How to Make Every Day a Good-Hair Day

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National Hair Day. It's a thing--well, kind of (as are all those "made-up" celebratory calendar occasions). But, still, this is one that we at Momtrends can definitely get behind. Because, we understand that having a good hair day can bring all sorts of good vibrations your way: confidence, happiness, and success to name just a few.  

When I get a professional blow-out, I feel like a million bucks; and I milk that baby for days. I end up putting more effort into the way I dress and I do my makeup and I purposely mke plans with friends and schedule more work meetings. I look better and feel better, and that's why I'm all about making National Hair day every day. I want to perpetually have good hair days so I can have that on-top-of-my-game motivation going strong.
Of course, my wallet can't take the daily hit of a $60 trip to Dry Bar; that's why I need to find other ways to treat my tresses without stressing my bank account.
Upgrade Your Shampoo & Conditioner

We are still in love with the hair care products from The Good Stuff. The gentle sulfate-free shampoo cleans hair without stripping it; and the array of leave-in conditioners address a multitude of hair problems from color damage to dryness. I particularly like the Nourishment Cream Conditioner; I work a small dollop through my strands after a quick towel dry and it instantly smooths and nourishes. I noticed a significant improvement in my hair after just a few days of use.

Give It a Quick Style

On those days when you can't quite tame the mane, try a quick and easy hair style with Bobby Pins. These simple looks will help hold down unruly flyaways and give you a polished style with minimal work and effort. Because, sometimes we only have five minutes in the morning to pull ourselves together.

Give Yourself the Blowout Treatment

Yes, the pros do it best. But training yourself to be the next best thing will give you an edge. It takes a few key products and tools to give yourself an almost salon-worthy blowout. Here are a few easy-to-try tips to improve your styling skills.

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