Apple picking, pumpkin patches, piles of crunchy leaves! All the things that just sings fall and the wonderful holidays that come with it! Do you have any personal fall traditions that come when the leaves fall and the temperatures drop? If you...

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We have here a list of five little kitchen tricks for you to get into that autumn mood and start celebrating with your family.

“Apple picking” in your kitchen
If you are able to and live near an orchard, go apple picking. Nothing says fall more than heading out for a day of fruit picking and enjoying the feeling of the autumn sun on your skin. Now, no worries if you can’t head over to an orchard. Simply find your nearest store or farmers market that offers a wider variety of apples and place them around your kitchen like you are hiding Easter eggs. The kids will enjoy their own scavenger hunt with all the juicy apples.

Now, of course, you’re going to need a kitchen sink large enough to support all of the apples you and your family are going to “pick.” A farmhouse single bowl kitchen sink is perfect for you because it is deep enough and wide enough to accommodate all of your responsibilities and fun. Not to mention, its apron design offers a beautiful feature that will surely make it an artful centerpiece in your kitchen.

Recommended item: Gourmetier GKFA301810DS Solid Surface White Stone Apron Front Farmhouse Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, Matte White
A “Thankful Tree” on the Dinner Table
In preparation for Thanksgiving, craft your own “Thankful Tree” and set it up on the dinner table as a centerpiece to create that deep autumn ambiance in your home. Cut out some pieces of paper in the shape of leaves and let your family write down what they’re thankful and then clip to them to some fake or real branches in a vase.

We recommend investing in a towel bar for the kitchen this Thanksgiving season. It will come in real handy when you are busy bustling around the kitchen, working hard to get all of the delicious food ready. A chic and convenient towel bar in your kitchen will be the extra hands you’ll never know you needed. It will be your newest best friend in the kitchen.

Recommended item: Kingston Brass BA297318C Governor 18″ Dual Towel Bar, Polished Chrome
Host your own harvest festival in your kitchen
Invite friends over for a potluck to create your own fall festivals if you live too far from one. Much like the at-home pumpkin patch, create your own festival with your closest friends and all of your favorite foods. It’ll be like your own harvest festival but better because it will include everything you love.

Now, if you are going to host your own harvest festival, you’re going to need all the help to clean up afterward. With the dishes and extra pots and pans, you are going to need the counter space to host all the food. So, invest in a wall mount kitchen faucet to cater to that need. A wall mount faucet is perfect to help you keep things clean and clear in the kitchen. Not to mention, it is a perfect match for any kitchen design, from farmhouse to eclectic to modern.

Recommended item: Kingston Brass KS1245AX Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Warm drinks by the window
Now, if you are more of an introvert and enjoy the peace of solitude, then this fall trick is for you. Simply grab a cup of your favorite warm drink and a book then pick out a nice spot by the window. That’s it! A simple and easy “fall trick” to really enjoy the presence of fall in your home.

Every hot drink needs a top-notch water filtration faucet. Believe it or not, but every kitchen needs a faucet just for water filtration. Water filtration faucets are perfect for anyone who wants crystal clear drinking water while also being eco-friendly, reducing the need for plastic water bottles.

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Pumpkin patch trips to the kitchen
Do you live in the city and can’t make it to the nearest pumpkin patch for the kids? Well, there’s an easy solution to that. Head on over to your nearest grocery store that sells mini pumpkins and grab up as many as you can, then set them around your kitchen in any way that resembles your idea of a pumpkin patch. Then set the kids free to pick out their favorite pumpkins. A perfect way to bring the pumpkin patch to you and your family.

For all the pumpkins you’re going to have in your personal patch this season, you’re going to need a multitalented faucet. A single handle pre-rinse faucet is just the one for you because of its many features like a swivel spout and a laminar flow sprayer. Not to mention, its single hole installation type makes it a space saver and easy to maintain.

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