ome good news here in New York....!!!

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Sunshine! Sunny skies! The trees are mostly bare, but there are still some gorgeous colors clinging to the branches, and the country roads still beam with muted oranges and golds, mostly fallen leaves. When the sun shines on all of this, you forget the desolate weather to come, and hopefully you forget about the election. So we are getting new flooring for our bathroom, which for me, is BIG HAPPY NEWS. I've mentioned our old linoleum, we moved in here in 1992...and where the flooring meets the shower stall, it's curled up, and oh the yuckiness. You can clean the bathroom, but you can't make it look nice. So I'm going to go shop for that, decide whether to go with a new vanity top or buy a used one I've got my eye on, get a new faucet, a mirror, some towel bars and get going on this week of course, when the sun goes back to where it usually is in central NY, behind a thick blanket of clouds. I am going to prime and paint the vanity, spray paint the toilet paper holder and existing towel bar, paint the door and trim, spray paint the door handle...oh, the fun! I love love love doing these projects. I want to get some little night stands for near our bed, too, some that need to be transformed...put them away for the long winter when I am itching for a project. I don't NEED them, now or ever, but they're something I think would be nice. Yesterday, all my tentative plans changed with one phone call from Wulf: "Grandma, can I come to your house?" Well, yes, you can, little guy! His mama came with baby Tennyson, and his daddy, Adrian, came too. Adrian measured the bathroom and gave me an estimate for how much flooring to get, he seems to think it's an easy enough project... I got some toys ready for Wulf to play with. The doggies ran through and knocked things down, then decided the blanket on the floor looked comfy...oh well. Today, I have some little friends coming to spend the day, and we're going to spend some time with Anya and Elise, my sweet granddaughters who live down the road a few miles... Tomorrow, I'll get going on gathering supplies for my projects. But the election, oh dear! Who will win? Will the cities be destroyed by violence? If you haven't placed your trust in God yet, it might be a good time to consider it!