ICO Kontour Towel Warmer Convex

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Convex Towel Warmer by ICO Kontour combines the simplicity of a classic towel warmer rack with the
added appeal of subtle, curving lines. Warm and dry several towels at once on its gently curved, polished chrome towel bars, conveniently mounted on your bathroom wall. Convex is an electric towel warmer with plug-in or hardwired models that work with standard household power sources. Add unmistakable style and luxury to any modern bathroom with Convex.

Kontour - the new, sleek and luxurious line of affordable towel warmer.
With an inspiring range of modern and classic towel warmers, Kontour sets a new benchmark in performance and convenience. Kontour Towel Warmers offer superb quality and exceptional value.
The Kontour range is meticulously crafted to a very high level of quality, and features a durable stainless steel construction that is mirror polished and hand buffed for an exceptional finish. The end result is very much like chrome, yet won’t chip or peel and provides towel warmers that will keep their good looks for many years to come.
Heated towel warmers have become an essential part of any modern bathroom. They offer the convenience of not only drying wet towels, but also giving you the luxury of fluffy, sumptuous warm towels all year round. The varied selection offers you a choice of designer towel warmers for any décor. Each has been created for a specific look and feel to suit the interior design needs of architects, interior designers and stylish individuals who appreciate sophistication and substance.

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