Barbie VET Love N Care

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  • 1x dog showing belly
  • 1x orange cat
  • 1x main counter
  • the 1x cabinet which attaches to main counter with opening drawer and swings out bin
  • 1x mock- wheel around the cart
  • 1x post leg
  • 1x side wall brace for the main counter with clipboard paper holder affixed a lot of turquoise items:
  • 1x syringe 1x hammer 
  • 4x tongue depressors
  • 1x thermometer
  • 1x mock mirror
  • 1x scissors
  • 2x cups-like (hold items)
  • several bottles
  • 1 x blue Clipboard w/ paper affixed
  • 1x blue towel bar -affixed to the main counter
  • 1x yellow case/chest- held turquoise item