40 Inch Stainless Steel Bathroom / Kitchen Towel Rack Stand with 3 Swivel Arms

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Providing space to store towels for guests or several people in one bathroom is made simpler with this convenient and portable freestanding towel rack. Made of stainless steel for durability in wet environments, this heavy-duty rack stands tall enough to accommodate large bath towels, and is weighted to prevent tipping. The long swivel arms keep drying towels separated, and each can hold a bath towel or multiple hand towels. Keep this in the bathroom to provide extra towel storage for the family, or use in the guest bedroom to welcome guests with a set of clean towels. Also useful as a valet stand for keeping slacks pressed, as well as providing space to dry delicate laundry items. This portable rack may find its way around the home performing a multitude of helpful duties.

Approximate Dimensions (in inches): Overall - 39.5 H X 12 L (towel Bars) X 10 D (round base) (round base).