Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Hostess Gifts

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16 perfect hostess gifts for the cook, the entertainer, the drink enthusiast, and the homemaker for less than $20.

Its funny to me that Im even writing this gift guide considering I stayed in bed with a horrible flu-like virus while I hosted Thankgiving last week. Robert juggled the kids alongside my parents, hosted the big meal, and he delivered my gigantic plate of a feast upstairs to me in bed.

The dude deserves ALL of the hostess gifts, in my opinion.

Hostess gifts are tough though. And sometimes bringing a bottle of wine isnt always the best answer (especially if you dont know if the host/hostess of a party/dinner even drinks). So I rounded up a bunch of my favorites that are sure to be winners.

And theyre all under $20!

Hostess Gifts Holiday Gift Guide | 16 perfect hostess gifts for the cook, the entertainer, the drink enthusiast, and the homemaker for less than $20. #hostessgifts #hostessgiftideas

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  1. Picture Frame Ornament Give it to your host/hostess empty to put in their own photo, or if you know them well, print a photo of their family to place inside. Isnt that sweet?!
  2. Box of Chocolates This box in particular is soooooo good.
  3. Measuring spoons/cups These are so pretty and most importantly, useful!
  4. Kitchen Towel Cute kitchen towels are the throw pillows of the kitchen, am I right? I love this print and the fact that its not holiday-specific.
  5. A Coffee Table Book Find a hardback book that you know would fit in with the host/hostesss interests. Choose one that is fun to browse through or is a great conversation starter. This one has all kinds of inspirational quotes from women throughout history with pretty illustrations.
  6. Fancy Hand Soap I LOVE yummy, pretty hand soaps, especially to place in our powder room for guests. This one is fresh and refreshing.
  7. Cheese Knife Set These would add some pizzazz to a spread.
  8. Mulling Spices My mom often gifted this when I was growing up. Add it to apple cider, heat, and youve got delicious spiced cider. Or use it with red wine for mulled wine.
  9. Seasoning Blend This truffle, black garlic, parmesan seasoning is my absolute FAVORITE to use on chicken, roasted veggies, basically everything. Gift it along with this coffee chili rub and Greek Mediterranean blend to make it a set.
  10. Coasters Always handy, and its fun to get pretty ones like these agate coasters.
  11. Hot Chocolate Go for this suuuuuper rich, decadent Williams-Sonoma mix. To die for!
  12. Gourmet Coffee Flavorings Perfect for setting up a little coffee bar, and if youre host/hostess is a big coffee drinker, itll be a sure hit.
  13. Marble Serving Board I own this board and its the perfect size for a round loaf of bread on the table or a little appetizer server.
  14. Bottle Stopper Another one of those useful but pretty things that are great for an entertainer.
  15. Hand Lettering Book This book teaches you how to hand-letter, which would be so fun to gift, especially if your host loves hand-writing invitations and greeting cards.
  16. Party Game If youre visiting for a party, bring a party game! This one is a crowd-pleaser and great for all ages.

Any others youd add to the hostess gift list? Have you ever given or received any fun ones before that you loved? Id love to hear about them in the comments!

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