Whether you are an experienced beekeeper or a hobbyist, or you just start your journey in beekeeping, the best honey extractor is a must-have item for you

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Instead of crushing combs to extract liquid honey, you can use this wonderful device to keep the combs intact, so that it can be reused by the bees. A honey extractor works by spinning the honey from the comb through the use of centrifugal force. Since most of the wax cells don’t have caps, the honey then runs down the comb walls and pools at the bottom, where it is then pumped out by the extractor.

Although the decision to get a honey extractor when you need it the most seems pretty easy, there are a lot of details you need to work through first. There are various types of extractors, manual or electric, different volumes of capacity – two frames to hundreds, various material that it’s made of, different types of tanks and gear, the levels of quality and how easy it is to assemble and clean a unit.
Top 6 Honey Extractors Review 2020
Through our hours of research, you can easily choose which is the best honey extractor for you. From going through our table quickly laying out the six best brand names to the in-detail reviews of each product, you can easily choose which honey extractor works best in your situation. If you need a little extra help with purchasing, you can also refer to our buying guide, located at the bottom of the article.
Image and Rating Name and Features Price 9.6 1. VIVO BEE-V004B Editor's Choice Editor's Choice
Lightweight, yet quiet capacious, this model will be ideal for hobbyists who are growing out into the personal business
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.5 2. Goplus Large 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor Most Protective Most Protective
Durable and easy-to-use extractor, which is the right pick for economical buyers, searching for good quality
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.0 3. Goplus Large 4/8 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor Longest Lasting Honey Extractor Longest Lasting Honey Extractor
Easy to assemble and disassemble, this kit at an affordable price is a great investment for beginners
Check PriceRead Our Review 9.0 4. VINGLI Upgraded 2 Frame Honey Extractor Budget Pick Budget Pick
Designed so that it can hold various-sized frames, this honey extractor can last you years without rusting and abrasion
Check PriceRead Our Review 8.8 5. Honey Keeper Pro Electric 4-Frame Honey Extractor Best Electric Honey Extractor Best Electric Honey Extractor
This kit has an ideal size for those looking to make a bit of money with their honey
Check PriceRead Our Review 8.6 6. Thaoya Honey Extractor Best First-Timer Pick Best First-Timer Pick
Starter pack which is easy to assemble, clean and use, a nice choice for hobby beekeepers
Check PriceRead Our Review 54. VIVO BEE-V004B – Editor's Choice Features Type: manual honey extractor Capacity: 4 to 8frames Material: stainless steel, metal gears Total height: 41.5″ Drum height: 23.75″ Drum diameter: 18.5″ More features: clear plexiglas lid, two side top lids, grooved plastic handle, 2″ honey gate, 120 W (1.0 amp, 1/6 HP) motor VIEW ON AMAZON 9.6
For keeping dirt and debris from contaminating the honey, the VIVO BEE-V004B has a plexiglas lid and two side top lids, to make sure that the honey remains pure and useful.

The interior of the design is also constructed to extract maximum amounts of honey and minimize the amount of waste so you can get the most profit – whether it’s money or taste, out of your honey.

The efficient, built-to-last model is electricity-operated and can hold from four to eight frames, which is the perfect amount for a beekeeper who is just growing out into the personal business.

Since it is easy to clean, you can get the most usage out of it and it will last a lot longer.
Pros Its stainless steel construction makes it extremely durable Affordable for an everyday hobby beekeeper Simple to clean and assemble Prevents contamination and dirt from getting into the honey with the lids Lightweight yet holds 4–8 frames Its conical bottom minimizes amount of honey on walls Cons There are no instructions for the installation 55. Goplus Large 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor – Most Protective Features Type: manual honey extractor Capacity: 2 frames Material: stainless steel Total height: 30.3″ Drum diameter: 15.7″ More features: fits shallow, medium and deep frames, 2 clear lids to keep debris out, flat bottom, tangential VIEW ON AMAZON 9.5
It is tangential, so the frames go in one side facing out, the other side facing in toward the central shaft and one side of each frame is extracted at a time, which helps prevent “blowouts” where the weight of the honey on the inside breaks the comb and blows through.

It is easy to use, which makes it a great investment for beginners. It also comes rather affordable for a hobby beekeeper. The design is constructed with stainless steel material that is sturdy and durable enough to last a few years.

The extractor hosts shallow, medium, and deep frames, which gives you a variety to work with. If you’re under a tight budget and want an extractor to harvest your honey, this is a perfect choice.

Its protective film is what really sets it apart from other extractors on the market. This extra feature will help keep your honey protected from debris and other contaminating possibilities.
Pros Perfect for a beginner beekeeper Has a protective film layer to keep the honey clean and decontaminated Takes less than five minutes to assemble Cons Only holds a few frames so is not ideal for a professional beekeeper 56. Goplus Large 4/8 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor – Longest Lasting Honey Extractor Features Type: manual honey extractor Capacity: 4 to 8 frames Material: high grade 201 stainless steel Total height: 32″ Drum height: 24″ Drum diameter: 20″ More features: 2 clear lids to keep away debris, metal gear and its housing, comes with a simple and easy-to-follow guide VIEW ON AMAZON 9.0
With its three-legged structure, the stable Goplus Honey Extractor is a great buy for a honey keeper that is looking to fit shallow, medium, and deep frames for a sizable amount of hives.

Be forewarned, however, that you have to put in a little manual labor since it is manually driven. However, what you put in with some hard work you make up for in price.

There are two clear lids that are designed to keep unwanted debris away from the honey that’s inside – the protective plastic film and stainless steel also ensures durability and protection from dilution.

The assembly is pretty straightforward and can easily be mounted by even the most beginner of beekeepers. With easy instructions, the kit can be assembled and disassembled simply. The gear and its housing are also made with all metal material, which allows for durability and reliability.
Pros Great value in parts and performance for an affordable price Easy clean up, simply needing soap and hot water Durable construction with high-grade materials Clear lid for monitoring process is in place Cons Not a great investment for those with a lot of honey or a lot of bees 57. VINGLI Upgraded 2 Frame Honey Extractor – Budget Pick Features Type: manual honey extractor Capacity: 2 frames Material: barrel and inner frame – food grade 304 stainless steel; stand: 201 stainless steel Total height: 47.3″ Drum diameter: 19.3″ More features: handles up to 2 standard deep, medium, or shallow frames, heavy duty capacity VIEW ON AMAZON 9.0
With adjustable legs that can change the height of the extractor so that you can fit your 5-gallon bucket, the VINGLI honey extractor is very adjustable and versatile to fit your needs.

With an anti-rust solid construction of stainless steel, your honey extractor can last you years without rusting and abrasion. It keeps your honey clean of contamination and is also easy to clean – needing just warm, soapy water after every use.

You can view the process through the clear plastic lid while keeping particles and dust off of the honey during extraction.

It also handles various sizes of frame holders, from deep to medium to shallow, which means that no matter what task you have on-hand, this extractor can cover it.
Pros Great product for a budget Adjustable legs and height for your set-up, no matter what it is Made of stainless steel for protection and long-lasting duration Clear lid so you can see the process Can hold various sized frames Cleans up easy Cons Doesn't come with instruction sheet for assembly 58. Honey Keeper Pro Electric 4-Frame Honey Extractor – Best Electric Honey Extractor Features Type: electric Capacity: 4 frames Material: stainless steel Total height: 48″ Drum height: not specified Drum diameter: 22″ More features: Handles up to 4 standard deep, 8 medium or 8 shallow frames, easy to assemble, use, and clean; clear plastic lids, a safety on\off switch VIEW ON AMAZON 8.8
For casual beekeepers and hobby honey collectors, the Honey Keeper Pro is a great size for those looking to make a bit of money with their honey.

Designed with stainless steel, it is a commonplace material but can be pretty resistant to scratches and other accidents. It is easy to assemble and clean – just needing warm water and some soap.

The construction allows a 5-gallon bucket to stand underneath, collecting the honey for draining. It is also designed so that when the lid is opened, the unit switches off, making it convenient to use, especially if you are forgetful or have a lot of things going on.

The plastic lids are also see-through clear so that you can observe and keep an eye on the frames during the entire process, just in case.

The safety on and off switch is also a perfect feature in case you have children around.
Pros It is low cost and low-maintenance, perfect for the hobby beekeeper Does not compromise function or performance Made with stainless steel so it is constructed durably Can be disassembled and assembled really quickly, especially for cleaning With tangential mode, it gets job done much faster Cons Poor instructions on assembly for inexperienced users Small defects in the design seemed to be reported 59. Thaoya Honey Extractor – Best First-Timer Pick Features Type: manual honey extractor Capacity: 4 to 8 frames Material: stainless steel More features: fits shallow, medium and deep frames, durable VIEW ON AMAZON 8.6
Perfect for a beginner, this honey extractor comes in a set of eight-pieces equipment including a bee brush, a tube, an uncapping fork, a queen catcher, a hive tool, a spur wire wheel embedder, a frame grip, and a marking cage hive tool. All of these extra pieces of equipment make the perfect setup for a beginner beekeeper.

The extractor works easily with the 5-gallon buckets, which seem to be the most common size for a hobby beekeeper. It saves time by filtering the honey with just one tool.

Its stainless steel material gives it the durability you’re looking for at a price you can manage – especially as a starter kit. The best part about it? It comes with an instruction manual to help those who are just beginning!
Pros Fits 5-gallon bucket with ease Made with various filters so the honey is protected from debris Great starter kit with multiple parts Easy to maintain, assemble, and clean Cons Poor craftsmanship for experienced beekeepers

Buying Guide
Whether you've found one of our top six honey extractors that have suited you or you still haven't found yours yet, here is a buying guide that can help you find another – or seal the deal on one of those mentioned up above. When making the selection, it’s important that you know what are the best features to look out for and what sets the best out from the rest.
There are four different types of honey extractors, manual, electrical, tangential, and radial – all particularly made and designed to suit your needs.

Manual honey extractors are operated by hand and don't have an electric motor. Normally, since these manual extractors only have about two to four frames, they are often used by hobbyists that don't care for too many bees. They are also advantageously used because they do not damage the delicate wax combs too easily and are much more affordable than the electrical type. For example, the Goplus Large 4/8 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor is a manual extractor. Although it is a bit of work, it is a much more affordable option.

Electrical honey extractors resort to an electric motor to spin the frames and are generally sought out by large-scale commercial beekeepers. They offer convenience and consistency when extracting large amounts of honey and are relatively easy to operate.

There are two types of electrical extractors defined by how the frames are assembled in the basket – ones with Tangential baskets and ones with Radial baskets. Tangential baskets normally have one side of the combing facing outwards and Radial baskets have the top bar of the frame facing outwards.
Depending on what type of beekeeper you are will determine what capacity you need.

As mentioned earlier, the manual honey extractors normally hold 2–4 frames, which is suitable for a hobbyist with a maximum of 10 colonies. If you range yourself as a small beekeeper and are responsible for 10–50 colonies, you'll need a motorized, self-turning extractor that holds from 4 deep frames to 8 shallow frames.

If you consider yourself a commercial beekeeper and are in charge of up to 200 colonies, you'll need a radial extractor with the capacity of holding from 36–60 frames. If you get a self-turning extractor, you can choose one with 12–16 frames.
Lastly, if you're a big guy on campus and run industrial beekeeping with over 200 colonies, you'll need a semi- or fully automatic machine. These take care of a minimum of 60 frames. Material
When choosing a honey extractor, you can either pick one made out of plastic, metal or steel.

The plastic extractors are going to be the more affordable option but aren't recommended for someone who is trying to develop or maintain a franchise – these are more for the hobbyists.

You can choose one made of metal, which is less affordable but will definitely be much more reliable than ones made of plastic and are recommended for those who consider themselves as a small beekeeper.

The stainless-steel option is perfect for those looking to go commercial and need a highly-efficient honey extractor that is also really dependable. You will probably be spending a little more but, of course, it will be like an investment into the business.

Shape of Bottom
You can either opt for a spherical or conical shape. Normally, most honey extractors are shaped as a spherical or cylindrical shape. However, you can opt for a conical bottom on your honey extractor for maximum honey extraction – to draw out the honey to the perimeter.
To understand which size is best for you, here are some numbers:
The two most common sizes are the 6/9 and the 10/20. However, if you have just a couple of hives, you can opt for a smaller size. The 6/9 extractor holds 6 frames in radial and 3 more in tangential. The 10/20 extractor holds 10 radially and 20 tangentially. Cleaning and Maintaining
Once you've extracted the honey, you'll need to clean it before using it again. There are a few ways to do this, however, the easiest way is to simply level the extractor, close the gate and then fill it with cold water to the top, leaving it overnight to soak. When you empty it out the next morning, rinse it again with cold water and dry it with a towel or a hair dryer. Just like with any of the products above, you can easily wash them out with warm soapy water.
Whether you are a first-time beekeeper or a honey-storing veteran looking for an upgrade, you probably have a few questions about the process. Here are our most frequently asked questions answered to help you out.
Can I use a cordless drill with a manual honey extractor?
You can use a cordless drill with a manual honey extractor by connecting it with an adaptor that is specifically designed for you to operate the extractor with a power drill. After removing the handle, you connect the drive shaft to a power drill. Since, even for a 2-frame honey extractor, the labor is quite arduous, you can use a power drill – normally with 20 lbs. of torque to start the rotation and then accelerate it to centrifugal speeds. However, this isn't normally the case – you just have to find the right tool for the job. I want to collect honey in a 5 gal. bucket.
What model should I choose?
You can easily use any type of models, however, centrifugal honey extractors that have the comb placed at the top bucket and then is spun rapidly, allowing the honey to settle at the bottom is the most common and most recommended. The 5 gal. bucket is the go-to for backyard beekeepers because it’s enough volume for 2-4 frames, comes with a lid for storekeeping and is FDA-approved for keeping your honey safe and suitable.
What units can extract both sides of the frame?
When comparing the available models, larger models – those capable of holding more frames – simultaneously extract both sides of the frame. With smaller-sized models, you need to flip the frame sides face outward and inward since they are only capable of holding a few frames at a time. Generally, it all depends on your honey-extracting goal to dictate which unit is the most convenient. If you are a backyard beekeeper, you won’t be needing that large of an extractor and can probably get away with owning one that only holds around 2–4 frames. This type will be most convenient for you in size and in costs to maintain and purchase in the first place. A larger honey extractor is convenient for you if you're into mass production of honey and are looking to deal with a large number of frames at once
Our Verdict
The VIVO BEE-V004B is the best overall honey extractor for the hobby beekeeper looking to maintain between 4–8 different frames. It not only keeps the honey free from debris, it also has a clear lid for you to watch the process. You can also clean it extremely easily.

If you're a beekeeper on a budget, the VINGLI Upgraded 2 Frame Honey Extractor is the way to go. This is also a great choice if you're a beginner because it is more affordable than most, if the hobby doesn't work out, you didn't have to break the bank!

The Thaoya Honey Extractor is the perfect go-to honey extractor for a beginner looking for a newbie kit or a semi-experienced beekeeper looking for a fresh start. It comes with an 8-piece set so that you can easily assemble it together and have everything you need, with just one purchase.

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