Sometimes we end up with our dream home and everything is spacious and not cramped at all

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Other times, we must make things work for us in some extremely tight spaces and that’s ok too. Having a small and overcrowded space doesn’t mean that we are stuck with that tiny room forever. It just means that we must come up with creative ways to create enough storage to make it more spacious. If you are dealing with a tight space that you are unable to renovate due to money or it being an apartment then we have some tips to help you make your tiny room a bigger and more spacious space without having to spend money to remodel it or move out.


Taking advantage of hooks in our bathrooms can make things a lot easier for us, especially when we lack a lot of counter space and do not have many cabinets either. Adding hooks in our bathroom can easily make our daily bathroom regimen a lot faster and better for us. We can place hooks high and low for any kind of items to hang such as a bathrobe, towels, or hanging other items that we need to get us ready for the day.

Over the Door Shelf

When we lack space and do not have a linen closet to compensate for that small space then we must really get creative with our space. One of the best items to add to our tiny bathroom is an over the door shelf. We can easily store our towels or other items on that shelf so it can help continue our sleek and organized look in our bathrooms.

Mount a Towel Rack

Sometimes the over the door shelf can be difficult to deal with because then we will have to store a stool to help us reach our towels and other things we put away. Instead of installing an over the door shelf, we can choose to mount a towel rack on our walls. For example, we can have a towel rack with individual cubbies to store our towels and other bathroom must-haves away to decrease the clutter. This makes our bathrooms look tidy and stylish at the same time.

Magnet Organizer

If our bathroom has a medicine magnet then mounting magnetic organizers on the inside of the cabinet can really transform our bathroom. We can easily find our makeup and store razors away and out of reach from small hands to avoid having any accidents. Rather than purchasing a makeup bag or small dresser for our makeup accessories, we can easily add these magnets to our medicine cabinet and make it a lot easier to get ready in the morning since all we have to do is open the door and we can spot what we want to wear for the day.

Over the Toilet Storage

Who knew that we could use the space above our toilet to our advantage for saving space? When we lack space in our bathroom then taking advantage of every little space and wall can really help us in the long run since it makes it easier to organize our bathroom. One way we can do that is by adding storage on the wall behind the toilet by using shelves, racks, or even buying a wooden over the toilet cabinet which can really transform our bathroom into a whole different one.

Install Basket Shelves

Baskets can make our rooms look organized and cozier all at the same time which is why we recommend installing basket shelves on your walls. Baskets provide a uniform look that naturally makes everything look more organized and it can easily hide items that we don’t want our guests to be looking at as they enter the bathroom like the extra toilet paper we have stored away for emergencies.

No Installation Required for Baskets

If we do not want to add or cannot install shelves to our walls, then we can choose to use baskets in another way to save space in our small bathroom. We can place baskets in a repurposed bar cart and fill it up with our necessities like washcloths, toilet paper, spare towels, extra loofahs, and so on or we can place baskets on a storage ladder that goes over our toilets. This is also an ideal way to benefit from using the space around our toilets since the ladders do not take up much space and are not wide enough to get in the way. If we have an open space under our vanity, then we can also place some baskets there to store away toiletries too.

Hang a Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers are more useful than we could ever imagine and one of the ways to take advantage of this shoe storage is by using one for our tiny bathroom. By using a shoe organizer as a storage space, it can reduce the clutter in our bathrooms and we can store just about anything in these spaces like toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, towels (depending how big the organizer is) and more. 

Dealing with a lack of space in your bathroom can make getting ready in the morning even more difficult, but we have some tips to help your daily routine get easier. Check out our latest blog on our website today.

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