Hi friends! You’ve probably noticed that Coffee with Liz has taken a bit of a hiatus! We’ve been doing this series for over and year and I’ve started to notice that so many questions are repeats and maybe it would be better to make this a monthly...

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That way we have a big chunk of questions answered in one post rather than 7-10 once a week. So, we are moving Coffee with Liz to monthly posts to make room for all of the fun fall and holiday content to come! Yay! Hope you’re okay with that (:
So it’s my husband’s birthday next month, and I’m trying to figure out how to celebrate it. We have two boys, 5 and 1, and I don’t know if I should do a family party or something just the two of us. I’m also feeling stuck on presents from the boys. I’m leaning towards something funny or thoughtful, but no clue on what to do. How do you typically celebrate birthdays in your family? Would love any ideas or advice!
We keep birthdays pretty low key! I actually took the boys to a local ceramic painting place and had them paint a coffee mug for Dave and he LOVED it. We also usually do a fun dinner for the family like Benihana – something the kids think is fun! 
I’m a new mom to an 11-week old little boy and have been LIVING in yoga pants and tanks—so ready for a change! What are your must-have pieces and favorite brands to keep it easy and comfortable without sacrificing style? I truly love your “mom” style and would love a quick “capsule” highlighting your go-tos. 
I think a great fitting pair of jeans (Everlane jeans are my fave!), a good quality tee (I swear by this tee – my go to and I have it in 4 colors), a cute cardigan and sneakers is my-go to for quick, easy mom style! I’ll be sharing all of my fall purchases on the blog on Monday!
My mom is coming to visit me in Chicago and wants to go fall shopping with me. Where are some good neighborhoods/stores we could go shopping for a hip, fun mom?
Oak Street in the Gold Coast is where all the fun designer stores are and it’s always fun to pop into Intermix on Delaware! Get lunch at Le Colonial! I also love roaming around Armitage Street in Lincoln Park for Serena & Lily, Outdoor Voices, Clare V, Warby Parker and cute local boutiques. Damen in Bucktown is another fun area for stores and cute restaurants. Get lunch at Big Star!
I’m going to Paris over Thanksgiving and looking for some classic boots and booties to pack for when I’m there. Styles that won’t go out of style and would fit in with French styles. Do you have any styles you love this season (or have loved for a long time)? 
I love this gorgeous style from Sezane, the Felix bootie from Loeffler Randall is a long time favorite, I think this slouchy style is super chic, I also love the Madewell Carina bootie! If I were going to do a taller boot then I LOVE these from Loeffler Randall (I’m obsessed with everything they do or my faithful Stuart Weitzman Lowland OTK boots!
I’m looking for a “venue” (bar/restaurant/brewery) idea for my co-ed baby shower in early-to-mid November in the Western Suburbs. Hoping to have more of an engagement party type feel (more socializing with drinks + apps/brunch buffet, fewer games and opening presents). I LOVED the suggestions you had for favorite restaurants in the western burbs, and a few of those are on my idea list already. Thanks! 
Vistro in Hinsdale, Hampton Social in Burr Ridge, Beatrix at Oakbrook Mall, Cadence Kitchen in Downers Grove. I know Elmhurst has a ton of cute places but I’m not as familiar!
I am looking to add a wallpaper to my first-floor powder room. It’s similar in size to your bathroom that you’re currently updating. Would LOVE your thoughts on wallpapers to chose from. And can you share the source of the light in that room, too? Thank you!
I love Schaumacher wallpapers! Here is the one we have. There are so many to choose from but this, this and this are a few favorites. But you do need a designer to order it for you! I also loved this one from Serena & Lily! Here is our light fixture on the ceiling!
I was wondering what lens/camera you use most for taking outfit pictures? And do you have any tips for editing the pictures? 
We use a Canon 5D Mark III with a L Series 35MM lens. I am working on a big post about how I edit my photos in Lightroom! Coming soon. In the meantime I use Kathleen Post’s Presets for Lightroom Mobile to edit my iPhone photos! I tweak the lighting, contrast and warmth when needed but I generally like my photos brighter, warm and on the pinker side (less green). 
I’ve been invited to a wedding in Chicago (yay!) in mid-October, and the invitation states, “Black Tie Optional”. HELP!!! Super excited to celebrate my old college friend and his bride at what is to be without a doubt a super fun shindig, but this is the first time I’ve been invited to an event with this type of suggested dress. Any fab suggestions that could fit the bill and work for a Chicago fall wedding? Thanks in advance!
I love this, this and this!
We just bought our first home, yay! It took us a year of searching to finally find the right one for us. We feel like we owe our realtor our lives! What’s a good gift we can present to her at closing? She was extremely patient and bent over backward for us and we want to gift her something special.
I would say a spa day (because no one ever books that for themselves!) or a gift certificate to a really nice restaurant with a bottle of wine attached? Or maybe a nice bag or portfolio with her monogram for work (also love this option)!
I LOVE all of your recommendations and I have something I’m sort of stuck on. I’m looking for a backpack that I can use for commuting to work. I use a purse for my phone/wallet/keys but I need a backpack that can hold workout clothes/sneakers, lunch, a book, and a laptop (and a water bottle). I’m having trouble finding something that does break the bank but also doesn’t look like a diaper bag/is actually cute. Thanks!
So I really like the Lo & Sons Hanover backpack for commuting/travel! I love the simple design and zero branding! It also holds SO MUCH. I was gifted this when I worked with Youtube last year in San Francisco and we take it almost every time we travel. 
I love your stack of wedding rings and am also incorporating sapphires into my wedding band. Do each of your rings have their own meaning?
I have my engagement ring, my wedding band and then a sapphire and diamond band that Dave surprised me with on our wedding day as my “something blue.” It matches my wedding band in size. I also wear this Dana Rebecca ring (which I gifted to myself two years ago after a successful year) because I love the gold and diamond bands mixed with my wedding rings. 
I bought the same AG black jeans as you from the Anniversary Sale and I LOVE them! However, they are bleeding all over anything light-colored. I’ve tried washing them a few times and nothing…it’s getting to the point when I shower and use a towel, the towel has blue streaks haha. Any tips on this?
Oh shoot! I haven’t noticed that! Soak them in vinegar/water in the bath tub and then wash and dry them. That will seal in the color!
I recently went through my jewelry collection and narrowed it down to my favorites I wear the most. How do you organize your jewelry? Any jewelry box recommendations?
Sadly I have zero organization for my jewelry. I keep the few earrings, dainty necklaces and rings I wear in a dish on a vanity in our bathroom and everything else lives in a cosmetic bag in a drawer. If I wore more on top of this then I think I would use something like this to save space in our home!
My mom is hosting a meet & greet for my 4-month-old son in Chicago in October. I’m looking for cute family outfit ideas that are casual but classy.  I’d love it if we were all in shades of the same or complimentary colors. Any recommendations?
I get questions like this all the time and it’s kind of hard to answer an exact outfit because I don’t know the venue, temperature, is it casual or dressy and other details ! Some things I keep in mind when I’m selecting looks for the entire family – keep the vibe the same – cozy and casual, pulled together, dressed up. Stick to a color palette – for me this usually means neutrals with a pop of blue (ivory, grey, blue). I usually select my outfit first and given the season I would maybe do a sweater dress with tall boots. For guys I usually recommend a nice pair of jeans and cute, casual cashmere sweater and keep it simple for the babe because he is so little! I love Lulu and Roo rompers. 
In one of your insta stories in the past you mentioned you have/had anemia, can you explain your story a bit on that and what type of anemia? I suffer from iron deficiency anemia and was wondering if you had any tips/advice on this topic or iron boosting recipes or methods? Is it something you deal with every day or once in awhile? 
That’s what I have too! I usually try to eat red meat every few days and if it’s really bad and I’m feeling symptoms of it I’ll start a stronger iron supplement outside of my normal multivitamin. If I’m feeling run down, not staying hydrated, not sleeping well then I tend to notice the side affects more! This usually happens when I’m off my routine and not cooking regularly at home which is why I think I’ve been feeling off with lots of travel over the past month. Red meat and dark, leafy greens are my best friend! Otherwise I’ll give myself a boost with an iron supplement I bought at Whole Foods. Hope this helps!
I’ve seen you wearing both the Veja and Golden Goose sneakers. Would love to hear what you like about each including which is more comfortable/easier to break in! Are GG worth the money?! I’ve read the tongue on Veja’s can be irritating/uncomfortable—have you had this issue?!
I honestly love both and they are such different looks! The Veja’s are a little more sporty but I love the clean lines. The tongue is very stiff at the beginning but it does soften quickly. I legit had bandaids on my ankles but now they are probably my most comfortable sneakers. The Golden Goose are FUN and I would say a little more of a high fashion sneaker. Also comfortable! Just a different look. I probably wear my Golden Goose more often. 

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