Whether it’s her birthday, Mother’s Day, or the holidays, Mom deserves a thoughtful gift that perfectly expresses your love and admiration for her

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She’s been there for you through thick and thin, knows you better than anyone in the world, and is also incredibly hard to shop for. Hatching the perfect gift idea for Mom is a challenge, no matter the special occasion or her nonchalant attitude about receiving gifts.

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with the best gifts for any Mom, be it the woman who raised you, Grandma, or your mother-in-law. Don’t settle for a boring gift card, last-minute lotion, or the typical bracelet, instead opt for a sentimental gift that shows you know her style and personality and proves you’re Mom’s favorite. Check out this gift guide to find the ideal personalized gift for any occasion and any Mom.

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Experience Gifts
Mom already has enough stuff, so give her an adventure she can enjoy with friends or family and will remember for years. This is a gift you don’t have to tie to a certain date; give Mom extra flexibility by having her redeem her experience gift whenever she wants. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that Mom has fun and gets to spend quality time with her loved ones.
1. Girls’ Weekend Getaway
Give Mom a well-deserved mini-vacation to ring in her birthday with her best friends. Organize a trip to the nearest beach town, a countryside cottage, or an outing to the big city so she can spend a few days relaxing and relinquishing her Mom duties. Whether she travels near or far, don’t forget her personalized luggage tag so she never loses her important belongings.
2. Beach Trip
For the perfect Mother’s Day experience, plan a fun family beach trip so she can spend the day lounging in the sun and dipping in the ocean with her loved ones. Bring the grill, champagne, coolers, and custom beach towels to celebrate Mom with a family outing everyone can enjoy.

3. Picnic In The Park
Help Dad with a sweet gift for Mom by organizing a romantic picnic in the park. Don’t forget the picnic basket, tablecloth, small sandwiches, and, of course, the wine in its personalized neoprene wine tote for a beautiful and elegant date.
4. Tour Of The City
Whether Mom recently moved to a new area or has lived in the same city forever, she’s likely never had a proper tour of the city she calls home. Gift her a fun outing during the holidays or her birthday so she can finally see all the cool places she’s been missing out on.
5. Hiking Trip
If Mom loves the outdoors and spending time in nature, find a new hiking trail she hasn’t been to before and spend quality time with her as a birthday or Mother’s Day gift. Include new hiking boots as part of this cool experience gift, or a customized water bottle with photos of you and her on it.
6. Concert Tickets
Encourage Mom to relive her youth with concert tickets to see her favorite artist. Get dressed up, bring her friends, and have a dance-off so she can blow off steam and party like she’s 20 again. Or, get her tickets to the local orchestra concert so she can have a sophisticated celebration.
7. Wine Tasting

For an elegant birthday party or Mother’s Day, gift Mom a wine tasting at a nearby winery. Bring family and friends, or go together to spend quality time, and make sure she brings her personalized stemless wine glass with her favorite quote on it to try all the delicious varieties.
8. Backyard Camping
For an experience gift for Mom that doesn’t require leaving the house, go camping or glamping right in your backyard. Give Mom a fun camping adventure complete with a tent, a small campfire if possible, s’mores, campfire songs, and personalized cups to fully embrace the mood of the evening.

Subscription Gifts
Get Mom a great gift she’ll be using all the time, especially when stuck at home for a while. Give her a subscription or membership to a product or service she loves, and make sure to couple it with a small personalized present for her that’ll make her enjoy the gift even more.
9. Magazine Subscription
Subscribe Mom to her favorite fashion, lifestyle, or home design magazine so she can enjoy her literature in paper form. Take advantage of holiday deals with this perfect Christmas gift so she can start her new year right.
10. Museum Membership
If she loves art, history, or marine life, consider a museum or aquarium membership as a thoughtful and unique birthday gift for Mom. Now, she can visit her favorite exhibition whenever she wants and can use her new personalized notebook to write down her thoughts and opinions of it.
11. Monthly Book Subscription

Encourage Mom to take a break and curl up with a good book under a custom photo blanket featuring a quote from her favorite author. Make sure her monthly book subscription includes novels from her preferred genre—be it murder mystery or romance—and those from her favorite authors.
12. Music Streaming Subscription
If Mom still listens to CDs or the radio, make her life easier and put her music in one place with a streaming service that lets her listen right from her smartphone. Make sure her favorite artists and albums are available and show her how easily she can stream all her favorite music.
13. Yoga Class
What Mom doesn’t love yoga? Encourage her passion and meditative spirit with a pass to her favorite yoga studio. Of course, don’t forget her custom gym bag where she can store her yoga mat, water bottle, and other necessities.
14. Audiobook Subscription
If Mom doesn’t have time to read the old-fashioned way, help her get through those books she’s been putting off with an audiobook subscription. She can listen to whatever she wants right from her smartphone, whether she’s on a run, commuting, or simply relaxing at home.

At-Home Stress Relief Gifts
Being a Mom is a never-ending job, and it makes sense she’s busy and stressed at times, especially if she’s a new mom. Help her take a day off with these great gift ideas for stress relief and customized presents for mom to enhance her relaxation.
15. At-Home Spa Day

Treat Mom to a luxe at-home spa experience by giving her an essential oil set, a new diffuser, a massager, and personalized scented candles to create a relaxing vibe. Throw in a bath bomb gift set filled with her favorite scents and colors. Take the opportunity to DIY by making your own bath bombs in whatever shapes, sizes, and colors you like. Set up her bath, and let her enjoy well-deserved alone time on Mother’s Day or her birthday.
16. Home Gardening Kit And New Plants
Gardening is a great meditative hobby to take Mom’s mind off things and help her connect with nature. Expand her garden with a plant kit filled with high-quality soil, new shovels, and the seeds of her favorite flowers and herbs. Top it off with a custom garden stone that says “Mom’s Garden.”
17. Meditation Book
Encourage Mom to eliminate her stress and take up meditation by gifting her a book that explains this subtle art and the different techniques she can use. Mom will adore this thoughtful gift that shows you care about her well-being and want to help decrease her stress.
18. Jewelry Polishing Kit
Another meditative activity Mom can pursue when she needs a break is polishing her jewelry, especially those personalized pendant necklaces and photo bracelets she loves so much. With her jewelry polishing kit, Mom will have something to do with her hands when she needs to relax and a way to clean her items.
19. Robe And Slippers
If she doesn’t have these items already, Mom absolutely has to have a fuzzy robe and slippers to wear after a relaxing bath or shower. This sweet gift is perfect for Grandma, but works for a Mom of any age since everyone can appreciate a comfy and cute robe.
20. Journaling Supplies
For mental relaxation, inspire Mom to start writing down her thoughts in a personalized journal decorated with fun quotes or family photos. She can use it as a diary, to doodle, or as a bullet journal. The possibilities are endless but the end goal is the same: to help her relax her mind and wind down from her hectic life.

Kitchen Gadgets
If Mom is a big foodie and loves to experiment with different kitchen tools, fuel her hobby and help her stay entertained indoors with fun kitchen gadgets and personalized mom gifts. Whether she loves coffee or tea, baking or cooking, these cool gift ideas will knock it out of the park.
21. Coffee Brewing Kit
Coffee is probably one of her favorite things. Take the “run” out of “coffee run” and give her something she can use to make her lattes and cappuccinos without having to leave the house. Whether that’s an espresso machine or a pour-over kit, throw in a personalized coffee mug or a photo latte mug for added sentimentality to this practical present.
22. TV Chef Cookbook
Unleash Mom’s foodie spirit with a cool new cookbook from her favorite TV personality. Inspire her master chef skills as she tries out all the amazing recipes from a chef she admires, and reap the benefits in the form of delicious meals she’ll cook for the whole family.
23. Baking Tools
Encourage Mom to bake more cookies and cakes for you with new baking tools she’ll love. Opt for measuring cups, an electric mixer, cupcake liners, piping tips, and a personalized apron with a cute illustration of Mom’s spirit animal, and her name.
24. Tea Set
For the tea-loving mom, give her the best holiday or birthday gift by putting together an elegant tea set she’ll use with important guests. Include the usual cups, saucers, and teapot, but make sure to add her favorite loose-leaf teas and a custom tea towel to make her gift extra special.
25. Home Bar Set
Sometimes, Mom needs a drink too. Encourage a mixology hobby or add to her barware with bottles of her favorite liquor, a cocktail shaker, flavored syrups, personalized shot glasses, muddlers, and other tools to get her started.

26. Professional Knife Set
Replace Mom’s old dull knives with sharp new ones that’ll make chopping ingredients so much easier. Pair her new knives with a custom cutting board displaying your family name, or a fun quote like “Live, Love, Cook.”

Home Decor Gifts
While on mandatory stay-cation, Mom is probably going to be redecorating and sprucing up the house, so give her a thoughtful gift she’ll be happy to look at every day and that’ll add to her home decor collection.
27. Favorite Memories Photo Book
For this sentimental gift, make sure to get the right photo prints of all the important events in the last few years or your whole life. Focus on family vacations, or on day-to-day photos, whichever makes the most sense, and create a sweet family photo book Mom will treasure and display in the living room for all to see.
28. Chalkboard Wall
Transform a wall in your kitchen or dining room into a fun chalkboard wall where everyone can draw and write, or where Mom can create a calendar and schedule for family members. Whether you do this as a surprise, or make it a fun DIY activity together while stuck indoors, Mom will love a gift that transforms an entire wall into an original and fun family space.
29. Quote Sign
Use wooden wall art to create a quote sign Mom can hang in the living room or kitchen. Pick a funny phrase like “I don’t need an inspirational quote. What I need is a cup of coffee”, and print it on the sign for a fun and thoughtful gift.
30. Art Prints
Take Mom’s home decor to the next level by giving her a large canvas print depicting family photos or beautiful vacation scenery for a rustic overall home aesthetic. Or, give the gift of a large metal print with an artsy colorful collage for a minimalist home decor look. She’ll love this unique gift as a birthday or Mother’s Day present.

31. Large Indoor Plant
Add greenery to Mom’s home with a large indoor plant that adds to a natural home decor look. Make sure to get a pot that matches her aesthetic, whether it’s a simple terra cotta, a woven basket, rose gold metal, or a copper planter.

Home Office Gifts
Mom is probably working from home now, and she needs personalized office accessories to make her work time the most enjoyable it can be. Check out these holiday, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll make mom excited to work from home every day.
32. Personalized Desk Supplies
Spiff up Mom’s desk with new supplies she’ll use all the time. Get cute colorful pencils, personalized notepads, and a stylish wooden desk caddy featuring family photos to store all of her supplies.
33. Custom Planning Tools
Get Mom the perfect Christmas gift in the form of a personalized planner and a custom calendar. Help her keep track of her meetings, appointments, and important events with these gifts. Etch her monogram for an elegant planner, and upload holiday-themed family photos for the calendar.
34. Noise-Cancelling Headphones
While she’s working at home, the rest of the family is probably being their normal loud selves. Get Mom noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones so she can focus on her work and not get distracted by the kids. This sweet gift will show her you understand her struggle and want to help.
35. Office Decor
Make her office her sanctuary with fun decor that reflects her personality and style. Go for large abstract art, watercolor works, or family portraits all over her office. Give Mom a desktop plaque with a photo of her parents or the family pet to help make the space hers.
36. Office Chair Seat Cushion and Pillow
Mom deserves to stay comfortable while she’s working all day, so consider the gift of an office chair seat cushion, and a photo pillow for her back. Personalize the pillow with her favorite place or landmark—the Eiffel Tower with “Paris” written next to it, the mountains of Colorado, or the New York City skyline.

37. Personalized Office Mug
Since Mom is working in her office all day, she’ll need her coffee to stay hot longer than it would in a regular mug. Get her a personalized travel mug that’ll keep her drink hot (or cold) for a long time even if she’s not on the go. Display photos of family on the mug so she can enjoy sweet memories while sipping her morning coffee.
Closing Thoughts
Whether she’s working from home, needs to relieve stress, or wants to pursue a new hobby, there are plenty of unique gifts for Mom she’ll appreciate and put to good use. Make her next birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day extra special with the right gift for the most important woman in your life. Think outside the box with an experience or subscription gift, or go for something out of the ordinary with a customized present Mom will cherish forever.

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