Super Strong Metal Hanging S Shaped Hooks – Heavy Duty – Various Pack Sizes –Comes in thickness of 9/32 Inch, and 2 ½ Inch Overall Length

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Choose between packs s-hooks comes thickness inch with overall length inches stainless-steel finish match just about anything

Forget about screw nail holes there need these convenient s-hooks typically applied kitchen closet spaces bathroom storage room garage workshop offices hooks will help eliminate clutter make space look put together project functional

Organization just got easier these hooks easily hang existing objects bars racks shelves etc s-hooks tools utensils pots pans coffee mugs hanging towels grill even outside plants keep them organized looking great are strong won't have worry about damaging other items

This hook strong durable versatile great both indoor outdoor uses allow yourself get creative make projects utility easier

Get seriously organized prepared with these inventive creations they are strong durable versatile them just about anywhere apply hooks existing surface area where s-hook comes handy such bar rack shelf grill more s-hooks hang coffee mugs pots pans kitchen utensils tools towels towing purposes lifting hoisting plants any space viable garage bathroom patio shed office warehouse forget those pesky nail screw holes -inch size overall length inches invest quality wont have worry organization functionality again

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