This striking collection of intense boho industrial interiors comes to us from the stunning portfolio of visualiser Yana Prydalna

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These extraordinary designs explore extremes through scale, depth of colour and unwavering commitment to the aesthetic. First, we’re going to take a look at two private residential apartments, where the bohemian decor style creates cosy layers for comfortable living, against a rugged industrial setting. Then, we’ll finish up with two incredible hotel room designs that will leave their discerning guests absolutely breathless. Astounding combinations of distinctive furniture, impressive lighting design, emotive natural texture and modern silhouettes abound to build unforgettable vacation experiences without ever leaving the accommodation.

We begin in Moscow, Russia, with a private residential apartment. A moody palette of deep neutrals puts a dramatic tilt on this boho industrial interior, where design elements are either boldly oversized or sport a chunky rustic weight.

A timber rustic coffee table is planted firmly on a bohemian rug with an espresso, mocha and cream weave.

The modern sectional sofa splits up the open plan living room, dividing the lounge area from a dining space behind.

Two enormous wicker pendants create a wow moment over the rectangle dining table and an industrial style kitchen island.

The rustic wooden kitchen island is topped with a cast concrete countertop, and a sleek induction cooking hob with integrated extractor.

Unique decorative vases adorn the timber table top.

RIch rustic wood panelling clads the length of the hallway, covering interior doors and a bank of storage cabinets by the entryway.

Deep rustic wood panels shape a bespoke home office desk too, which slots into a supportive column that divides the room. On one side of the custom desk, a small L-shaped sofa has been built upon a concrete base. To the other side, a tower of bookshelves climb to ceiling height.

Earthenware jugs bring boho vibes to the bookshelves. A stack of wine and a vintage style Marshall portable stereo speaker equip relaxation and reading time.

In the kids bedroom design, a play loft has been installed above the platform bed to extend the usable space. A chalkboard wall provides a place for spontaneous creativity by the kid’s desk.

In this alternative visualisation, the play loft has been boxed in with rustic timber boards, and a kid’s climbing wall has been installed in place of the chalkboard feature.

An understated fabric platform bed brings the comfort factor to an industrial style concrete bedroom decor scheme. An atmospheric oil painting forms a headboard feature behind the biscuit coloured bedstead, whilst a huge woven pendant light shade spotlights a basic timber bedside table. See more inspiration for beautiful bedroom pendant lights here.

Glass closets line a small but perfectly formed dressing room.

Rattan linen baskets bring in the laid back bohemian touch.

A stacked washing machine and tumble dryer equip a compact laundry space.

Dark wood cabinetry conceals household cleaning supplies. Robust wicker baskets attractively organise the upper shelves.

Grey sanitaryware melds darkly with shadowy bathroom decor. A rustic towel ladder climbs the shower wall, alongside a tower of recessed shelves for toiletries.

A cistern concealment wall cuts away to create a shelf that extends across the modern pedestal sink.

We travel next to an alluring home in the forest, where we’re met with the welcoming glow of a modern concrete fireplace. A small side table and a round coffee table make a weighty set in the centre of the cosy living space.

The rectangle dining table is an industrial concrete creation, offset with warm wood dining chairs and rustic stools.

WIcker dining pendant shades lighten the look and add a spray of boho style.

Ceiling beams pull the warm wooden accent through the concrete open concept.

Modern fruit bowls create a centrepiece down the industrial dining table.

Inside the bedroom, gigantic pendant lights dominate the boho aesthetic.

Patterned pillows and layered throws stack tactile cosy comfort on the bed.

A black and white bohemian rug underlines the layout with a captivating concentric pattern.

The Chandigarh chair by Pierre Jeanneret makes a stylish bedroom addition.

A decorative vase complements the chairs open weave.

A decorative macramé wall hanging adds tonal colour to the concrete covered wall.

In the bathroom, a large illuminated vanity mirror dominates the small space. A round rug complements the mirror’s circular outline.

Our next extraordinary piece from this boho industrial collection is a striking hotel suite.

Stunning pendant shades fluff a deeply textural focal point over the hotel bar.

A concrete base builds a modern platform bed in the hotel room. Wooden slats fashion a rustic headboard.

Long rattan pendant shades hang low over cast concrete bedside tables.

The bed frame extends wide to hold a little more bedside decor and a stocked fruit bowl.

A unique stone bathtub is matched by a solid side table.

A freeform concrete volume makes a ledge on which to display decorative vases. A thatched pendant light hangs playful texture above the tub.

We finish our tour at another spectacular hotel.

A black circular motif sweeps an imposing statement across the headboard wall, where an oversized tassel descends a central decorative element. The unusual feature creates a dark contrasting backdrop for natural bed linen and an eye catching rope pendant light.

A natural rug lays down a light textural base for an uplifting finish.

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