Tour our newly finished master bathroom reveal, featuring marble, gold, vintage wood and other beautiful organic raw textures.

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*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floor & Decor. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m so thrilled to be sharing another finished space in our pole barn home! Admittedly, progress is slower than I would like as we are moving as fast as time and money will allow. We are trying to be patient in the process and enjoy every little change we make.


See the bathroom tour in action!

The foundational elements in this bathroom are marble and gold.  We installed Carrara marble tile on the floor,  half way up the walls and surrounding every surface in the shower. Marble trim, baseboard and even marble outlet covers make this small bathroom feel so luxurious. 


All our marble tile and trim is from Floor & Decor. I’m always like a kid in a candy store viewing their huge selection of marble tile at incredible prices. I really enjoyed mixing and matching a variety of pieces to pull this room together.

If you haven’t seen it already, I did a very detailed post and video all about our selection and process for installing the marble in this room as well as our design plans. Here are direct links to all the marble tile products I used, for your reference.

Bathroom Flooring Marble Tile
Bathroom Walls Marble Tile
Marble Baseboard
Marble Trim
Shower Floor Marble Tile

Once the marble tile project was done, I had so much fun adding in fixtures, decor and bathroom essentials. The theme and style for this space is the same as what is guiding me throughout the entire home, and that is a European Farmhouse style, infused with organic and raw materials, colors and textures.


Let’s take a look at the gold fixtures I added.  I love the marble and gold combo, because I feel it is very timeless.  I started by finding a gold waterfall shower faucet, which we just love.

We had to special order some gold plated hardware for the shower glass . . . which is not actually glass – but I’ll get to that in a second.

Other fixtures with gold metals are our gold vessel sink faucet, gold towel rods here and here and gold towel hooks, a gold toilet paper holder and a gold accordion wall mirror.

One of my favorite finds is this gold deer head I decided to use in the shower to hang washcloths and loofahs. 


I’m really excited to tell you about this shower door and panel.  This frameless shower door style is technically called a European Shower door, and is really growing in popularity.  

Without the metal frames, it allows the space to feel more airy, spacious and makes your shower door significantly easier to clean.

We went to a specialized mirror and glass company in our area to get a quote on what it would cost for a European glass shower door and panel for this space.  Just to have them cut it for us to install, it was going to cost close to $2000.  I about died, so we started looking for other options.  We found a place about an hour away that had ½ inch thick plexiglass and would cut to size for us for a little less than $300.  We were thrilled! 

The plexiglass is as clear as glass, it’s thick and hefty, cleans amazingly well, and I believe the only way someone would know it wasn’t glass is if they tapped it with their nails. 

Plexiglass also won’t shatter like a glass door would, which is something to consider if you are also in earthquake territory like us.  The biggest downside is that it might scratch easier than glass, so that is something we will need to be careful of – but well worth the cost savings.

Some other fun details in the shower area are a place for a soap dish, a marble bench, and this handy cubby we built to hold our soaps and things.


Let’s move onto the details of this beautiful vanity!  

About a year ago, I found this antique piece at an estate sale.  I bought it knowing that someday it would make a one-of-a-kind vanity or buffet, and this was just the space for it. 

It was actually a wet bar with a recessed countertop.  We cut the holes for the sink, and bought a marble remnant slab from a countertop place in our area and we placed it right on top. 

The marble vessel sink is from Floor & Decor.

In total, this vanity came to about $500, which if you’ve shopped for vanities, you know that is a steal of a deal, especially considering how unique and beautiful this one is! 

I love the age, the finish and how it so perfectly brought in the European Farmhouse look I was after.

I don’t love that I don’t have drawer space for my cosmetics, but we’ve worked around that with baskets inside the cupboards.  When we first got it in, I was a little concerned with how dark it was compared to the light filled marble room, but once I started adding in more darker elements and decor, it all came together perfectly.

For the mirror, we had a piece cut to the size we wanted, and then we framed it with the marble chair rail from Floor & Decor.


A little more on the light fixtures. Above the vanity, I found this really beautiful covered bar light, which softens the light really well, perfect for gentle vanity lighting. 

I adore this scalloped glass pendant light I found for over by the shower.


I had a lot of fun picking artwork for this bathroom. I found these amazing male and female portraits from 2 different online shops that sell vintage prints.  I feel like they were made for each other. 

I love that they are both profile depictions, working so well to face them towards each other.  They are dark, moody and have the perfect European vibe.  I framed them with some thrifted frames I had collected through the years. My kids and I have had fun giving these portraits names and stories.  This is Mr. Balentime, British of course. 

He is wealthy, yet humble and desperately in love with Christenssa, the quiet and meek maid of the house.

It was pretty entertaining to read the novel my daughter is writing all about them.

I’ve also included one of my favorite pictures of my husband and I, when we met and began dating at a dude ranch in Wyoming for the Summer – which is another love story for another day.


I’m excited to tell you a bit more about the towels and linens I picked for this space.

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with linen and fabrics.  To me, they are the piece de resistance for any space.  I splurged a bit on our towels to ensure I got the texture and variety I wanted for this master bathroom – which is technically my only current daily retreat from the chaos of motherhood.  I found these 100% linen waffle towels on Etsy, and my jaw dropped. The texture is to die for and I love the natural colors. 

I also reached out to one of my favorite towel companies, Olive & Linen, to see if they wanted to work together to showcase some of their beautiful Turkish towels and products, which fit so well with my style. 

This is the most beautiful quick drying linen hand towel, with a beautiful frayed edge. 

They sent me items from their Bliss collection, which is so stunning.

I love the creamy color, the blue/black stripes and sweet frayed edging.  These Turkish towels are actually terri cloth on the inside making them the most perfect absorbent Turkish towel I’ve ever used.

They have hand towels, bath towels, and even this beautiful robe in the Bliss collection.

This dark gray waffle robe is also from Olive & Linen.


Finally, I want to show you some of the antique finds I went shopping for to decorate this space. 

Of course, I won’t have direct sources for them, but I hope it inspires you with ideas of what to look for when you are antique shopping for your own unique spaces.  I found this darling woven stool that looks so perfect next to the vanity.  The texture and wear is so pretty to me.

It’s not one I want my kids standing or sitting on, but it is the perfect filler for this awkward space between the toilet and vanity and a great spot to prop some extra towels.

I found this amazing basket I am using as a wastebasket.

I found a really cool croc to hold a plant for the bathroom, which helps the room feel so fresh.

I found this wooden hand carved bowl which I like to use for storing my combs and brushes in and at easy reach.

This is an old spice shaving cup, we inherited from my husband’s great grandfather.  I use it to store hair elastics and such.

I found this small antique rug on Etsy.  I love that it isn’t so big that it hides our beautiful herringbone marble flooring.


I also did some shopping online to find unique canisters and cosmetic bottles for the shelves and the countertop.  I hide my chapsticks inside this marble lidded canister.

I filled our built in shelving with amber glass bottles for my homemade natural body and room sprays, body scrubs and more.

This room is just filled with sweet little details that make me happy and make getting ready in the morning feel like a pampering experience every day. (Like this marble soap dispenser).

I’ve mentioned it before, but for a master bathroom, this is a pretty small space.  However, it feels absolutely perfect and beautiful because we brought so much of what we love into every corner.

I hope this reveal has inspired you with ideas of your own.  It feels so good to finally have a master bathroom and to not have to share with our 4 kids, even though they do sneak in as much as possible because they love it too!  We are now working on completely finishing the kids bathroom, and I’m excited to share that with you when it is finished.  You can catch all our progress on our pole barn home right here!

I hope you’ll subscribe and follow me along for more inspiration for do-it-yourself living!  Thanks for reading! It would be really helpful if you could pin some of your favorite images from this post!

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