A Christmas Pamper Routine

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Christmas Pamper
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ThisDecember I have vowed to have as much of a stress-free month as possible, filling my evenings up with Christmas parties, great food and cosy nights in. A pamper always plays a part in making me feel relaxed, so I wanted to share with you the lotion and potions I've been using recently to relieve the festive stress.

It starts with a luxurious bubble bath and of course a Lush bubble bar is my top pick. I've done a full blog post featuring my top Christmas Lush products, but the Magic Wand, a sweet scented reusable bar is what I'm reaching for. As the bubbles start to tower up high, I start lighting several candles around the bathroom as well as turn on the twinkling fairy lights.

Afterthoroughly cleansing my skin, I pop on a sheet mask in the form of the Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask* and then I sit back and relax letting it do it's work. I stick on my relaxing rainy day playlist (I've shared it before in aprevious post) which helps me unwindfurther.

There's something aboutexfoliating your whole body, shaving all over and doing full haircare routine that makes you feel so much better. I'mloving using a hair mask post-shampoo, but it's the Olaplex No3 Hair Protector that I've continued to thank for making my locks feel fresh and clean. As I get out the bath, I wrap my hair into a towel andanother onearound my body ready for the next part of my pamperroutine.

I apply the L'Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate* allover my body as soon as I get out of the bath and then I finish up with my skincare. Whilst everything is sinking in, I paint my nails with a couple of layers of whatever Essie Nail Polish which helps to finish everything off!

To finish off my evening, I kick back and relax with my Christmas tree lights twinkling and the candles scenting my home. I've been loving re-watching Harry Potter, the ultimate cosy pick, as well as getting an array of snacks to delve into.

What's your favouirite Christmas pamper picks?