This Blow Dryer Brush Gives Me Perfect 15-Minute Waves—And It’s Hair Health Expert-Approved

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For years, I’d splurge on Brazilian Blowouts (a type of keratin treatment that smooths hair and makes it look glossier). Then, COVID-19 hit and since it wasn’t possible to book an appointment anywhere, I bought myself the Drybar Double Shot blow dryer brush, a tool that promised to ease frizz and style my hair way faster than a traditional blow dryer. After years of tugging my lengths through hot-iron straighteners, this truly seemed like a time saver. The first morning I tried it, I gave myself an easy, 15-minute blowout, and was on with my day.


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double shot
Drybar Double Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush — $150.00

This blow dryer brush uses Ionic Technology to give you frizz-free waves—as fast as possible.

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I’ve been using the Double Shot for over year—it’s styled my hair for two birthdays, job interviews, and days when I feel like looking as if I’ve stepped out of a Dry Bar salon. Best of all? It’s easy to use—and healthier for your hair, since your strands are exposed to less heat.

Sharleen St. Surin-Lord, MD, a dermatologist and aesthetic surgeon who sees patients for everything from hair loss to hair removal, tells us: “It definitely is a healthier option. There was a paper published in 1992 on ‘bubble hair’ caused by blow drying one’s hair. When exposed to heat, over time, most hair did develop bubble-like deformities that facilitated breakage,” she says. “To have a blowdryer that exposes hair to less intense heat and for shorter periods of time, is definitely a safer, healthier option.”

What makes this blowdryer brush so effective is its design: Its vents give you maximum airflow for a sped-up version of a blowout. The nylon and tufted bristles are great for tension and control while styling, and the 2.44-inch oval barrel gives you ideal waves and curls (think thicker, “beachy” waves versus tighter ringlets). It’s also incredibly lightweight, so you don’t have to feel like it’s arm day at the gym.

And like I said earlier: It’s simple to use. After washing hair, towel-dry strands, brush, and use the Double Shot from root to tip—you can control how many times you wrap each section around the barrel so that you end up with the type of blowout you like. It’s like a trip to the salon any time I like—and I don’t even have to change out of my pajamas.

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