The Beauty And Simplicity Of The White-Wood-Grey-Green Color Palette

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Wood and plenty of plants just seem to feed the soul with calming vibes. The human body simply knows that it is supposed to be out within naturewhether youre a happy camper or not! Theres no need to worry though, you dont have to go braving it outside with all of the bugs and the bears to enjoy the benefits of natural surroundings, as these five white, wood, grey and green colour palette interiors so beautifully show. Natural timber elements, indoor plants and peaceful backdrops are all thats needed in which to refresh and recuperate in the comfort of your very own home.

Designer: BE3 design Visualizer: BE3 design

We travel first to an apartment in Warsaw, Poland. This home has a wonderfully peaceful and relaxed appeal, with simplistic furniture and natural vibes. A custom built sofa has been designed to incorporate storage drawers inside of its base, and a nook for books or magazines at one end.

The coffee table and media cabinet are built with matching timber, and the same wood is used as panelling on the wall around a set of balcony doors. An indoor hammock swings just inside the doors, where the homeowner can kick back and gaze upon the green view.

Indoor plants bring the garden inside of the home. An array of plant species tumble over the edge of a shelf high above the media cabinet, where it caps off a textured wall panel.

A projector screen drops down over the gypsum panel, negating the need for a cumbersome TV that might skew the calming, natural atmosphere of the home. The lamp is the JWDA table lamp by Menu.

A bespoke wooden floor bed is built into the full width of the bedroom. Closets are raised up onto the platform at one side, whilst wooden shutters open on the other. A white swing arm wall lamp and a pendant light brighten either bed side. See more bedroom pendant lights here.

The floor bed design incorporates storage chambers into the base.

A simplistic wooden wall shelf holds an alarm clock and a foliaged friend.

Basic white and wood kitchen cabinets are joined by a wood pegboard wall installation that wraps around a breakfast bar nook. See more white and wood kitchens.

A small kitchen table stands on the opposite side of the narrow kitchen space, with just enough room for two diners.

The second bedroom in this home has a much smaller area. Here, there is just enough room for a single daybed and a fold out desk design, so that the room can be used as a study.

In a change from the soft natural palette in the rest of the home, the bathroom has a bright yellow colour infusion.

Yellow tiles cover the floor and shower frame, and a yellow towel heater climbs the wall.

Designer: Long Hoang Visualizer: Long Hoang

Our second tour begins in a Scandinavian living room. Grey overtakes wood as the dominant tone in this design.

A grey sofa is plump with cushions and throws, opposite a modern armchair and a selection of coffee tables.

A graphic rug pulls the lounge arrangement together.

Dining room pendant lights tumble over an adjacent dining set.

The Scandinavian style chairs around the white dining table have been selected in two different finishes, one black and one natural wood.

The mix and match chair finishes bestow a relaxed vibe on the dining area.

A light grey L-shaped kitchen wraps the dining area.

Wooden wall shelves underline grey wall cabinets.

See more grey kitchens here.

A shelving unit between the kitchen and the bedroom is also the desk. A dining chair can be pulled up when required for use.

Wood flooring runs throughout the apartment, which begins a wonderful visual warmth from the ground up.

Natural tones accent white bedroom decor.

Black elements add weight and depth.

Designer: Esterior Design Visualizer: Esterior Design

Home interior number three has a sleeker vibe.

Black nesting coffee tables rest between a grey sofa and a chamois colour chair.

A throw on the sofa ties in with the colour of the accent chair. The colour tones perfectly with a timber hearth under the TV, and a nearby wooden dining table. A black swing arm wall lamp pulls together with the lounge coffee tables.

The dining table is positioned directly up against a white kitchen peninsula.

Tall wooden units back the kitchen and minimalist dining room, raising the colour temperature of a predominantly white space.

A wood countertop crosses the kitchen peninsula, which is high backed to screen kitchen messes from the rest of the crisp, clean living room.

Designer: Esterior Design Visualizer: Esterior Design

Our fourth white, wood, grey and green interior design is a room with a subtly tropical vibe, thanks to an indoor palm plant and a palm tree wall art.

Wood wall panelling warmly embraces the lower third of the room. A floor to ceiling window pulls outdoor greenery into the apartment.

A black floor lamp stands by the edge of a circular grey rug, which adds just the perfect amount of snug to the modern scheme.

A modern white desk and an Eames Eiffel chair both stand on natural wooden legs, which sing off a black backdrop.

Visualizer: Jonathan Nicholson

Our fifth and last interior is a home abundant with indoor plants.

The attractive glass coffee table in the centre of the low pile rug is a Platner coffee table replica.

An impressive sputnik chandelier shines its light through chic grey glass shades.

A terracotta throw pillow on the sofa links with terracotta plant pots in the room. A modern carafe dresses the coffee table.

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