How To Design The Ultimate TV Room For Teens

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If you’re the proud parent to an awesome teen, you know two things to be true: teens always travel in a pack and privacy is everything. Rather than fight the good fight for your living room space, add a TV room to your home renovation checklist. With their own semi-private quarters, your teen can hang out with their friends under your roof while you remain in control of your remote control. When everyone gets to watch their favorite show, everybody wins!

If you’re sold on this idea (and we know you are), keep scrolling for some tips on putting together the ultimate TV room for teens.


In a TV room, It’s all about the TV.

When it comes to televisions, big really is better — so go ahead and splurge on the super sized flat screen. Whether they watch movies or play video games, the TV is the main attraction of the room, so you want it to be awe-worthy.














From there, build out an entertainment center.

Keep things gender-neutral with some gray raised panel or espresso shaker cabinets. You don’t want the room to feel too feminine or masculine since this is going to be a hangout area for your kid and their friends. TV room cabinetry is great because it also acts as a concealed storage solution. Whether it’s game consoles, magazines, or board games you want put away, an entertainment center has plenty of doors and drawers for your teen to organize their stuff.


Set up some comfortable seating.

You want to make sure there is room for the whole crew, so in addition to a couch, design the room to include some accent chairs that are still comfortable to lounge in. You can also get creative by swapping a coffee table for an upholstered ottoman or incorporating a few seating cubes or Bean Bag chairs into the room. Seating doesn’t always have to be super conventional, especially when designing a room for teenagers.


Transform awkward space into a game area.

If your TV room has some square footage to spare, find ways to add even more entertainment to your teen’s hideout. A Ping Pong or pool table is always an exciting addition if you can accommodate one. But if your extra space is more awkward than spacious, there are still ways you can bring extra value to your TV room. Compact games like an arcade machine or dart board can turn a quiet corner into a fun diversion.


Add balance with a homework station.

Cool teen hangout rooms can have more than fun and games. You can also convert some of this space into a homework station. Just set up a table and some chairs near an outlet, so they can post up with their laptops and notebooks for afternoon study sessions. If your TV room is maxed out on space, you can still pull off this addition by opting for a long, narrow table pushed against a back wall. So your teens aren’t staring at a blank wall, hang up some wall art or mirrors to make this area feel more open.


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