Arrowhead Bay Real Bamboo Cutting and Serving Board, Michigan design

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Michigan shaped bamboo cutting serving board measures -inch

Board made beautiful durable bamboo wash hand with warm water used cutting bar cheese tray simply conversation piece hang wall rustic hanging loop

Makes great gift

This michigan shaped cutting board ideal both indoor outdoor entertaining boards make great gift anyone loyal their home state

Another quality arrowhead bay product

Arrowhead bay michigan shaped bamboo cutting serving board real novelty perfect gift anyone who crazy about loyal these boards are ideal both indoor outdoor entertaining used bar cheese tray platter simply conversation piece each hung wall rustic tie-string hanging loop season new generously apply any food-safe mineral oil every few days first month pour what looks far too much then rub with clean dish towel you'll dedicate this day forward may look there's thick slick top you're done rubbing let rest five minutes come back take all has been absorbed breaking brand-new best results try repeat process three times ensure there thin extra-thirsty spots daily once per someone doesn't cook living probably get away oiling two year care wash warm water mild detergent liberally appears dry needed grass grows maturity just years does need replanted artificially irrigated fertilized making world's most renewable resources llc petoskey

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