If it is about choosing powered chainsaws, a battery-powered chainsaw is worth considering

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It performs very well. Due to its fast cutting speed, I wouldn’t imagine a better choice. Another fact is the relatively low price. Why pay for more when it is possible to get the same services at a lower price? I doubt that one should even bargain about that logic. Since they are cordless, they are easy to transport. There is a lot of reasons why it is a good choice. Nevertheless, it will not be the case if you choose a wrong battery powered chainsaw. Therefore, check out the top 10 battery powered chainsaw in 2019.
Top 10 Battery Powered Chainsaw In 2019 10. Worx WG305.1 Electric Chain Saw, One Size

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Some years past, lumbering was a very boring activity. Today we thank those who sat down and thought big by inventing Power chainsaws. These items are propelled by the use of either fuel or battery power depending on your choice. Work WG 305.1 is a battery powered chainsaw liked by many customers.

This item has a compact powerhouse design offering a powerful eight Amps motor. It also comes with a lightweight but efficient design.

A bad workman quarrel with his tools. Few workmen have quarreled with this item while the majority are rejoicing for the beautiful job done. Generally, the item is right for your bush clearing job.
9. Worx 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

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This is another Worx product which is relatively bigger and swifter than WG 305.1. It has a 14.5 Amp motor and is a battery-powered chainsaw. The item is branded as Worx WG 303.1 carrying very many good features. It has a good chain brake with automatic oiling system. The chain automatically tightens or loosens itself for a longer life of your chain.

The items come in a robust and lightweight design. It has a design which is perfect for those who are starting to use chainsaws. The design is ideal for those who long to do quick but perfect jobs.

At least 90% of the customers have noted great performance from this item. The 10% have probably misused this good item to the extent of not noticing the efficiency of this product.
8. Greenworks 10-Inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0 AH Battery Included 20362

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From Greenworks, we get a 10- inch, 24 Volts cordless battery powered chainsaws. It comes with 2.0 AH battery as your power source and charger to recharge your batteries. It offers great versatility to work with different tools for a perfect job whether indoors or outdoors.

The chainsaw has a design of convenient bar length of 10-inch with a lightweight design holding the weight of 7.85 lbs. The auto tensioning chain design provides for your safety as well as chain life.

A well-reviewed product which captured the like of 99% of the customers who bought this item. However, 1% are those who are insatiable even if you come with the best they must criticize. They cannot stop the goodness of this product. It must continue.
7. Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 10″ Cordless

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Craftsman gets into the market with Max Li-ion cordless battery powered chainsaw. You can walk around the yard freely without card disturbance of holding your back. Your tasks are done in no time when using this item. It uses 24 volts max DC motor which is heavy-duty and robust enough to do any indoor or outdoor job.

The chainsaw has a design of 2.5 Amp hour battery which shows the state of charge indicator for confident battery monitoring. Also, the design automatic chain oiler with oil level window get you out of guesswork of when to lubricate the blade.

This item is one of the best chainsaws on the market. Most of the reviewers have rated it with five stars out of five. It is, therefore, correct to say that this product has all the qualifications of a good battery powered chainsaw.
6. Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw Tension

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Then comes With WG 322 a 20v cordless battery powered chainsaw. Branded innovative technology, the product is automated in chain tensioning to keep optimal chain tightness. The lubrication of the chain will not bother you because it is automatic.

This item has a compact and lightweight design that provides for portability and easy use. The design of automatic chain tension system with an oil level indicator get you out of worries if when to lubricate your chain

This product has been in the market for a time, and those who have worked with it have no dispute. They rate it as one of the perfect chainsaws they have ever used. It is wonderful when it comes to efficiency.

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5. DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw Kit Bare Tool with Brushless Motor

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When it comes to bush clearing or any other job that requires sawing, DeWalt D. 620 B is your helper. It is a 20v cordless battery powered chainsaw ideal for construction and outdoor cutting applications. You can move all round working without the interference by the cord.

This chainsaw has a design that provides for high efficiency through the technology of a brushless motor. The design maximizes run time and motor life.

No one has received a disappointment from this item. Those who have used have a good thing to say about it. They have reviewed it with 100% perfectness. Worx with this product and confirm the goodness of this chainsaw.
4. Husqvarna 120i 14-in. Brushless Chainsaw

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Husqvarna is not a new name in the market of the battery-powered chainsaw. The brand has introduced a chainsaw branded as 120i. It is a 14- inch chainsaw which does not use brushes in its motor system. The item is good for routine tree care and firewood cutting.

This battery powered chainsaw has an ergonomic design that meets the requirements of homeowners and professionals. The design is excellent for the best standard equipment or outdoor and indoor jobs.

The rating of this product has proved that the manufacturer has observed everything that can hinder a good job of a chainsaw. It is almost 100% positive reviews with the negligible negative side.
3. DEWALT DCCS670B Flexvolt 60V Max Brushless Chainsaw

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Another DeWalt product highly improved battery powered chainsaw DCCs670 B Flexvolt. This is 60-volt cordless chainsaw which has a motor system that does not use brushes. It is your companion in your construction and other outdoor cutting applications.

The item has a design of 16” Oregon bar and chain bar lightening knob design provides for the best clamping force.

This is not an exaggerated product according to all reviewers. They have witnessed all that has been captured by the manufacturer to remain one of the best chainsaws you can rely on.
2. DEWALT DCCS690M1 40V 4AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw

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Only DeWalt that mostly cares for your construction and other outdoor cutting applications. They have yet another wonderful battery powered chainsaw DCCS690 M1. This one is a 40 Volt driver brushes chainsaw with 16 inches blade. It is efficient enough to do a good job in your yard without strains.

The item has a low kickback design with 16” Oregon bar chain and a chain brake that discourages the kick back. The Auto-Oiling design with lubrilink and lubriwell offers for full-time lubrication mechanism.

Quite encouraging reviews from over 80% reviewers. This means that the product is if great help to the users. However, a certain percentage claim to be disappointed, but we live by the rule of the majority. They have said it all.
1. Makita XCU03PT 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 14

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The Makita Xcuo3PT is another brand of a battery powered chainsaw with a 36 volts power source. Like other modern chainsaws, this item is not attached to any cord for free movement when on duty. The motor system does not use brushes with LXT lithium-ion of 18v each.

The item has a design of cordless alternatives power-driven equipment meeting expectation of many users. Brushless motor design system gives high power efficiency just like gas driven chainsaws.

The general rating of this item is 90% perfectness. The rating is 4.5 stars which are satisfactorily good. We deduce from these reviews that the item is helpful to the users. Try one, and you will repeat the same words.
How to Safely Clean the Battery Powered Chainsaw?

I know of many people that don’t bother anything about their battery-powered chainsaw and maintaining them. But as you are going to learn in this article, it is very important that you should be concerned about battery-powered chainsaw and their cleanliness. Before we even start talking about the tools that you need to make sure this is done in a good manner, we are also going to show you the process that you need to follow in cleaning and also maintaining your chainsaw. Chainsaws are versatile and invaluable tools that you need to allow you to fell trees, prune their branches, and also chop firewood with a lot of ease. However, you can also find that they are expensive pieces of equipment, and if you want them to continue running effectively, you need to make sure they are running well so that they last for a long period of time.
Remove the bar and chain
Before you start wondering about battery-powered chainsaw and cleaning the various parts, the first thing if to take it apart. Taking it apart will now enable you to have easy access. And for you to have a good time doing this, you need to have some good and flat stable surface. You can get a table, or a workbench will be good so that everything is intact.

Make sure that all the tool that you need are nearby so that you don’t have to go far looking for them. If you are cleaning like an electric chainsaw, make sure that you disconnect it from power first before you start opening inside. Also if you are working on going about a battery-powered chainsaw, then make sure that you get the battery out before you can begin cleaning. If you are using one of the gas chainsaws, make sure that you first start by draining out all of the fluid, the gas and bar oil before you start cleaning.

Now the next thing you are supposed to do is to locate the two nuts that are on the side cover and keep your bar mounted to the powerhead. Lose the nuts from the bar studs with the hexagonal wrench part of the scrench. Then make sure that the anti-kickback chain brake is also disengaged before removing the clutch cover. There are some chainsaw models where you cannot remove the cover while the brake is also engaged. While in the chainsaws you might be able to remove the cover. But when you want to put them back, it will become impossible.
Clean the bar
What you will do next is to clean the bar. You should first slacken the chain by adjusting the knob that controls the tightness of the chain and removes the chain. Set it aside for the moment. Make sure that you clean all the dirt and debris from the bar groove. If you get a bar groove cleaner and compressed air, they will give you the best results about battery-powered chainsaw cleaning. Although if you have a simple rag, it will still do a good job. When you are replacing the bar later, you should remember to put it back the other way around. This will make sure that it will wear more evenly and thus extending its life and also improving efficiency.
Clean the chain
You need to clean your chainsaw chain. And the best way to go about battery-powered chainsaw cleaning is to soak it in a solution of one gallon of water. The solution should also have one cup of household ammonia. When you are working with ammonia, make sure that the area you are working from has good ventilation. Leave your chain to soak in the solution for about 20 minutes.

Once the chain is now soaked, give it a good thorough scrub using a stiff brush. Then rinse the chain thoroughly and dry it well using an old towel or something that is similar. If it is possible, you can speed up this process by using compressed air so that it will blast the water off the chain. This is especially useful if you are living in a cold or humid area where it takes longer to dry.

The next thing you will do is to lubricate your chain. Dip your chain in chain oil and let the worst of it drip off and hang it to let it drip off.
Clean the power head
Going about battery-powered chainsaw cleaning of their powerhead, you must use a 1-inch soft tip paintbrush and remove all dirt settled down on the crankcase. Then use the pick or the scrench to access the tight spots and then gradually scrape away every bit of the sawdust. Make sure that the oiler port is also free of debris and use compressed air in cleaning the powerhead. We would not recommend you to use a pressure washer. This can damage the air filter and the electronic systems if you are not careful with it.

The next thing is to remove the top cover. And you should be able to access the air filter and the spark plug. Have an inspection of the air filter. And if it has a covering with light to moderate the dust, take a soft tip paintbrush to clean gently. Make sure that you stuff the air intake of the carburetor using a clean rag so that foreign objects are not falling inside. You can also set the choke to the closed position so that the carburetor is sealed from the inside. Compressed air can be used but make sure that the compressor is set to low pressure. This will make sure that you don’t blow a hole in the air filter.
How to put it back together
When putting back everything about a battery-powered chainsaw, first reattach the engine cover. The starter cord and remount the dried up chain to the bar. Ensure that the chain is mounted in the direction that is correct.  Now then mount the bar back on the studs, connect the clutch cover and hand tighten the nuts. Hold the bar up by the tip of its nose and then adjust the tensioning screw. Once you have the chain now properly mounted, take the scrench and tighten the bar nuts.
Tips and guide How to maintain a chainsaw

Keep it clean
When it comes to about battery-powered chainsaw maintenance, cleaning it is one the most basic things that should be done. The more you use the chainsaw, the more you will see debris on it from sawdust to tree sap. If you want your chainsaw to continue working and be effective, you will need to start cleaning it regularly. But the parts of the chain saw are different when it comes to the cleaning technique. So clean each of the parts separately.

For instance, when the chain is dirty, you take it off and soak it in a mix of ammonium and water for like one hour. Ten use a soft brush to scrub it until there is no more debris on it.

The next thing to do is to check your carburetor and see there is any residue clogging it up. You clean this part of the chainsaw by spraying compressed air or a fuel additive into the carburetor. The next thing is to remove the needle valves, diaphragm, and the cover plate from the saw and place in a cleaning mixture used for the chain.
Sharpen the blades
When you have a dull chainsaw, it will not do much. That is why you need to keep regular sharpening of the blades. Pay attention to how the chainsaw discharges dust rather than chips and sharpen the blades.
Make sure your chainsaw is lubricated
Lubrication is another thing about battery-powered chainsaws that you should look out for. If your chain does not have enough oil, the chain will not turn as fast as it should be, this could overheat the entire tool.
Use new gas
The gas inside a chainsaw breaks down unless you use it on a regular basis. This leads to residue plugging the carburetor, and it will eventually not work.

A chainsaw is a valuable investment that can withstand many years of service. It is therefore very important that you make sure it is well maintained and preserved to keep you going. If you own a chainsaw, it is very important that you know how you are going to clean the machine properly. In fact, chainsaw maintenance is one of the first things that you should make sure you know before buying one.

When you know how to clean and maintain your chainsaw properly, it will stay for a very long period of time. Make sure that you clean your chainsaw as regularly as possible, even after every use if possible. Unfortunately, many homeowners usually neglect their chainsaws and don’t care about them. This is mainly because they use them a few times a year. That should not be the case. To make sure the chainsaw is working at top-notch, maintain it well.

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