The Back Porch

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come on over!

I love to be outdoors, and our back porch is one of my favorite places because it combines the outdoors with hosting or feeding family and friends. I’ve shared that when we moved into this house we brought over nearly every bit of furniture from the last house. Quite a bit of it worked inside the house, but a lot of our outdoor furniture wasn’t exactly right for the spaces.

This back porch is the main gateway to our pool and is heavily used during the warmer months. For a while, we had some larger furniture from our screened-in deck at the old house out here, and despite arranging what we had a few times, I realized that what we had just wasn’t working in this space the way we wanted to use it.

This made the most sense as a dining area and I wanted as large of a table as I could possibly find. I found this expandable table and fell in love immediately. Not only did it seat so many with the option of removing the leaves in order to make it smaller, but it was metal. Metal is low maintenance for outdoor furniture! I know myself and Justin well enough to know that the lower maintenance the better.

We got the table last year and it was one of those purchases that just fit perfectly in the space. I managed to buy all the dining chairs at Pier 1 on crazy sale since Pier 1 was going out of business so that was a nice win!

This spring we finally let go of our older lounge seating from the old house and swapped it out with the matching console table and a larger grill. This porch is now officially styled and finished! It serves the purpose we wanted it to perfectly: a spacious place to eat! The console table is great for setting food on, and there is a lot more space for hanging out now that our original larger lounge furniture is gone.

It’s truly one of my favorite places to be, and I’m so happy with how this space came together!

photos by Jordan Maunder, dress can be found here!

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