Extravagant Interiors That Exude Elegance From Stunning Boiserie

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These six luxury neoclassical style interiors lavishly exude elegance from extravagant ceiling roses and stunning boiserie. The decorative design elements form a layered backdrop that sets an upmarket scene for gloriously decorative furniture pieces, huge eye-catching chandeliers, and high-end materials palettes of marble, natural woods, plus rich gold and brass accents. As we tour through this set of fabulous boiserie-kissed homes, we’ll also discover inspiration for impressive high-ceilinged living rooms, unique kitchens, grand dining rooms, enviable bedroom designs, and chic bathroom concepts. The pendulum swings between spaces steeped in classical contours and homes freshened with more contemporary ideas, meeting desires for all tastes and inclinations.

Visualizer: SPECTRUM VIS  

In our first featured home tour, we arrive at a luxurious living room setting with grand double doors that are topped with deeply decorative moulding. Traditional wainscotting trims the perimeter of the room, along with fabulously ornate crown moulding. In the centre of the space, the style pendulum swings into the more contemporary realm of modern furniture and a fashionable live-edge rustic coffee table.

In the dining room, a large and impressive wood dining table is teamed with the Easy chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret.

The kitchen stands entirely separate from the living areas.

A modern kitchen island curves an en vogue racetrack-shaped silhouette at the core of the space, which also serves as a casual dining spot or coffee bar.

The natural stone countertop melds smoothly with the warm tone of light wood kitchen cabinets.

Upon entering the master bedroom of this neoclassical style home, we enter a high-ceilinged space via grand archways. The bed is centred with a symmetrical arrangement of marble tables and chic bedside table lamps on either side.

The two archways in the entry to the bedroom create attractive framing around the head of the bed and a traditional fireplace.

Visualizer: SPECTRUM VIS  

The second of our six featured home designs is kissed with an unusual arrangement of boiserie, which straddles classical and contemporary influences.

The lounge furniture arrangement is strictly in the contemporary realm, with a linear modern sofa design and Groovy M chairs designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort.

Double doors lead through from the dining room into a unique kitchen design with a surprising red colour palette.

The dining room itself is a peaceful white and wood decor scheme with uplifting greenery. Stylish Pigreco chairs by Tobia Scarpa for Gavina seat eight around a grand modern dining table.

Inside the kitchen, red and white tiles supply an irregular pattern across the floor, worktop and backsplash. A built-in bench, small kitchen table and a couple of modern chairs fashion a cosy breakfast nook in the corner of the room.

The large bedroom is an all-white, light-filled neoclassical design that gleans character from elegant boiserie and a colourful book collection.

Visualizer: Tamara Batsmanova  

Third up, we have a crisp modern space that’s lavishly crowned with an extravagant ceiling rose design.

A modern chandelier clearly defines the dining area in the open plan living space, whilst a white modular sofa loosely wraps a light-permeable metal room divider.

Unique end tables serve the modular sofa arrangement, providing practical surface area for reading lamps and drinks.

The impressive dining room chandelier spreads almost as wide as the round dining table below it.

Six upholstered dining chairs gently echo the curve of the pedestal dining table and light installation.

Behind the dining area, a white marble kitchen backsplash fills the entire height and width of the wall.

The unique kitchen design features a layered arrangement of units that mingle the boiserie aesthetic with minimalist slab fronted counterparts.

A wooden cutting board and a glass vase filled with dried pampas grass bring a splash of visual warmth to the cool white kitchen design.

In the bathroom, there is an explosion of pattern from terrazzo tiles.

Boiserie wall panels build a classical air around a modern freestanding bathtub and a contemporary brass bath tap.

A brass towel heater stores fresh linens on the terrazzo clad wall.

A square wall hung toilet and bidet set cut modern white silhouettes against the busy wall pattern.

Visualizer: Tamara Batsmanova  

The Monolith project is a 105 square metre apartment, located in Lviv, Ukraine. Slender boiserie panels exaggerate the height of the spacious living room. A set of Formakami pendants by Jaime Hayón for &Tradition make use of the high ceiling.

A L’Art double lounge chair by Fomu stands at each side of a darkly decorative fireplace and a modern half-sphere coffee table.

Wood herringbone flooring sets down a warm, natural base tone for the predominantly white decor scheme.

A black kitchen island curves unique character into a minimalist white kitchen design.

Tall windows spill natural light onto the black polished stone island design.

On the opposite side of the monolithic stone island, practical cabinet space has been crafted into the organically curved volume.

A freeform wall mirror forges the organic element into the master bedroom, where it is set within a vertical valley of waving contours. The spectacular mirror design forms a unique headboard feature for a platform bed that has a mesmerising floating appearance.

Decorative boiserie forms a beautiful backdrop for a fashionably arched freestanding wardrobe.

The elegant arched wardrobe design complements both classical and modern ideas.

A run of tall mirrored storage units form a bright hallway into the bathroom.

A modern black pedestal sink stands at the entryway into the bathroom, whilst the bathtub is given a level of privacy behind a narrow partition wall.

Boiserie panels fill the bathroom design with regal flair.

Matching matt black faucets fill the black pedestal sink and the modern white bathtub.

A black wall hung toilet is tucked out of sight behind the bespoke mired storage units and another partition wall.

The black and white colour palette gives the home a sense of elegant simplicity.

Tall double doors lead from room to room with a sense of great grandeur.

Visualizer: Sarah Habib  

Our penultimate home design is the first to feature a deeply coloured decor palette. Dark green paintwork adds a bold element to the boiserie of this living room, bringing it to the forefront.

A cognac coloured leather sofa complements the deep green backdrop, whilst a round rug ties in with the curvaceous carvings within the decorative wall moulding.

A marble coffee table table strikes eye-catching black and white pattern across the grey area rug. A small side table adds a pop of metallic gold lustre.

Modern wall sconces thread golden notes onto either side of a traditional fireplace and a striking gilded mirror.

Inside the grand dining room of this home, an oval dining table is complemented by a racetrack-shaped rug.

The area rug spills brave black and white pattern across the large room.

Dreamy boiserie is joined by the presence of classical statues.

Three modern gold dining room pendant lights illuminate the length of the vast dining table.

The dark green colour palette continues inside the master bedroom, where a modern metal-framed 4 poster bed dominates the layout.

A contoured bedroom rug and blush pink pouf set a round shape theme, and form a soft home for a sitting KAWS statue.

Gold accents brighten the dark green and grey bedroom decor scheme.

Visualizer: Sarah Habib  

Finally, our last featured home design dips back into the light end of the colour spectrum with a predominantly white palette. However, sheer mauve drapes and blue upholstered settees drive the home design into the colourful category.

As the home interior dips into twilight, the flame from the fireplace is joined by the twinkle of grand chandeliers and the glow of recessed mood lighting.

Golden plinths flank the traditional fireplace, where they reflect the dancing flicker.

Two separate lounge areas create a sense of symmetry in the wide living room.

Recessed LEDs and stair lights build an exciting atmosphere after dark.

A classical bench cuts off each lounge area from the other, whilst still allowing the line of sight to flow.

A floral backdrop softens the presence of a modern TV.

Plush blue settees inject colour without overwhelming the space.

A glass coffee table leaves the traditional floral rug design uninterrupted.

Spectacular chandeliers hang low in the living space.

Classical archways place magnificent pauses between spaces.

An upholstered bench pulls the prussian blue accent to the base of the staircase.

The sweeping staircase design is backed with mirrors to double its fabulous presence.

Gold wall sconces dot the white wall render.

A jade green-framed wall mirror calls for attention in a luxuriously ornate entryway.

The entryway is densely filled with boiserie and sculpture that could amuse the eye for hours.

Larger sculptures emerge from decorative niches under awesome archways.

A crystal chandelier draws the eye up to appreciate the double-height void above the entryway.

Sculpture emerges from the shadows.

A trio of gold and crystal dining room chandeliers build a sense of occasion.

The mirrored tabletop reflects the light.

Upholstered dining chairs add in the prussian blue accent colour.

A floral rug takes the accent colour to the floor.

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