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[1] Today’s featured recipe: Carne Asada Fries (recipe and photos #1, #3, #6 © Idaho Potato Commission).

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[2] Very popular: steak frites, steak with a side of fries (photo © LT Bar & Grill | Hackensack, New Jersey). [3] Baked fries with bacon, cheddar and scallions. The recipe link is below. [4] Trending: shoestring fries atop a burger (photo © Chef Eric Levine). [5] Why do chefs love their fries in duck fat? The rich and elegant duck fat flavor adds a hint of delicious “duckiness.” The recipe link is below. (photo © Benjamin Zanatta | Unsplash). [6] National Cook A Sweet Potato Day is February 22nd, but you can cook sweet potato fries today—shown here with...

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