Bathroom Organization Ideas for 2020

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So, you have a small bathroom and want to make the most out of the small space. Well, look no further because this is the article for you. 2020 is coming and you want to get your bathroom ready for the new decade that is sure to promise you nothing but happiness and joy. But first, you must turn your bathroom into a true zen zone and we are here to help. Take a look at this little list of ways you can organize your bathroom into a place that will make the new year yours.


Hanging Shower Caddy

If your bathroom doesnt have any built-in shelves or maybe your little corners are getting cluttered, then a hanging shower caddy is your best solution to that predicament. It will organize and youre your shower area clean and clear of clutter. Perfect for anyone who doesnt like the stains and mildew buildup from your shampoo bottles.

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Over-the-Toilet Shelves

If your bathroom lacks space, then built up instead of out. You cant create more floor space, so look to the walls and think of how you can create more space. Opt-in for modern, over-the-toilet shelves to really keep your bathroom free of clutter and organized. Utilize your wall space and build on how to get your bathroom organized without breaking any floor tiles.

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Apothecary Jars

Believe it or not, but apothecary jars are a lot more helpful in keeping your bathroom organized than many will say. It will keep your cotton ball and q-tips sanitized and out of the way for you. Not to mention, they are the perfect way to add a little chic elegance to your new 2020 bathroom.

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Towel Racks

No one likes to walk into a bathroom where there are towels on the floor and clutter on the counters. So, to keep your small bathroom functional and clear of anything on the floor, consider installing a towel rack. It is a small but easy step in getting your bathroom organized and ready for the new 2020 year.

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