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Welcome to a unique home interior, filled with colour and all out splendour. The 58.8 square metre home located in Moscow, Russia, is an all enveloping art piece. Visualised by Artlife 3D, this updated twist on luxury Art Deco is all about a saturated red meets green colour palette, giant leaf motifs, and oodles & oodles of gold. In true Art Deco spirit, this is a vision of wealth and sophistication, luxe marble elements and imposing patterns. Showstopping bespoke decorative commissions come together with velvety furnishings and attention grabbing modern chandeliers to chime the prosperity bell. So pick out a flapper dress or three-piece suit and dance your two toned shoes through this cats meow.

The living room dining room combo is alive with a vivacious cranberry and cool turquoise colour scheme. Lilac highlights intersperse with the deco designs that span large decorative walls. Leaf motifs seem to run with liquid gold.

Thick black framework contains the colour. A black radiator and a black throw draw the base note outward, where it builds contrast with a bold red sofa.

The decorative golden base of a round coffee table links with the enormous golden fronds across the sofa feature wall.

Creative window blinds draw the red accent of the sofa upward.

Even the floor is a cranberry-turquoise cocktail. Three different floor treatments fill the space in angular geometric sections. A fourth floor finish defines the home entryway with an extraordinary explosion of monochrome.

The home entryway is separated from the kitchen by a stunning golden screen, which is crafted in leaf design to match with the panel work in the lounge.

An exquisite modern dining room chandelier enhances the small kitchen island and its adjoining table. Golden finishes abound in the kitchen, striking lustre around unique dining chairs and a turquoise kitchen design.

Gold wall cabinets gleam above a luxe marble backsplash and gold faucet.

On the opposite side of the kitchen island, garnet kitchen bar stools face into the colour rich lounge.

A gold handled cup and teapot set rest on top of the golden veined marble island. Multicoloured macarons peep out of a modern cookie jar.

Gold electrical sockets match the finish of the unique faucet.

The screen used to divide the home entryway from the kitchen is duplicated to make a decorative hallway mirror.

A black pouf furnishes the gold and monochrome hallway.

A red front door breaks away from the black and white hallway theme. A dazzling chandelier gives the hallway a golden crest.

The daring decor does not stop at the closet door.

Cranberry, turquoise, lilac and gold elements vie for attention with lively monochrome floor tiles.

LED strips illuminate clothes racks and accessory shelves.

A spectacular wall mural bounds off the wall between two framed bedroom pendant lights in the master. Its green subject inspires the shade of other green elements in the room, including an emerald bedstead, green coving and a coordinated ceiling rose.

The bedside table forms out of repetitive circular mirrors, in a nod to the Art Deco style.

Green and red closet doors fill one entire wall of the bedroom with carefree colour clash.

The crystal bars of an Art Deco style chandelier shine overhead.

A TV is mounted to a decorative feature wall that copies the one in the living room.

The brick effect from the headboard feature wall continues around onto the adjacent wall to frame the window.

A myriad of extravagant throws layer up the bed.

A velvety red curtain hangs heavily at one side of the window, adding to the sense of expense that is so fitting with the Art Deco ethos of prosperity and progress.

More of the brickwork effect is used to add interest to the home office.

The flooring is a captivating geometric wooden tile design that spans the ages.

The small work desk is amalgamated with a storage tower and bookshelves.

A golden designer table lamp dresses one end of the bespoke desk.

A green and gold swivel chair make the perfect accompaniment to the colour scheme.

Inside the bathroom, we see a return of the mix and match floor treatment.

Green marble, diagonal wood laminate and plum mosaic collide. A glamorous modern bathroom vanity slides into a niche beside a gold trimmed storage cupboard.

Another leafy wall mural grows behind a gleaming golden towel rail.

The mural is rolled out behind the toilet too.

Remarkable granite makes the vanity countertop.

The same caramel coloured granite lines a beautiful shower enclosure. Plum mosaic tiles fill in the floor and ceiling of the cubicle.

A huge golden shower head is poised to pour.

The small powder room has a much darker decor aesthetic. Black brick effect walls are joined by a petrol blue backsplash and matt black fixtures.

A golden round vanity mirror radiates extravagance over a gold fronted vanity unit. The chunky black countertop holds a sleek integrated basin beneath a matching matt black tap.

The familiar lilac and turquoise panelling used throughout the interior does not neglect this tiny last spot, this time coming into play as a colourful entry door.

A black toilet melds with the dark blue and black palette of the powder room. The toilet flush plate, electrical sockets and decorative items follow along with the black colourway, and even the toilet roll!

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