Punchy Colourful Interior With A Prominent Home Workspace

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Punchy, colourful accents send a current of youthful fun throughout this modern home interior. Visualised by One More Buro, this 186 square metre private apartment was designed for a young couple and their pet cat. The spacious home features four large panoramic windows that flood the open living space with light. A bright orange home office area forms a prominent feature within the living space, which allows the homeowners to spend time together even when involved in different tasks. A second, private home office space is combined with the guest bedroom for times of deeper concentration, and a home gym offers the owners a space in which to stretch their muscles and decompress.

The client’s principal requirement was that a workspace be included within the open plan living space, so that he wouldn’t be cut off from his home life. The workspace had to be a bespoke unit that could accommodate all of the equipment needed. In answer, the home office area became an entire wall of cabinets with a prominent orange finish. This colourful piece sets the tone for the rest of the youthful interior.

With punchy accent pieces dominating the decor scheme, areas of peaceful white breathing space take on added importance. A creamy white upholstered sofa is framed by matching drapes and fresh white walls. A black tripod floor lamp adds a moment of dark difference.

A white living room rug lays a light island upon the wooden floor treatment.

Round coffee tables drop pure white and bold green silhouettes into the centre of the lounge space.

The orange home office cabinets inspire an orange frame around the TV wall and an adjoining bookcase. Two white lounge chairs pull up alongside in clear contrast.

A glass block wall shares light from the lounge with the next room.

The generous desk area accommodates two PC screens with room to spare. An ergonomic swivel desk chair moves easily between the screens and the storage units on each side.

A floating shelf is fitted with an LED strip light, which shines brightly along the length of the desktop and keyboard.

The lounge flows straight into a wide kitchen diner, where a unique, rectangle dining table stands on a solid green base.

Modern dining room pendant lights drop monochrome, abstract forms over the tiled tabletop. Bright red upholstered dining chairs playfully contradict the table colourway, whilst complementing its curved element.

A unique modern fruit bowl forms a functional table centrepiece.

The dining table is integrated into the kitchen island, where it transforms into a breakfast bar along the outer edge.

Flat-fronted, handle-free white kitchen units blend with white painted walls.

A matt white kitchen tap melds with the matching countertop.

The hallway is a nodal point that branches into all zones of the home. There is even a special second-level route for the cat here, which skims the tops of the door frames.

Orange framework calls attention to a row of built-in coat closets. Mirrored doors visually widen and brighten the windowless space.

A unique entryway bench and a colourful painting make an artistic vignette by the front door.

In the private home office, a multitude of indoor plants complement the green decor scheme.

A sofa bed and a black accent chair make up a small lounge in the home office, which doubles as a guest room.

Mint green cabinetry builds the desk area and office storage.

A stylish white desk chair is teamed with the mint desk. A complementary white area rug defines the lounge.

Since one of the homeowners spends most of his day at his computer, including for relaxation, it was important to provide optional settings for screen time.

The home gym stands open to the hallway to aid airflow.

With no windows present, glass blocks and perimeter LEDs were installed to remedy the lack of natural light in the gym.

Indoor plants in the home office form green silhouettes behind the glass blocks in the gym.

The master bedroom is a serene space with a modern 4 poster bed.

The 4 poster bed is loosely draped in sheer fabric to create a romantic effect. A ribbon of LED light cuts along the top of the headboard wall to add definition.

Modern wall sconces provide focussed reading light over the pillows. A soft grey bed set is matched by plush dove grey curtains.

A Moustache Bold vanity chair pulls up at a makeup table that is tucked just inside of a walk-in wardrobe. Bright orange paintwork echoes the colourway of the home office units in the living room and the closets in the hallway.

At the foot of the 4 poster bed, a simple white TV stand cuts crisply across a smooth grey focal wall. A beautiful arched feature bows over the bedroom doorway toward the ensuite bathroom.

Inside the walk-in wardrobe, an open system of shelving keeps garments tidily arranged.

A large round mirror is on hand for checking out today’s outfit.

In the ensuite master bathroom, the colour palette switches from zesty orange to olive green. Textured green tiles form a 3D statement wall behind the bathtub.

Two bathroom mirrors make elegant arches above a double sink bathroom vanity.

A wall-hung toilet tucks away into an alcove by the shower enclosure. More 3D tiles clad the shower interior.

The guest bathroom decor scheme reverts to the prominent orange colourway, with an orange vanity unit, upper storage cabinet, and orange tile grout.

Even the shower doors and towel heater receive an orange tint.

The vanity unit is accented with a single sheet of orange tinted glass, which washes colour onto the white tiles behind it.

Floor plan.

3D floor plan.

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