It doesn’t take much to see how bathroom styles have changed in recent years

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You can compare what’s in your home with today’s new designs and other than the basic functions, there probably won’t be much that’s the same. From large elements like the type of bathtub that’s popular to the smaller touches like mirrors or backsplashes, today’s bathroom designs are fresh and different. Even more, a certain level of minimalism has taken over, giving bathrooms a restrained look that is definitely not lacking for luxury, comfort or convenience. Not sure what we mean?  Take a look at these great bathroom ideas.

Here’s a wonderful example of the new minimalist bathroom luxury. A very modern freestanding bathtub is accompanied by sleek brass fixtures, including a convenient towel rack with a small shelf on the top. The tub is plenty deep for soaking and relaxing, while everything you might need can still be close at hand. Large slab tiles surround the tub to protect the bottom half of the wall from any accidental water sprays and the light-colored wood flooring keeps the look bright.

Less modern but no less fresh, this bathroom layout features a freestanding tub that’s a modern take on the old-fashioned clawfoot tub. The silhouette is a bit romantic and pairs well with a more traditional paneled wall style done in an earthy, muted shade of a greenish-gray. Another updated twist is the mirror, which leans against the wall instead of being traditionally mounted. It combines a frilly frame with the modern technique of backlighting, turning the mirror into a stronger design element.

Speaking of backlighting, this bathroom has an octagonal LED bathroom mirror instead of a more expected shape. Gone are the days where the bathroom has a giant builder’s grade mirror that stretched from one end of the vanity to the other. Smaller, more decorative mirrors add interest and allow you to add other elements to the design, like sconces and wall shelves. This style of mirror also lets more color show, like what’s in this marvelous geometric wallpaper. this look is also more eclectic, with pops of bright colors and mixed patterns.

Lest you think that all bathroom mirrors have all become smaller, large versions over the vanity are still a thing but they have ore style. This round mirror is enormous and the shape balances out the strong linear silhouette of this floating vanity. You might notice that while it’s centered over the vanity, it was not positioned over the basin — the typical spot for a bathroom mirror.

The classic black and white color palette in this bathroom is done in a more modern, coordinated way. Understated and stylish, the fixtures are all about convenience and function. Everything is close at hand and there’s even a stool by the shower door where you can sit and hooks over the shower frame make for a super handy place to hang a towel.

The range of colors that you can find in today’s bathrooms has also changed. Once exclusively the domain for whites, neutrals or pastels, bolder colors and wallcoverings have made their way into this space that was traditionally unadorned. Here, a bold burnt orange s combined with a wallcovering that has a distressed look. Instead of precise linear separation between the two, the ragged and random painted edge fits well with the modern vibe of the bathroom. In fact, this would be an easy technique to replicate in a DIY bathroom remodel.

The fixtures in this particular bathroom might be minimalist but it is definitely a luxury bathroom. From the spaciousness and the tall ceiling to the plush carpet and the arched wall element that mimics the shape of the tub, it is luxurious. All the conveniences are included and the feel is very relaxing, which is something that most everyone now wants in this critical home space.

A modern bathroom often does not have the room — or the visual capacity — for lots of storage elements. Consequently, floating vanities like this one have plenty of countertop space along with a length of closed storage. In addition, the two off-center mirrors include a glass shelf across the face for a little extra display or storage space. Wall-mounted faucets were once rare but are also now becoming very popular. especially in bathrooms where you want to save a little counter space.

Those lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom have the opportunity to turn it into a real space for relaxation as well as personal grooming. In addition to the double sinks in this design, there’s a large window, an ideal location for an oversized plant or small tree. Bringing greenery into the bathroom adds a dose of nature and it should thrive in the more humid air found here. A comfortable chair and side table provide another element for relaxing, meditating or just thinking.

This is another bathroom with plenty of relaxation space as well as a deep, jetted soaking tub and spacious shower with a convenient bench.  If you have always wanted to try out a hanging chair but were not sure that it would go with your decor,  the bathroom is an excellent place to do so.  This one is well paired with a round side table and there’s plenty of space to use the plush yoga mat. The extra-wide leaning ladder has plenty of space for towels and the entire space feels like a spa.

We’ve already mentioned that bathroom color has become bolder, and this color-blocked wall is a great example. Even though the tones are earthy, they are darker and deeper than what you’d traditionally find in the bathroom. Paired with a very dark wall, the colors stand out even more. This technique is also wonderful for a powder room, where there are few fixtures. Bolder bathroom color can also help highlight interesting elements, like this textured pedestal sink.

This type of bold color-blocked wall is best combined with sleek fixtures and modern accents. Here, a modern chair in a bright acid yellow adds another pop of brightness to the bathroom. You’ve probably also noticed that adding a chair to these new bathroom designs is common, and this is because these spaces are so relaxing. With the bathroom being approached more like a personal care sanctuary than just a basic place for grooming, the chair lets homeowners spend more time in this relaxing space.

Of course, the bathroom can also do double duty as a workout space. This unique wall configuration has what you need to attach a bench, TRX straps and other workout equipment. When you’re finished working up a sweat, all you literally need to do is undress and hop into the shower. This is an ideal option for fitness fans who don’t have another room in the house where to set up an in-home gym,

While the industrial look might be waning for some areas of the home, for the bathroom it’s still going strong. This spacious bathroom has an industrial feeling thanks to the exposed brick, tub surround and complementary lighting. Some other elements add a more modern flavor, like the folding screen that also functions as a towel bar and the glossy panel that holds the mirror above the freestanding vanity. It’s another example of a modern eclectic bathroom space.

Not everyone has a bathroom backsplash because there’s usually a mirror or some cabinetry in front of the basin, but this too is becoming more common. Here, the backsplash is essentially the entire wall, rendered in a stunning dark marble. Having a backsplash in the bathroom is actually a good idea because it keeps water from damaging the wall. This is especially true when the faucet is mounted on the wall, which is actually a big trend right now.

Typically, a master bathroom has included two sinks and a long expanse of countertop. A fresh take on this tradition is having two separate sink stations with some space for necessities and a longer shelf underneath. Again, this is an ideal set up if you want to have wall-mounted faucet fixtures because the visual lines are cleaner. This particular design uses two large mirrors that also have LED backlighting, which are good choices for a minimalist design.

Floating vanities have gained tremendously in popularity and the trend shows no sign of fading. This bathroom makes it easy to see how having the vanity off the floor gives the entire space a lighter look without sacrificing storage. This type of vanity is a great match for a vessel sink and wall-mounted hardware. Styling the vanity this way also makes it look more like a piece of furniture than a generic fixture.

A number of trends are pulled together in this bathroom. From the floating vanity to the LED bathroom mirror and the faucets on the wall, the entire space is on-trend and appropriately minimalist. It also features greenery in the form of the potted palm and cut flowers on the countertop, which add a softening, natural touch.

New designs are helping to bring pedestal sinks from the powder room into the main bathroom. Standalone designs like this one incorporate some hand storage space that them more practical for a bathroom that gets daily use. In this bathroom, a unique curved wall design creates a nook for the sink and a privacy barrier from the entry door behind it. Adding a slim stool like this one to any bathroom is great bonus too.

Pedestal sinks can also look more like a piece of furniture, which makes the bathroom feel extra luxurious. This one has a tray shelf underneath and is accompanied by an accessory structure that includes small shelf pieces, mirrors, a light fixture and a towel rack. It’s a compact and efficient design that is stylish and does not look like it’s trying to be a space saver — which it actually is. A plush rug and a handy stool complete the look.

Fans of the rustic look don’t have to sacrifice fresh style because just about any table or console can be turned into a vanity. This rustic piece has been paired with a stone vessel sink and wall-mounted fixtures, giving it the flavor of an old-fashioned bowl and pitcher set up. The ladder towel rack and bare-bulb fixture provide country-style accents that nicely complement the vanity table without being too much.

This is just a sampling of fresh new bathroom ideas that can help make yours more on-trend. You can make a few changes or completely overhaul the bathroom, but either way, you’ll end up with a space that you enjoy or one that will help the resale of your home.

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