Amazon’s Hidden Outlet Store Is My Secret to Finding Home Items at Crazy-Low Prices

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Homeownership has become my entire personality over the past year, and honestly, I’m #sorrynotsorry. Now, everyone I know gets to hear about the tips and tricks I’ve learned from months of trial and error when it comes to shopping, decorating, and home improvement. You can thank me later. One of the most eye-opening discoveries I’ve made as a homeowner (aside from how often you’ll go to the hardware store) is the Amazon Outlet. That’s right. In case you thought shopping on Amazon couldn’t get any better, they created a separate section where you can find the same great finds at even cheaper prices. 

because your utility bill is high enough!

If you’re wondering where this has been all your life, that’s because the outlet section has been cleverly hidden in the sidebar. To access it, click “All” on the lefthand side of the top navigation menu. This will populate another menu broken into different categories, and you’ll need to scroll until you find “Programs & Features,” then select “See All.” Now, you can access features such as Luxury Stores, Amazon Subscription Boxes, and Amazon Second Chance. This is also where you’ll find the Amazon Outlet, where you can search for or browse through hundreds of discounted products. 

Now that you know how to access this best-kept secret, read on for 14 home items from the Amazon Outlet you’ll want to add to your cart immediately.


Amazon Outlet

Minimalist Ceramic Vase

These ceramic vases have been popping up all over TikTok and at popular retailers like Urban Outfitters, H&M, and CB2. I’ve been hesitant to invest in trendier pieces like these, but at just over $20 with free returns, I’ll be adding this one to my cart.

Amazon Outlet

Modern Coffee Table

Get the look of West Elm for way less with this mid-century modern coffee table. With a steel base and thick tempered glass top, this piece is much sturdier than similar options on the market. And at $90.99, it's a steal. Its simple, sleek design can be easily styled to work with any design aesthetic and will never go out of style.

Amazon Outlet

Dried Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is another design trend I love, but dried and bleached pampas grass can be expensive and hard to come by if you’re looking for the real thing. Not these, though. For less than $20, you’ll receive 60 natural pampas stems. But wait, there’s more (*insert infomercial voice here*)! Amazon also has a coupon available for another 20% off, making them about 25 cents a piece. I’ll be adding these to a vase in my office, but they’d also make a beautiful addition to wedding centerpieces.

Amazon Outlet

Metal Storage Basket

If you love The Home Edit as much as I do, you know the value of an aesthetic bin for your pantry. Do I already have bins in my pantry? Yes. Am I going to add these to my cart anyway? Yes. Because at this price, how could I not?

Amazon Outlet

Gold Clothing Rack

At less than $200 and just shy of a 5-star rating, this piece offers a lot of bang for your buck. Reviewers agree that it’s high-quality, easy to assemble, and a stunning addition to their spaces. If you’re someone who likes to plan their outfits in advance or just show off your wardrobe in background of your Zoom calls, you’ll want to order this hanging rack ASAP.

Amazon Outlet

Satin Pillowcase Set

Silk pillowcases are one of dermatologists’ and hair care professionals’ top tips for keeping your skin and hair looking its best, but they can be quite the investment. If you’re interested in trying out this beauty secret but are on a budget, you’ll want to grab this two-pack of wrinkle- and fade-resistant satin pillowcases. They’re a great deal at only $7, and your hair and skin will thank you!

Amazon Outlet

Bamboo Sheets

Not to be dramatic, but I think I may have found the best sheets ever. Not only are they made of the softest microfiber, they’re also breathable, wrinkle- and stain-resistant, and hypoallergenic. Plus, they have extra-deep pockets, so you’ll never have to worry about your sheets coming untucked again.

Amazon Outlet

Round Mirror

Mirrors are one of my favorite decor pieces to incorporate into any room. They add a bit of glamour, can make small spaces feel bigger, and offer an easy way to fill an empty wall without having to commit to artwork. I love high-end options like the notorious Primrose mirror from Anthropologie, but I don’t love the price tag. I’ll be sticking with this gorgeous yet affordable find instead.

Amazon Outlet

Bamboo Plant Stand

If you’re a plant person (who isn’t these days?), this two-tier plant stand is a must-have for your home. Made of bamboo and steel, this piece works for both indoor and outdoor use and gives trailing plants a much-needed boost off the ground. This stand reminds me of something you’d find at World Market or West Elm but at an outlet price.

Amazon Outlet

Wall Basket Decor

Calling all my boho babes! Natural fibers like rattan and wicker are having a moment right now, and these baskets are an easy (and cheap!) way to try out the trend in your home. Whether they’re styled as wall decor or used as a fruit basket on the kitchen table, you can’t go wrong with this deal.

Amazon Outlet

Chunky Knit Throw

I’ve been eyeing chunky knit blankets ever since hygge style became popular on Instagram, and this one checks all my boxes. It’s made of chenille (aka the ultimate cozy fabric) and is 40x60 inches, so it’s large enough to cover my whole body, which is a must have. At less than $80 (plus an additional 10% off with a coupon from Amazon), it’s also the cheapest option I’ve found online or in-store.

Amazon Outlet

Dish Drying Rack

OK, I know this isn’t the most exciting home item, but hear me out. My favorite TikToker (Nikki Mansch) recently shared this foldable stainless-steel rack on her page, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It’s perfect for drying dishes, cooling pans, or rinsing veggies. And did I mention it’s only $17?

Amazon Outlet

Fluffy Area Rug

What’s something that you never expected to cost as much as it does? For me, it’s rugs. Without fail, every time I finally find one I love, its price tag is higher than what I’m willing to pay. But at 60% off and less than $16, this cozy shag rug is one I'd gladly purchase for my bedroom or home office.

Amazon Outlet

Towel Bar Set

I found this five-piece set when I was renovating my bathroom a few months ago, and it’s still one of my favorite Amazon Outlet finds ever. It was hard to find matching hooks to use throughout the bathroom without having to buy each piece individually, so I was thrilled to find this deal. They’re great quality, easy to install, and the squared off shape helps keep towels and toilet paper rolls in place.


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