Barba-Wipes | Super Soft Compressed Wipe | Compressed Towel | Expandable Towel | 100% Viscose | Biodegradable Eco-Friendly | Home Beauty Backpacking Camping Accessories | 250 Count Resealable Bag

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Thickest softest strongest barba-wipes trade are compressed towels available lesser breakdown quickly with have gram per square meter fabric weight resulting level durability strength beats typical paper pre-moistened wipes

Usda certified biopreferred fragrance preservative amp odor soft gentle completely barba-wipes trade are great sensitive skin noses oeko-tex reg harmful substances they rsquo hands faces bottoms all ages

Home great outdoors just few drops water expands barba-wipe trade rdquo luxury wipe less than grams piece stay ultra-light back-country clean same time amazing camping accessories hikers backpackers folks who love barba-wipes

Reuse again barba-wipes trade are meant reused they rsquo made thickest fabric find them won tear wear out their durability unparalleled simply rinse with water wring you're ready throw away compressed towels biodegradable

Satisfaction guaranteed don't agree barba-wipes trade are best compressed wipes you've ever tried just return unused portion we'd happy refund

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