Mato Bamboo Wood Bathroom Wall Mount Towel Hanger Holder Bar Organizer

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  • Made from Bamboo - Solid sustainable construction - Great Bathroom hanger
  • Can hold 5 towels at same time
  • Easy to install - comes with 4 screws
  • Multipurpose use - can be use as hanger/organizer for closets, bathroom, garage,basements etc
  • Eco-friendly modern style with great looks

Great quality durable towel bar designed for multipurpose use

This towel bar is made from bamboo which makes it very sturdy and durable. Not only you can use this for hanging towels but it can used for various other purpose in closet or any other places. Few places this might come handy are bathroom, closets, garage, basements, hallways, corridor, balcony, commercial use for business spaces (yoga centers, used as a coat hanger etc)

Solid sustainable construction and easy to install

This towel bar is well constructed and extremely easy to install. It comes with 4 different screws in the package. It is very basic installation to mount to the wall. This bar gives you a great way to store towels if you have a limited bathroom space.

Why Mato Towel Bar

- Made from bamboo
- Eco- Friendly
- Durable and sturdy
- Versatile could be used for various purpose
- Modern design

Get your bamboo towel bar today and organize your bathroom in best efficient way.