Autumn is officially here, so what does that mean? It’s time to bring out the caramel apples and getting lost in the pumpkin patches, but not only that, it’s sweater-weather time! The drops in temperature and that cold crisp in the air are the...

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So, dust off your favorite sweater from the back of your closet because we are here to help you keep the cold out this season and bring in the nice warmth to your bathroom.

No one wants to walk into a cold bathroom when it’s already so cold outside, so why not take a chance at these ways to add warmth and personality to your bathroom.

Au Natural in the Bathroom
Now, we’ve talked a lot about the wonders of wood and how much it can transform a room. So, of course, we will talk about that here too. Wood can reintroduce some warmth and a natural sense of humanity to your bathroom through simple accents or decorations. Not only that, consider adding greenery like small plants or woven baskets to create a sense of variety. Just having wood can really weigh down your bathroom’s look, so include some plants or stones to balance out the look.

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Bathroom Color
Color can do a lot for smaller rooms. They can actually anchor the room and keep it feeling clean and airy. So with the right kind of color chosen, you can add a dash of warmth to it too. Deeper yet richer colors like oranges and browns will add a sense of richness that helps keep the space from feeling too stark or dark.

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Detailed Mirrors
A simple slab of a mirror can only do so much in creating personality for a room, so consider adding a funky mirror or a statement mirror to add some eclectic flair. If you are looking to add some warmth into your bathroom, think about a hanging mirror or wood-framed mirror or even a straw-framed mirror to create a new sense of autumn in your bathroom.

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Vessel Sink
Many may not consider it, but a vessel sink will really add a sense of personality to your bathroom because it is so eye-catching. It is not like other traditional sinks, so it will really make the room feel enticing and create a statement piece in there. Choose a colored vessel sink to include that air of warmth you’re looking for.

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Bathroom Patterns
There are so many ways for you to utilize patterns in your bathroom. Patterned wallpaper or decorative towels or even patterned tiles will really enhance the bathroom’s look. Also, if you choose the right kind of pattern with a fall flair, you can even add a sense of warmth in your bathroom.

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