An undermount kitchen sink is installed under the counter, which creates a seamless look as there is not a rim from the sink that sits on the countertop

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And if you love a clean counter, this sink is the best way to sweep crumbs down the drain without them getting stuck in a crevice. The ease of cleaning and a modern look are just a few reasons you may want to consider an undermount sink.

When choosing an undermount sink, there are factors to consider to ensure you are getting the one perfect for your kitchen. Single or double sinks have both an aesthetic look as well as functionality you would want to keep in mind. What materials the sink is made of can also be a deciding factor. Nothing is worse than getting a few dents from a heavy pot that ruins the look of your sink. And, of course, take into account the dimensions of the sink. While a larger sink can wash more dishes, you don’t want it to take up all your counter space.
Top 8 Undermount Kitchen Sinks Review 2019
In this article, we have compiled the best undermount kitchen sinks after comparing data of multiple brands of kitchen undermount sinks. Our team combed through various manufacturer’s sites to compare user reviews while analyzing the overall usefulness of each sink. In this article, there is a comparison table, in-detail reviews of each sink, and a buying guide to help you find the best undermount sink for your kitchen.
51. Kraus Standart PRO KHU100-32 Editor’s Choice Features Bowl: single Material: 16-gauge T304 stainless steel Finish: satin Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 10 inches Warranty: limited lifetime
More features: NoiseDefend™ Soundproofing Technology; for 36-inch minimum cabinet size; cUPC certified
Have a family that produces mountains of dishes and a sink piled high with dishes each night? Hate the idea of a dirty sink from leftover food bits and standing water? Looking for a sink with a bit more space to wash deep pots and long cutting boards without getting splashed with wayward water? Then the Kraus Standart PRO is worth considering. This sink has so many positive features that make it the best undermount single-bowl stainless-steel kitchen sink.

Made of dent-resistant, 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, this sink has unmatched strength and durability. And the commercial-grade satin finish is easy to clean as well as corrosion and rust-resistant. Made to take a beating, this sink also has NoiseDefend soundproofing and extra-thick pads, so the clang of a cast iron pan has little effect. Its deep basin is perfect for washing large stacks of plates and pans while avoiding water splashes and even filling up a deep pot for spaghetti dinner. The bottom features a sloped gradient to ensure all water goes down the drain and leaves no standing water in the sink.

This is the perfect sink for busy families with lots of dishes and getting them done with ease. To make washing dishes even easier, this sink comes with a stainless-steel dish grid to protect the bottom. Also great for stacking pots and pans and could even be used as a drying rack. Also included is a three-piece strainer set for the drain, and a premium branded Kraus kitchen towel.
Pros Durable stainless steel Noise dampening Sloped bottom Deep basin Cons Not suitable for low cabinets 52. Ruvati RVH8300 Best Sink with a Workstation Features Bowl: single Material: 16-gauge T304 stainless steel Finish: satin Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 10 inches Warranty: limited lifetime
More features: workstation with built-in accessories; wood cutting board, roll-up drying rack, and basket strainer included
If you love cooking, preparing intricate meals with lots of fresh ingredients, this is the sink for you. With the addition of this workstation, washing and chopping crisp veggies and fresh herbs will be a breeze. The solid wood cutting board and stainless-steel colander make cleaning your produce easier than ever. It fits on a track to easily slide across the top of the sink, creating more room in the sink if needed. Also included is a dish-drying rack to let your large pots and pans drip dry right down the drain. This is truly a chef’s sink.

Made of 16-gauge stainless steel, this sink is rust- and stain-resistant, finished with a commercial-grade brushed nickel boasts being able to hide scratches, and can match most kitchen appliances. To help minimize noise, this sink features a sound guard undercoat and a heavy-duty thick rubber padding. No more bangs and clangs as you shift to watch pans and dishes. The sloped bottom creates complete water drainage; nothing left standing behind. For easy cleaning or lots of pots, pans, and dishes, the basin of this sink is deep, allowing for cleaning without the splashes. The clean lines, sharp corners, and brushed finish make it an excellent modern undermount kitchen sink and one of the best undermount kitchen sinks for quartz countertops. Your modern chef’s kitchen starts right here.
Pros Durable stainless steel Sound proof Cooking workstation Rust and stain resistant Cons More slopped bottom would improve the drainage 53. Kraus KHU101-17 Best Small Kitchen Sink Features Bowl: single Material: 16-gauge T304 stainless steel Finish: satin Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 10 inches Warranty: limited lifetime
More features: tight-radius corners; NoiseDefend™ Soundproofing Technology; UPC and IPC certified
If you have a kitchen remodel coming up and looking to update your sink, consider this gorgeous, modern Kraus single basin sink. It’s made of 16-gauge stainless steel that creates superior strength and durability. No stack of dishes dropped off in the sink can compete against a material this strong. The sink is also deep enough to wash long cutting boards and tall pot while containing splashing water. The satin finish is commercial grade, creating a resilient material and easy to clean sink. This sink also resists corrosion and rust, so do loads of dishes without worrying about ruining your sink. The stainless steel also easily matches most kitchen appliances.

With NoiseDefend’s soundproofing technology, a non-toxic undercoating and thick pads, that dampens sound. Heavy pots and stacks of dishes won’t cause a bang that rings through the entire house. The bottom of the sink is sloped and grated to allow water to run quickly down the drain without leaving any water behind.

This Kraus sink also comes with a stainless-steel dish grid. This grid protects the bottom of your sink from scratches and scrapes. Whether you’re using the dish grid as a washing rack or a drying rack, it’s helpful for your dishwashing routine. Elevate your dishes, so they don’t have to sit in soapy water or let your dishes drip dry.
Pros Available in various sizes and faucet finishes Deep basin Durable materials Cons Hard to clean with the grid installed 54. Kraus KBU25 Best Sink with Sweeping Corners Features Bowl: double Material: 16-gauge T304 stainless steel Finish: satin Dimensions: 32.4 x 20.5 x 9 inches Warranty: limited lifetime
More features: UPC, cUPC, IPC, ANSI, IAPMO, and SCC; NoiseDefend™ Soundproofing Technology
In need of a double basin sink for your organizing dishwashing regimen? This is one of the best double basin undermount sinks for just that need. Made of 16-gauge stainless steel, this sink is dent-resistant and completely insulated by wrapping extra-thick pads that absorb noises and vibrations, so you keep your washing quiet while moving your dishes from one side to the other.

The deep basin creates a high-capacity load perfect for stacking lots of dishes. The flat bottom of the basin ensures that glassware and flatware from tipping and sliding towards the drain. Wiping away dirt and crumbs off your counter and easily into the sink is one of the benefits of the undermount sink. Your kitchen will clean up so easy; you’ll look forward to cleaning. If you don’t have a dishwashing regimen, this sink is going to make you want one. Perfect for a suds and rinse method, this double basin sink will get your plates, pots, and pans the cleanest they can be. And to make sure your cleaning method is perfectly suited to you, you can choose which side the smaller basin is on for a fully customizable washing plan. This double basin won’t just help keep your kitchen clean; it’ll be a beautiful modern centerpiece to your kitchen.
Pros Durable and dent resistant Customizable basin format Sound deafening Cons Scratch resistance discolors Water staining 55. Elkay ELUHAQD32179 Most Scratch-resistant Kitchen Sink Features Bowl: double Material: 18-gauge stainless steel Finish: lustrous satin Dimensions: 32.1 x 18.5 x 9 inches Warranty: limited lifetime
More features: reparable finish; low center divider; sound-deadening pads; reversible design
If you’re looking for a sink that’s all function and all style, it’s this one. This double basin sink is great for getting through your stack of dishes from the dinner party with ease. With a satin finish that’s stylish as well as resistant to scratches, it’s perfect for heavy-use while still giving off a luxurious look that shines and reflects light. Bring in that stack of plates and all the pots and pans covered in sauce and wash them all with ease. The center divider is low to allow washing to be exceptionally easy. Pan handles can stretch over to the other side to allow deep washing. Baking sheets can be scrubbed without sending water over the edges.

Created with the most pleasant experience in mind, this sink is wrapped with sound-deafening pads that minimize sounds and vibrations. Washing after the dinner party will be a quiet and serene experience. The deep basin is fantastic for washing deep pots without getting splashed. The 18-gauge stainless steel is explicitly created for durability and long-lasting beauty.

This heavy-duty sink is perfect for those who like to host. Clean up the dishes from serving dinner but still have a sink that’s stylish and begging to be shown off. And to ensure that you get exactly the sink you want, there is an option to customize the design and decide which side the bowls are on. So, if a sink that’s functional and stylish for everything from everyday life to lavish dinner parties is what you’re looking for, look no further. This Elkay is the sink for you.
Pros Low center divider Noise deafening Well-designed configuration Cons Shiny rather than satin, which makes water spills visible 56. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322 Best Quartz Kitchen Sink Features Bowl: single Material: quartz Finish: N/A Dimensions: 33 x 18.5 x 9.4 inches Warranty: limited lifetime
More features: 10 colors available; naturally sound-deadening material; heat safe up to 535°F
If you’re looking for a sink to fit seamlessly into your kitchen design, this Elkay Quartz Classic is a sink for your kitchen. The single-bowl design boasts more space for washing and stacking dishes.

The seamless appearance is modern and on-trend and will create a statement piece in your kitchen design. The quartz material not only gives the feeling of elegance and luxury, but it is naturally sound deafening. No overwhelming banging of heavy pots and pans. The natural quartz is also resistant to chipping and scratching, and the sink is heat safe so no worries about warping.

This sink also comes in a variety of colors so it will fit no matter what your color scheme is. And easy cleaning and stain resistance won’t change the color you worked so hard to match. This white sink is a classic paired with a timeless design. It would be a gorgeous finish to your kitchen design. If white isn’t your style, this sink also comes in black, dusk gray, bisque, and many more. Whatever the design of your kitchen, this sink will fit perfectly. From shabby chic to ultra-modern, this single basin sink will be a centerpiece in your kitchen.
Pros Comes in multiple sink colors Stain resistant Naturally sound deafening Cons Susceptible to cracks and leaks 57. Blanco Precis Super Single Bowl Sink Best Granite Kitchen Sink Features Bowl: single Material: 80% granite Finish: N/A Dimensions: 19 x 32 x 9.5 inches Warranty: limited lifetime
More features: available in 9 colors; heat resistant up to 536°F
Looking for the perfect way to make a bold statement in your kitchen remodel? This sink might be the perfect way to add a bit of color to a room that can often fall into using neutral metallics. With colors ranging from a dark gray to a cafe brown to a tan, there’s a perfect shade of sink for each person. This sink is 80% granite, making it heat resistant, scratch and chip resistant, which helps to keep this sink looking flawless from the beginning.

The granite gives a unique, pebble-like feel that’s not smooth like other sinks. Because granite is nonporous, this sink is easily cleaned while also being resistant to stains. Wipe it down every couple of days and clean with bleach to ensure cleanliness. This sink also won’t be affected by the acids and alkalines in household cleaners. The single-bowl design is simple and sophisticated while offering tremendous space for overall higher function and ease. The variety of colors are perfect for contemporary and on-trend design.

If there’s a sink that’s built for durability and also for style, it’s this one. This is the perfect sink to combine both function and design to create a well-rounded focal point in your kitchen.
Pros Available in a variety of colors Durably made of 80% granite Nonporous and stain resistant Cons Susceptible to cracking Flat bottom doesn’t allow total drainage 58. Ruvati RVM4350 Budget Pick Features Bowl: double Material: 16-gauge T304 stainless steel Finish: satin Dimensions: 18.9 x 32.2 x 8.5 inches Warranty: limited lifetime
More features: UPC and cUPC certified; heavy-duty sound guard padding and undercoating
This Ruvati double bowl undermount sink makes washing dishes a breeze. Thick and durable, this 16-gauge stainless-steel sink is perfect for cleaning your heavy-duty loads without risking scratches, scrapes, and dents. With added sound guard padding and thick undercoating, this sink is also noise reducing. No more jumping as a cast iron pan clangs against the sink.

This sink has a unique feature of a low wall between the two basins. This divider is three inches lower than other sinks, providing extra clearance when washing dishes. This makes it possible to move dishes from one side of the sink to the other without having to lift it high into the air. Three inches may not seem like a lot, but when you’ve lifted your fifteenth plate after a long night of hosting a dinner party, three inches lower helps. The included basket strainer can help protect the drains from large chunks of food or wayward flatware. It catches anything you don’t want to go down the drain. The deep basin makes washing easier than ever. This sink also comes with a rinse grid that protects the bottom of the sink. That allows for either washing to drying on the rack. A modern kitchen sink with the ease of cleaning in mind.
Pros Durable stainless steel Noise-reducing padding Low divider between basins Cons Susceptible to rusting

Buying Guide
If you’re still not sure about what you should know to choose an undermount sink that would be just right for you, we hope this buying guide will come in handy. Check out the key features and some tips and tricks that will make your buying decision easier.
Why choose an undermount kitchen sink?
Undermount sinks have many benefits. If you’re a fan of the modern look that features clean lines and seamless style, then an undermount sink might be for you. Sinks installed under the counter where the edges are flush create clean, seamless lines around your sink that’s popular in modern and contemporary on-trend design. Another reason to choose an undermount kitchen sink is for ease of cleaning. With sinks mounted on top of the counter, crumbs and dirt can get stuck into the crevice and require more careful cleaning. However, an undermount sink allows for crumbs and dirt to be pushed right into the sink and allowing for a cleaner countertop. These are just two of the biggest reasons to choose an undermount sink.
Features to consider when choosing your kitchen sink
When choosing an undermount kitchen sink, you must consider a couple of factors. First, you must consider the size. You wouldn’t want the sink to take up most of your counter space or not be able to fit your cabinets or plumbing. Consider whether you want a single or double basin sink. This is a choice that comes down to personal preference and cleaning style. Also, consider the material used and how durable it will be especially with the dish loads you typically have. Finish and color go along with this but are more personal preference choices to consider. So, let's discuss all the features in more detail.
Materials and construction
Many sinks are made of thick stainless steel. This is the most common material that is used because of its durability and scratch resistance. Natural materials like quartz and granite are also used for their uniqueness and nonporous texture which is easy to clean. Though these are not as common, they can be just as durable and scratch-resistant while giving a luxurious feel to your sink.
Single bowl or double bowl?
Choosing a single bowl or double bowl sink is a personal preference. It depends a lot on what is attractive to you but also how you plan on watching your dishes. A single bowl design is often better for watching pots, pans, and larger items because there’s no dividing line that takes up room. However, you can’t separate your dishes as easily, and they tend to not be as garbage disposal friendly.

Double bowl sinks are best if you like to or must wash your dishes by hand. Having two bowls allows you to multitask your sink and keep your dirty dishes on one side and meal prep on the other with neither coming into contact with the other. These are factors you must weigh and decide what works best for your lifestyle.
Dimensions and bowl depth
Taking into account the dimensions is an important part of choosing any. You want to be sure that your sink won’t take up half your counter or be too small or large for your cabinets. Bowl depth is also important to factor in because you want to be sure that it will fit in your counters with all the plumbing that’s required of your sink.
Sound absorption
Absorbing sound is something that doesn’t often get considered when choosing a sink. However, a sink that has a sound deadening quality is a perk. Pots and pans and dishes clanging against the sink can be loud and unwanted noise. But dampening that noise is a plus, so there are no loud noises that ring through the house.
How heat-safe is it?
Heat safe sinks take an extra precaution into caring for your sink. It ensures there would be no warping or burning if you pour out boiling water or set down a hot pot in the sink. This is another layer of protection to keep your sink safe.
As with most large ticket items, taking into account the warranty is important. You’ll want to ensure that if anything goes wrong with your sink, that you’ll be able to get a refund or a replacement. Especially since undermount sinks take a lot of prep work and precise cutting of the counter, you want to make sure that the product you’re getting is quality in all aspects.
Extra accessories
Many of these sinks come with extra accessories that would make washing dishes or cooking easier. Accessories often include dish racks that sit in the bottom of the sink or can be used as a drying rack. Sets of drain plugs to avoid clogged drains Some occasions these sinks can include cutting boards and colanders.
Tips on caring for your kitchen sink If your sink and counter are not flush, be sure to take care to clean the underside of the counter. Different materials will need specific cleaning products. Stainless steel sinks have a variety of products specifically for cleaning. Bar Keepers Friend powdered cleanser is a user favorite. Nonporous natural materials also have cleaning products specific to their material, but household cleaning products do find.
Remember the color when choosing the sink. Take into account the finish of other appliances and if you want them all to match or if the sink would be an unmatching statement piece. The Elkay Quartz Classic, for example, is available in various colors.
FAQ Can a drop-in sink be undermounted?
Drop-in sinks can be installed undermount, but it is not recommended. Drop-in sinks are not made to be installed this way and can suffer from not having the proper seal, resulting in water running over the side and causing more problems down the line.
What kind of countertop an undermount sink is best suited for?
The countertop you’d want to for an undermount sink would be one that is solid and able to hold a lot of weight as well as being water-resistant. Counters well suited for undermount sinks would be marble, quartz, granite, and concrete. Tile and laminate countertops would be the worst.
How do I avoid getting scratches on my sink?
Avoid scratches by using a dish grid at the bottom of the basin to prevent dishes, pots, and pans from scratching the sink. Also, avoid harsh scrubs or hard materials while you clean.
Our Verdict
There are a variety of undermount sinks on the market but which you choose comes down to your lifestyle and personal style. However, our picks for the best undermount kitchen sinks are the Kraus Standart PRO KHU100-32, the Ruvati RVH8300,and the Kraus KHU101-17.

With an almost perfect score, the Kraus Standart PRO KHU100-32 is the Editor’s Choice. Made of durable stainless steel, this undermount sink is a great option that brings together function and style. It has a noise dampening wrap, a deep basin for easy washing, and a sloped bottom that drains all water thoroughly.

The Ruvati RVH8300 has the best extra accessories of all undermount sinks. With the typical features of durable stainless steel that’s rust and stain-resistant. Noise deadening insulation that creates a quieter washing experience. This sink also features a cooking station, making prep easier with a wooden cutting board and plastic colander.

Our third favorite, the Kraus KHU101-17, is a smaller yet deep enough think that would make a great additional kitchen or bar sink if you already have a larger one, or if your counterspace is limited.

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