Renashed 30 Pack S Hook Hanging Hooks Extended Wall Mount Tool Holder Hangers for Bathroom, Bedroom, Office and Kitchen

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Size amount hook length inches weight each quantity shaped hooks pieces with sizes s-shaped metal hangers set will sold together

Made durable anti-rust stainless steel they won't scratch any surface because ball end

Sturdy shape rack hooks are made metal strong withstand weight curved hangers securely hook items slide off easily

Clever save space hme organize kitchen pro chef hanging pots pans utensils towels closet rod etc

Versatile multiple uses great things about hooks they are limited specific area home used both indoor outdoor number them kitchen hanging pots utensils even coffee mugs bathroom towels garage organizing tools take outside plants keeping with grill

Package including quantity s-shaped hooks size inches simple practical hangers same which mainly made durable anti-rust stainless steel features smooth shoulders without notches used hanging necktie belts handkerchiefs living room besides kitchen bathroom shop hang organize some small items advantage genuine solid rust corrosion resistance high strength are more heavy duty easy there need worry with tools fret over putting holes beautiful walls easily existing objects racks bars shelves nails screws adhesives these strong safe heavier fear them falling becoming damaged multi-purposed perfect utensil such aprons hot pads spoons pot shower shampoos soaps body cleansers razor baskets bag gardening plants bird-feeders garden decorations work wrench spanner forceps other


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