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Miss, Greyson Chance

Despite the many inconveniences and major events mixing things up around town at the moment, the music scene is refusing to throw in the towel and go quietly into the night without one last weekend hoorah. Count your blessings and rally up the troops because September is ready to take its bow.
Friday, Sep 27
Bang Bang Mary, Swarrm, Husband Killers at Temple

A rough and tumble grand ol' time at Temple awaits as three of the scene's scrappiest players take the stage including alt-rock outfit Bang Bang Mary, prog instrumentalists with a hard edge Swarrm, and rustic folk-tinged rockers Husband Killers, going strong as usual. Free


Maximillian Hecker (GER) at Tango

Dream pop artist Maximillian Hecker returns to Beijing on his latest tour. The German musician is often compared to Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Nick Drake, and calls his own music melancholic pop hymns. His career has spanned many albums and over 15 years. RMB 280

Jeaqi, Scary Honey, Amberworms, Wang Yingtian at MTA Space

MTA Space throws another edition of ‘Road to Supernova’ — a showcase that lights to shine a spotlight on the scene’s budding bands in the pop, rock and indie world. Tonight they host J-rock outfit Scary Honey, indie-pop singer Jeaqi, Britpop kids Amberworms, and more. Free

Dangih Nurlan at Caravan

Dangih is an accomplished musician, guitarist, and singer with a deep attachment to Kazakh music that he grew up with. From his early childhood, the sounds and beats of the steppes have been the soundtrack of his life and combined with his love of flamenco music has created a unique world of sound to grave audiences with. Free

The Peppercorns, The Paramecia, Rosewood Bullets, Luka at Soi Baochao

70s inflicted art rock outfit The Peppercorns celebrate the release of their newest album with the help of dear friends including the ever soulful The Paramecia, who return after a long hiatus, Rosewood Bullets whose tight-jeaned hard rock is one for the ages, and world musician and multi-instrumentalist Luka. RMB 100

River Village at Jianghu Bar

Founded in March of this year, River Village has already got an album under their belts. Incorporating rural blues, Britpop, indie rock alongside folk and world music embedded with the Yi culture, they’re a band looking to make a splash in the coming years. RMB 100  

Victor Bastidas at La Plantation

Columbian percussionist Victor Bastidas known to some as ‘one of the best drummers live in Beijing’ – whose music comprises a blend of styles and textures based on folk music from his native Colombia, as well as the elements of the jazz and contemporary music writing brings his story to La Plantation. RMB 200

The Flip Side at Modernista

The Flip Side is Beijing’s only live disco band. Bring your boogie shoes and come prepared to freak out, shake your booty, get jiggy with it, and celebrate good times and a weekend kick-off! Free
Saturday, Sep 28

Gentle Grapes, Recycle, Iron Strike, Ai You at Mao Livehouse

Check the new generation of pop-punk rockers and ska heads as music promoters ZING continue stirring up the pot with one red hot lineup after another. On the bill tonight they’ve got pop-punk favorites Gentle Grapes and Recycle who will be joining old school ska outfit Ai You (full of veteran musicians) and alt funk-pop ruffians Iron Strike. RMB 120

Clustercuss, Nathan Borofka, The Balcony, Will Pope at Caravan

Set the mood for your forthcoming holiday with a one-of-a-kind musical experience from Caravan regular and open-mic host "Clustercuss" as he celebrates the release of his long-awaited album — joining him on stage will be some of Beijing's best underground acts like The Balcony, Nathan Borofka, and Will Pope. Free

Mr. Miss at Omni Space

Retrofitted adorably cute ukulele-led indie pop duo whose old-school jazzy tunes have garnered them quite the fanbase, as well as a prestigious Golden Melody Award in Taiwan, go big tonight over at Omni Space as they close out their nationwide tour. RMB 120

Joker’s Belief, Flower Wall, Qianchuan Pharmacy at DDC

A little bit of head-bopping funk. A little bit of thrashing post punk. And a hefty dose of indie rock - it all adds up to a steady flow of rock and roll to work up a sweat this evening as Jokers Belief, Flower Wall and Qianchuan Pharmacy hit up DDC. RMB 80

The Peppercorns, Rosewood Bullets at Temple

70s inflicted art rock outfit The Peppercorns celebrate the release of their newest album with the help of dear friends Rosewood Bullets whose tight-jeaned hard rock is one for the ages. Free

Joy Conch at La Plantation

Joy Conch is the first Chinese blessing music group. Recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage by the state council, the five-piece group who hail from the Tibet, combine folk music and Buddhist chants, creating a sound both natural and melodious and giving listeners a sense of belief and release. RMB 200

Hutong Rap Battle Vol.20 feat. Cypher at Soi Baochao

Head to Soi Baochao and lay down your best rhymes as an array of rappers compete and jam to their heart's content. Plus a special hip-hop filled set from rockers Cypher as special guests. Free

The Great Buffalo Blues at Modernista

The electric duo that explores funk, blues, soul, and reggae are back at Modernista with their unique musical style that’s unlike anything else. Free

Kenja Time, Wave at 69 Café

Up and coming indie rockers Kenja Time who cite Joy Division and Prinzhorn Dance School as influences hit up Changping alongside art rock band Wave. Free

Zhang Nao & A Xia at Jianghu Bar

Urban folk duo Zhang Nao & A Xia bring their rural rustic mentality to the folk-pop world as the two performers hit the road for their autumn tour. RMB 80

Liu Runjie, Li Ziming at Mogu Space

Acoustic offerings from singer-songwriters over in Xizhimen. Free
Sunday, Sep 29

NiL, Rhonda, Great Buffalo Blues at DDC

Up and coming psychedelic grunge-infused rockers bring their scrappy sound to DDC alongside hard-edged instrumental rockers Rhonda and electric blues regulars Great Buffalo Blues for an eclectic evening of tunes. RMB 60

Greyson Chance (US) at Tango

American singer-songwriter Greyson Chance got his big break at age 11 when a performance of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi at a sixth-grade music festival went viral. Since then, he has released two albums, including 2019’s Portraits, while building up a diehard fanbase. RMB 480

Victor Bastidas Jazz Quartet at Modernista

On Sunday we welcome back Colombian drummer Victor Bastidas to take us on an imaginative and uncompromising jazz journey. Accompanying him this evening is saxophonist David Diao, bassist Dan Zylinski and tenor saxophonist Liu Xiaoguang. Free

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