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For kitchens or bathrooms featuring an antique copper faucet, choosing the right decor to match is key. Kingston Brass carries a variety of beautiful antique copper faucets in almost any style or design imaginable. This makes it easy for homeowners to find the perfect fit for their bathroom or kitchen.

Once the antique copper faucet is installed, it is time to start adding the right decor to match the beautiful copper finish.
Pair with Grandmillennial Decor
The wonderful thing about an antique copper finish is that it pairs perfectly with grandmillennial decor. Grandmillennial is a new decorating trend, nicknamed after the millennial generation who has shifted their focus to a decorative style reminiscent of their grandparents’ homes of the past.

Grandmillennial decor includes patterned wallpapers, the implementation of antiques, and an emphasis on the warmth and flowery appeal of a grandmother’s home.

With the use of antiques and traditional styling, grandmillennial decor makes a wonderful match for an antique copper faucet.

In the bathroom, try out a few of the following ideas:
Invest in some decorative hand towels with lace trim Add a flower-0patterned rug to the floor Purchase antique brass frames for any hanging decor
In the kitchen, test out these tips:
Install hanging candle light fixtures Upgrade the kitchen towels with a cozier set Add a patterned wallpaper to countertop backsplashes
Grandmillennial style is all about making a home feel as cozy and inviting as the homes of grandparents once visited during childhood, making it the perfect complement to antique copper finishes.
@callsigndesign_loganbspring_KS213AC KS310ALAC Consider Upgrading Additional Fixtures
Beyond just adding decor to complement an antique copper faucet, it can be worth investing in a few additional fixture upgrades as well.

For example, consider adding in an antique copper towel bar and hand towel ring in the bathroom. Additionally, swap out an older sink for a basin sink to pair with the antique styling of the faucet.

In the kitchen, think about installing a matching pot filler or built-in water filter faucet in antique copper.

By upgrading other fixtures in the same room, the warmth of the antique copper faucet can be carried throughout the entire space.
Shop Kingston Brass for Inspiration
Kingston Brass offers a quality selection of premium faucets, sinks, and fixtures. Shop the variety of styles and designs and pick out the perfect antique copper pieces to complement an inviting kitchen or bathroom style. With numerous options available, there is something to match any homeowner’s preference and budget.

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