6) Songbirds Bathroom Decor, Cast Iron Wildbird bathroom hardware, towel rack, towel hooks, toilet paper holder

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Vintage look wild bird bathroom decor. 6 piece accessory set of towel bar/rack, towel ring, towel hooks and toilet paper holder. Solid cast iron, very durable.

Mounting holes on each piece. NO HARDWARE (screws/nails) provided.

Towe bar / rack is 23 inches in total length. 5 inches at the tallest point. The distance of the bar from the wall is 2 inches. Plenty of room for bulky towels. The bar itself is 17 1/2 inches.

The towel ring is 9 inches in total height. The diameter of the ring is 4 inches.

The toilet paper holder is 9 1/2 inches by 5 inches. Plenty of room for large toilet paper rolls.

Robe / Towel Wall Hooks are 4 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

These are finished in a rustic brown powder coat which inhibits rust. If you prefer a different color, you can easily paint these to the color of your choice. Spray paints and acrylics works best and are easiest to use.

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