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This means I get a few items per month gifted from the brand, and I may make a commission on these links. I have been a customer of the brand since 2018! Most of the items in this post were purchased by me.

For the past year and a half or so our family has been using Public Goods for many of our household goods. The main reason? I love anything that can simplify my life!
Public Goods offers 3 kinds of simplicity for me.
1 // Simplicity in procuring. Aka, all I have to do is order off the internet. Now, I often have mixed feelings about ordering things off the internet that I can pick up around town. But I feel good about ordering from Public Goods because they use very little plastic in their shipping materials and most items come wrapped in paper layers, inside a cardboard box.

2 // Simplicity in ingredients. For example, I love that the hair products I order only have good stuff in them. They are free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfates and more. The full ingredient list for each item is listed on their site.

3 // Simplicity in aesthetic. Admittedly this is a big driver for me. A huge reason I love these products (besides the great quality!) is how GOOD they look in my house. The simple, black and white branding is very streamlined and it looks good even in every room of the house.
Our Family Favorites:
Our family has a very streamlined order process so we only place an order about every other month to get our goods (or even less!). But before I share our favorite items, I think it’s important to note that the main reason I started using Public Goods in the first place was because so many of their items are refillable!! Everything from hand soap to floss! This means I usually only buy the container for the item once, and then I can refill it over and over again.

1 // Shampoo, Conditioner and bar soap (pictured above) + refills. We’ve been hooked on this trio from the beginning, when we first started ordering from Public Goods in the Fall of 2018. The bar soap is my absolute favorite. My husband and two of my kids use the shampoo and conditioner. (I switched over to a curly-hair formula from another brand which has more moisture.) The bar soap is currently out of stock, but I hope they bring it back soon, because this is my last one!

2 // Hand soap + refills. We have these all over our house! I love them because I only had to buy the bottles once and I constantly refill them (just like the shampoo and conditioner). I’ve noticed lately, the refills have been harder to find instock though, usually I have to check back a few times.

3 // Dish Soap + refills. When this first came out, the scent was awful, but they’ve since changed it, and I love the subtle smell. I might love the simple bottle even more. I’ve refilled this with dish soap from the grocery store when I’ve been in-between orders. I love how it looks in my kitchen!

4 // Dental floss + refills. This is perhaps my favorite item of all time! Due to some adult-onset cavities, I’m an avid flosser, so I go through a lot. I love that this little glass bottle is refillable, and I truly feel like this is the perfect floss! Not too thick, not too thin, but just right.

5 // Towels. Okay, I lied, these are my favorite item. We’ve been slowly adding them one at a time and replacing our older towels that we’ve had since early marriage. Something about a thick, fluffy, white towel feels so luxurious! Not to mention, they look good hanging in my bathroom.

6 // Witch hazel. Not sexy, but it’s hard to find a good formula of witch hazel. This one is alcohol and paraben free and has organic aloe.

7. Body lotion + candles. These two items we don’t order a lot, but I like how light the lotion formula is, perfect for summer. The Black Currant candle is lovely, and I am probably going to try the Cedar & Suede with my next order.

8 // Balsamic vinegar and olive oil spray. These are the two items from Public Goods I never knew I needed. They both came as gifts in the last few months and they have really come in handy in the kitchen. The vinegar is super tasty (we love it on lentil soup) and the olive oil spray is incredibly convenient. It’s super handy when you only need a light coating of olive oil.

And that concludes my house tour via Public Goods! If you’re new to the brand, you can read about their ethos here. Please note, they are a membership-based brand, which means there is an annual fee of $59. If you are interested in trying them out you can use the code ANDREAPGA to save 15% on your first purchase.

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