You Were Hoping For 10? Sorry

Image credits: Zehrodyl

#36 Did Not Expect To See The Bottom Of This Box Of Egg Rolls So Quickly. I'm Furious

Image credits: Lupius

#37 What Is This Bro

Image credits: AntarcticaLTE

#38 Ihop’s Full Stack Of Pancakes. Not Even Half The Plate Anymore

Image credits: stinkbugsaregross

#39 The Gag Is, They Raise The Prices Anyway

Image credits: lucygucyapplejuicey

#40 Colgate Total Same Price New Size

Image credits: notfromantarctica

#41 I Want My 1.6oz Back

Image credits: elise_oisen_

#42 More Dough For Less Bread. Thanks Aunt Millie

Image credits: millenniumxl-200

#43 They Are Coming For Our Shop Towels, Same Price As Before

Image credits: Samuellert

#44 20 Fewer Tabs And Also 20% Price Increase

Image credits: CarryOnComputing

#45 Aveeno: Oh Hey We Have A Brand New Look! Be Distracted By The Slightly Reformatted Bottle And Ooh New Oats! Yup That's It, Nothing Else To See Here!

Image credits: BrooklynLivesMatter

#46 Jack In The Box Taco. 4 Tacos All Like This

Image credits: ferhanmm

#47 I’ve Been Using The Same Toothbrush For Over A Decade. Glad They Decided To Save Maybe A Fraction Of A Penny With The Design. Still Almost $7…

Image credits: ejusdemgeneris

#48 Glass Coke Bottles Shrunk

Image credits: Spikemydrinkpls

#49 Chick-Fil-A Only Offers Small Milkshakes Now For The Price Of What Large Use To Be ($5.00), Fair Deal?

Image credits: Bolamax5

#50 A 12ct Box Of Ortega Taco Shells Are Now Almost An Ounce Lighter (About The Weight Of Two Shells) For The Same Price (I Paid $2.29). The New Shells Are Laughably Smaller. And Now A Single Serving Is 3 Shells Instead Of 2. Just Sell Me A 10ct Instead. They're Not Far Off From The Mini-Size Now

Image credits: AlternateNoah

#51 Check Out Our ‘New Look’! Notice Anything?

Image credits: iamataco

#52 Figured Out What "Improved" Means

Image credits: Creative-Web-9274

#53 Almost Like They Didn’t Even Try To Hide It. From 322 Feet To 318 Feet

Image credits: Kpachi_Ramasama

#54 This Is What Used To Be Lidl’s Dark Chocolate. “New Taste” Must Be So Good That It Can’t Even Be Legally Called Chocolate Anymore

Image credits: ShanePCG

#55 Kettle Chips: Now With 13% Less Chips For The Same Price

Image credits: new-username-2017

#56 Not The Santitas Chips!!!

Image credits: prk0ur

#57 Bagel Holes Are Getting Bigger

Image credits: fuckyoutobi

#58 Subway Eat Less Instead Of Fresh

Image credits: jerflash

#59 "Still 32 Ounces" Not!

Image credits: millenniumxl-200

#60 Dollar And A Quarter Tree Shrinkflation Yesterday

Image credits: ChocolateTsar

#61 Shrinkflation At Amc Theatres - Again

Image credits: GottaBeMe14

#62 Old Family Size 17.2 Oz / New Size Only 14.6 For The Same Price!

Image credits: Beetlemuse

#63 Hellofresh. Only Weighed Because I Saw Another Post A Few Days Ago Like This

Image credits: Emadyville

#64 See The Value Is They Give Me Less But Charge Me More…

Image credits: suchmeerkat

#65 Not Only Did The Dollar Store Become The $1.25 Store, But This Is Happening A Lot Too

Image credits: caintowers

#66 Found One In The Wild! Same Price, 2 Cookies Less

Image credits: Whistler_V6T

#67 Not Monster Too!! Same Price, Different Can, Went From 16 Oz To 12 Oz

Image credits: Hunfold

#68 Large Chips At Chipotle Now Uses Their Regular Bags, Regular Chips Are Small Bags Containing 7-8 Chips

Image credits: brenton07

#69 Haven’t Been To Chipotle In Awhile. What The Actual F* Happened To Their Burrito Sizes? They Used To Be Footballs

Image credits: ineedsometacos

#70 I Really Hate These Tactics To Deceive

Image credits: Mitche420

#71 Campbell's Soup New Taller (But Smaller) Cans

Image credits: Hmnidh

#72 It Happened, They Came For “The Pint” Size. Now 14oz

Image credits: jumpingnoodlepoodle

#73 Wtf, Crayola??? I Spent $9 On A Set Of Colored Pencils With A Good Variety Of Colors, Only To Find Out The Pencils Aren't Full Size. Nowhere Does The Packaging Indicate They're Colored Golf Pencils

Image credits: SnuggleMeister

#74 Milano Cookies - Fewer Ounces And Don’t Taste As Good

Image credits: nonamesleft77

#75 Hot Pockets Used To Go Like An Inch Past The Sleeve On Each Side

Image credits: nonametxt

#76 4.2oz Smaller And 20¢ More Expensive Than Last Week

Image credits: nobobthisisnotyours

#77 My In Flight Snack. I Have Never Seen A Bag Of Chips This Small

Image credits: constipation999

#78 Whitman: Less Chocolate, Same Price!

Image credits: ArtistWorkingAtLowes

#79 Didn’t Think I’d Notice The Smaller Size With The Re-Design, Did You, Crest

Image credits: amcclurk21

#80 Thats Some Aggressive Shrinkflation

Image credits: wakelessparabol

#81 I Bought Two Sets Of Cutlery For The Office From Dollarama. When I Was Opening Them, I Saw The Old Ones Come In Packs Of 4 And The New Ones Come In Packs Of 3 Table Settings. Both Are $4

Image credits: Knits_for_Cats

#82 Little Tricky. Same Total Weight, But Less Of Everything. Looks Like They Replaced Some Expensive Ingredients With More Filler

Image credits: mrdanielson850

#83 Suave Naturals Conditioner. Left: Old Bottle, $1.99 For 30 Fl Oz. Right: New Bottle, $1.69 For 22.5 Fl Oz. Store Touts A “Price Drop!” Actually A 13% Price Increase

Image credits: privacy2112

#84 This Is Really Starting To P**s Me Off, 50ml Shrinkage

Image credits: GiShG69

#85 Whey Protein Shrinkflation

Image credits: SnooDogs3049

#86 Yeah, Nobody Is Gonna Notice The One Missing Chocolate Bar. First Time Posting On Here, So Sorry If Something Similar Has Been Posted Before

Image credits: jjenkins_41

#87 New Bounty Paper Towel On The Left, Old Bounty On The Right. Both Packs Bought At Costco. Width Is Smaller & The Towel Itself Is Thinner

Image credits: skittleALY

#88 On The Left, Purchased Last Month 11.3oz For $4.98. On The Right, Purchased Yesterday 9.6oz For $5.32. And The Lid Doesn’t Fit Properly On The New Can, It Won’t Stay On

Image credits: BennySmudge