Never worry about a cold, wet towel again with the help of Kingston’s matte black towel warmer (TWF3123MB) from their popular Templeton Collection

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bringing together contemporary elegance and modern technology, this top-notch towel warmer will leave your bathroom transformed for the better. Upgrade your old towel bar into a advanced towel warmer and let its quick-heating technology bring convenience back into your bathroom.
Kingston Brass Freestanding Plug-In Matte Black Towel Warmer, TWF3123MB About the Product
Keep your towels warm and ready for you after a dip in the bath with this Templeton towel warmer. With a variety of uses and applications, this towel warmer is the perfect embodiment of traditional elegance and contemporary technology. Available in multiple finishes and enabled with an internal quick-heating technology to radiate the 10 horizontal crossbars, the towel warmer will become an essential piece of your bathroom. This model is made as a plug-in and can be paired with other accessories from the Templeton Collection.

Kingston Brass’ Templeton Collection is the perfect embodiment of the traditional portrait and contemporary technology. As the modern age continues to develop and the beauty of traditional Europe slowly grows more and more obsolete, cherish the grandeur of European antiquity by freezing time and incorporating this perfected fusion of old and new into your home. After meticulously observing the defining facets that characterized traditional design, Kingston Brass has brilliantly crafted this collection with guaranteed state-of-the-art quality made to last. Embrace but redefine antiquity with this commendation collection.

Product: Kingston Brass TWF3123MB Templeton Freestanding Plug-In Towel Warmer, Matte Black

Product Number: TWF3123MB

Collection: Templeton

Category: Towel Warmers

10 horizontal crossbars for efficient drying Plug-in model Overall size: (L)22-3/4″ x (W)14-3/16″ x (H)37-7/16″ Quick heating Warm up towels
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