Kitchen Decoration Country Decor Metal Over the Door Drawer Cabinet Towel Rack Hanger Dishcloth Bar Farm Rooster (14 inch length, green)

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Quality guarantee high cabinet towel hanger are satisfied with purchase any reason don't hesitate contact request refund replacement kinsky offers satisfaction days money back exchange

Effortless installation any cabinet doors just attach kitchen towel rack standard door drawer non-absorbent foam back hook will protect

Easily fits hand towel wash cloth chrome plated stainless steel metal design matches any decor

Perfect any kitchen cor this towel holder has been polished shine minimalist yet luxurious design will addition bathroom even bedroom

Made iron spray size optioanl color blue green send randomly package include pcs cabinet towel hanger

Description size optioanl made iron spray color blue green send randomly easy assembly required hardware included securely easily slips over kitchen cabinet door drawer increase towel bar space bathroom laundry room baby's more just slipping this brushed stainless steel bath front panel shower because hooks have foam backing don't worry about surfaces being scratched smudged-even decide remove put somewhere else after years place light thin enough won't interfere with closing you'll never struggle get either completely shut moreover rust will retain shine attractive appearance any choose dimensions are inches installation surface add storage house fuss all our package include pcs hanger