As we come out of lockdown 2, it leaves us only a few short weeks before Christmas to complete our shopping, so now is the best time to snap up the perfect gifts for loved ones, and after the year 2020 has turned out to be we could certainly use a...

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As we come out of lockdown 2, it leaves us only a few short weeks before Christmas to complete our shopping, so now is the best time to snap up the perfect gifts for loved ones, and after the year 2020 has turned out to be we could certainly use a nice treat.

With our men’s luxury grooming gift guide, we have selected our eight best gift ideas for any man in your life, from curated gift boxes from Aesop and Dermalogica to the latest in grooming tech from Colgate and Gillette. All sure to level up your gift-giving game this season. Take a look at our selection below of the best luxury grooming gift ideas for men this 2020.

GilletteLabs Heated Razor by Gillette

Gillette has introduced a real game-changer in the word of men’s grooming with its GilletteLabs Heated Razor. Part of the brand’s premium product division the heated razor offers a truly opulent experience, offering you the feel of a hot towel shave from the comfort of your own home. At the push of a button, the razor instantly heats up a stainless-steel bar at the base of the blades, it’s completely safe and easily adjustable for your preferred heat level. 

It offers a warming and soothing shaving experience and with the cold winter months upon us, it’s a must. With its five-blade design and flexdisc technology, each stroke of the razor easily aligns to the contours of your face for that close shave. A premium grade aluminium handle adds a sleek touch and comes with a magnetic dock that offers wireless charging, so you’ll never be out of juice. In addition to all that the razor is also 100% waterproof, so no need to worry if you shave in your sink, bath or shower.

Currently priced at £99,

Olverum Bath Oil

There’s nothing better in the cold winter months than to pamper yourself with a nice hot bath, so why not elevate your bath game with this truly luxurious bath oil from Olverum? Since its debut in 1931, the cult product has become a firm favourite with celebrities and even royalty. A mixture of 10 essential oils including geranium, lavender and eucalyptus that blend together to create a calming and therapeutic bath experience. 

Once mixed in with a warm bath it fills the room with a beautiful aroma that has an array of benefits from relieving stress, relieving muscle aches and pains to helping with dry skin. A little goes a long way with the highly concentrated mixture with a bottle enough for 50 baths.

£65 for 250ml,

Aesop, The Lore Collector Gift Kit

Instantly recognisable for its beautifully designed products and equally stunning retail stores, Melbourne based skincare brand Aesop has released a collection of gift kits for Christmas. Titled sensory chronicles, the collection features different kits including our personal favourite, the lore collector box, which features a quartet of the brand’s signature hand and body products which are suitable for all skin types.

In the kit the is the geranium leaf body cleanser and body balm; the cleanser is fresh and citrusy thanks to mandarin and bergamot rind in its ingredients that leave the body cleansed and refreshed, while the nourishing balm leaves skin supple and hydrated.

With 2020 being the year of intense handwashing, Aesop has included its resurrection aromatique hand wash, made from mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas that leaves hands cleansed but not dried out. Finish off with its resurrection aromatique hand balm, a nourishing moisturiser that leaves hands and cuticles hydrated to keep them protected from all the hand washing this year has brought us. Always environmentally conscious, Aesop’s gift kits come in fully biodegradable boxes made from 100% recycled paper pulp.


Daimon Barber Texture Clay

British brand Daimon Barber offers high-quality grooming products made from top-notch natural ingredients, all sourced and made in the UK and, of course, free from any nasty chemicals. Our particular favourite is the hair texture clay made from a mixture of clays, waxes and oils as well as notes of fig and frankincense for a fresh but not overpowering scent.

The water-soluble clay is perfect to tame unruly hair, providing a strong hold and a matte finish for natural results that last all day. Suitable for all hair types, the clay is easily washed out and leaves hair feeling nourished and healthy.

£19.95 for 100g,

Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1

The sleek and minimal toothbrush is Colgate’s first app-enabled smart brush with artificial intelligence and sonic vibrating technology, and it impresses so much that Apple stocks it as its exclusive retailer. Designed with the help of dentists the high-tech gadget provides real-time feedback on brushing habits across 16 zones in your mouth to help you improve your brushing and prevent problems before they start.

With built-in A.I. the more you use it the more the algorithm learns your brushing patterns and develops recommendations based on your individual needs. You can keep track of your results by downloading its app to your smartphone or tablet and a single charge is enough to last 10 days of use making it perfect for home and travel.


Waterpik Cordless Select Water Flosser

If you haven’t heard of a water flosser then now is the time, and Waterpik, the number one water flosser brand in the world, has come up with its cordless select model to keep teeth clean and healthy. As the name suggests, the cordless design is ultra-portable, simply fill the water reservoir and start flossing.

Unlike conventional flossing, the water flosser features a pointed tip that sprays out a high-pressure shot of water at the push of a button that lets you clean out the spaces between your teeth, you’ll be surprised just how much food and debris that’s stuck between your teeth gets easily flushed out. The model includes four tips and rotates 360 degrees to easily reach all the sections of your mouth, even teeth right at the back. The flosser removes up to 99.9% of plaque and is up to 50% more effective than conventional string dental floss, time to upgrade your oral hygiene care.


Escentric Molecules, Escentric 05 Body Wash

Luxury fragrance brand Escentric Molecules, known for its innovative approach to creating perfumes by highlighting single aroma molecules, have released a new body wash, Escentric 05. The plant-based moisturising body wash is paraben and sulphate free and infuses together notes of bergamot, rosemary and orange with the woody and dry elements of the cashmeran fragrance molecule. Thanks to its high percentage of fragrance and foaming properties, the wash offers a truly fragrant and luxurious shower experience, leaving your skin feeling fresh, revitalised and hydrated.


Dermalogica x Makerie Studio: Your Best Cleanse + Glow Gift Box

The much raved about skincare brand Dermalogica has teamed up with Makerie Studio to create its limited-edition line of Christmas gift sets, and our favourite is the ‘your best cleanse + glow’ box. Included in the box are three of Dermalogica’s full-sized hero products, designed to give you a deep cleanse and leave your skin glowing, including a 250ml bottle of its special cleansing gel, giving you a deep clean without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Also included are its daily microfoliant and precleanse products to keep your skin looking its best.

Makerie Studio paper artist Julie Wilkinson designed the gift box which features her paper art installations that represent the botanical ingredients found in the products that come in the box. As an added treat the box comes with paper for you to create your own sculpture.

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