StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer, Foldable Closet Hanging Shelves with 2 Drawers & 1 Underwear/Socks Drawer, 42.5”H x 13.6”W x 12.2”D

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Increased weight capacity this durable hanging closet organizer bear lbs heavy load without bending top thanks stiff sturdy mdf widened hook loop thickened riveted bar each shelf contains cardboard

Easy-use drawers come out very smoothly while strong hanging accessories shelves still hold shape different store clothes sweaters shirts pants towels bras panties jewelry underwears socks etc

Side accessories side-pockets store keys small gadgets webbing loop used hang light objects

Space saving hanging closet has shelves fully utilize wardrobe coatroom trailer wonderful plan clothes accessory storage

Reliable friendly service provide -hour response should have any questions about our product feel contact will with much support

Everyone needs storage- need lite storage solution tired looking all stuff everywhere want find efficient way organize everything check out this fine hanging closet set- natural color makes simple drawers fit perfectly it's fold occupy minimum space create neatness order beauty conciseness- store clothes drawer underwear socks now enjoy minimalist life storageworks believes good design done well make difference world products help declutter ninja transform chaos our have been mama tested gently responsibly crafted china feel contact are happy unhappy with just simply wanna ask questions please note accessories props pictures such stored boxes used showing usage scenarios only sold together product


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